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Aside from the usual match and tournament winners, there are other bets you can take when watching Smite. First blood allows you to bet on which team kills an enemy hero first in a round. Alternatively, you can place a First Structure Takedown bet, which sees you picking the team to take down the other's Phoenix.

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Smite is an exciting multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game played in the third person. It was developed by Hi-Rez Studio in 2014 and is often likened to the highly popular DOTA. The fanbase for this video game has continued to increase thanks to it being a free to play game and has recently cemented its status as a great esports game.

The game is a 5v5, with each team starting at the opposite side of the arena. Each player will take on the persona of a mythological deity or creature and fight on the combat arena using various strategies and individual character abilities all to gain a tactical advantage. To win, teams must destroy the Titans - Order and Chaos.

Esports Smite Gameplay

Top Smite teams and tournaments

One of the biggest events is the Smite World Championship. Established in 2014, the tournament picks eight of the best teams to compete after a series of qualifying rounds.

Hi-Rez Studios is producing professional leagues: Smite Pro League for PC players and Smite Console League for players on Xbox and PS4.

Smite World Championship Smite Console League Smite Pro League

Top Smite teams:

  • Team Dignitas
  • Cloud9
  • Paradigm
  • COGnitive Gaming
  • Team SoloMid

Smite betting site

One of the big selling points for players is the fact that many of the major eSports games and tournaments are all streamed live, which gives you the chance to keep up with the latest and best action. It also means that you have the option to place bets whilst the action is unfolding on-screen!

Smite betting website VulkanBet

We offer a wide range of esports betting options for Smite. In addition to that, we offer some of the best odds around. This helps to ensure that you have a great playing experience and can potentially reap some awesome rewards if you know your teams.

At Vulkanbet, we also offer a wide range of payment options that include various card payments, eWallets and instant pay or top up card payment types. This will allow you to choose an option that suits you best. Payouts are fast and secure, and we are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, which ensures that extra level of player security.

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