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Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Betting Odds and Guide

Rainbow Six: Siege is perhaps the most promising up-and-coming strategic shooter esport title. Each year, two Major tournaments and various smaller events are held across the world. In 2019 alone, the tournament circuit handed out over $3 million in prize money. In between those events the Rainbow Six Pro League takes place and with a never-ending supply of matches, this league provides a perfect opportunity for bettors to get into Rainbow Six Pro League betting.

Rainbow Six Pro League Odds

Rainbow Six: Pro League Betting Markets

There are countless matches that will give you just the right betting odds to turn your knowledge of the game into profit. Right now, we at VulkanBet are offering odds for Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League, enabling you to bet on Pro League match winners.

Rainbow Six Pro League history

The league commenced with its first-ever season in 2016. Initially, the Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League offered a $50.000 prize pool, which was bumped up to $167.000 within a year of play. At first, the league only accepted participants from Europe and North America, but in 2017 the Asia Pacific and Latin America regions were added into the mix. Now, R6 Pro League covers almost the entire globe and can deliver a truly international experience.

PENTA Sports was the first team to really dominate the scene. In 2017, they won two out of the three R6 Pro League Global Finals. They continued in 2018 by winning their first-ever Six Invitational, after which they transferred to G2 Esports. Under G2, they made headlines again as they took home the Six Major Paris and R6 Pro League Season 8 trophies.

In 2019, they would win yet another Six Invitational before their era was finally brought to a halt. Another European competitor arose, Team Empire, who finally took the crown off of G2 and won R6 Pro League Season 9. The scene is in constant motion and teams are becoming ever stronger and tactically versatile.

Finally, you can bet on Rainbow Six Pro League at VulkanBet and participate in one of the most exciting betting markets in competitive gaming.

Rainbow Six Pro League betting

A match-day usually features four best-of-one matches in each region, of which there are four in total (Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific). This means that, during the league season, there are plenty of opportunities for Rainbow Six betting. The matches take place during the evening (which is of course different for each of the regions) and are broadcast on twitch.tv/rainbow6.

For each match won, a team receives three points, which counts towards the total standings. At the end of the regular season, the best two teams from each region will advance to the Global Finals. There, those eight teams square off in a Single-Elimination bracket, where Best-Of-3 matches decide who is going to advance into the Grand Finals. With all those matches taking place in so many regions, there have never been more opportunities for betting on Rainbow Six Pro League before.

Rainbow: Six World Championship – The Six Invitational

The Six Invitational was always designed to be the annual super-event for teams and fans alike. Each year, the tournament grew in size and scale. The players would gather in the biggest arena that the Rainbow Six scene had seen to date and more and more viewers would tune in to the spectacle.

In 2018, over 300.000 online fans witnessed the intense Grand Finals between Evil Geniuses and PENTA Sports. A large stadium audience brought fire to the arena, which finally cemented Rainbow Six: Siege as a top-tier esport. Most importantly, the game has cultivated a stable viewership for all of its events, including R6 Pro League.

We at VulkanBet now feature Rainbow Six as a betting market. With over 200 matches broadcast per season, betting on Rainbow Six Pro League has never been this easy and exciting before.

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