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Esports betting has become so popular due to the range of scenarios that you can bet on. For example, when you are betting on Overwatch, you can place money on betting markets such as who you think will win a particular match or tournament, or how many kills there will be in a match. Live betting is also available and includes how many objectives a team will score or how many kills a particular player will get.

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Overwatch, produced by the reputable Blizzard entertainment, is a multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) game that was first released back in May 2016. In its first year it raked in $1 billion, and now more than 50 million people play it all over the world, which is why it has become a highly popular esport. A match-up consists of two teams of six, and every player chooses a hero with a unique power.

When it comes to Overwatch esport tournaments, there are different game modes that are played. For example, in the "Assault" mode the players must work together to capture the control point. In the "Escort" mode, players must find a strategy that will enable them to transport a payload successfully. In the "Control" mode, teams must hold on to a control point for a period of time, before moving on to capture another.

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Top Overwatch teams and tournaments

The Overwatch World Cup is held every year between eight nations that have earned the right to compete at this prestigious tournament. These eight teams will go head-to-head in different game modes to see which nation can claim to be the best in the world (South Korea has won every one so far). Blizzard Entertainment has produced the Overwatch League (OWL) - a professional esports league for the video game. Blizard Entertainment also organizes several Major series of professional Overwatch tournaments: Overwatch Contenders (OWC) and Overwatch Premier Series (OWPS).

Overwatch League Overwatch Premier Series (OWPS) Overwatch Contenders (OWC)

Top Overwatch teams:

  • Vancouver Titans - Esports team Vancouver Titans
  • RunAway - Esports team RunAway
  • Eagle Gaming - Esports team Eagle Gaming
  • Lucky Future Zenith - Esports team Lucky Future Zenith
  • Sydney Drop Bears - Esports team Sydney Drop Bears

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