Wimbledon 2017 Final

23-year-old Spanish Gabrine Muguruza (world №15) will play against 37-year-old American Venus Williams (world №15) at the British Open Championship.
Interestingly, the rivals have already played 4 times, 3 of which brought victory to Williams. And only their last match, which took place in Rome 2 months ago, was Muguruza‘s victory.
This season was remarkable for Gabrine, as she got into the Grand Slam quarterfinals in Melbourne, semifinals in Rome and Birmingham, and here is her first final of the season! Of course, it took a lot of efforts! On her way to the final she defeated the world’s number 1 Angelique Kerber (Germany).
As for the veteran Venus Williams, she is the only one who will represent her family during the championship. Her younger sister Selena is now pregnant and will deliver a baby in a few months. Several weeks ago Venus got into trouble, dealing with the car accident, during which a man died. After long judicial proceedings she was proven innocent.
Among her achievements was her advancing to the Major finals in Melbourne. And here is a new final! Without any doubt she is experienced enough and feels like a fish in the water on the green grass of tennis courts. However, she seems more powerful with her service and game at a net than Muguruza. Our forecast: Venus Williams’ victory with the ratio 1.99