Mid-Season Invitational Betting

Mid-Season Invitational Betting Odds and History

If you’re familiar with League of Legends, then you probably know a good deal about Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) and its significance for the professional LoL scene. The event also provides numerous LoL betting chances for those who enjoy betting on esports.

League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational Odds

Mid-Season Invitational Betting Markets

Match Winner

Team to Draw First Blood

Total Kills Odd/Even

First Turret

Team to kill Baron

Map duration

Odd/Even maps

Correct map score

Total maps

Map handicap

Map winner

Race to kills

Total kills

Mid-Season Invitational Structure

Mid-Season Invitational is a unique tournament, featuring 13 teams (which is unheard of), all of which represent one region. So practically, all of the official 13 leagues are represented and given a chance to compete against each other. The Spring champion from each of them qualifies for the event, but in order to get into the Main Event, most of the teams have to compete among themselves.

In 2019, Mid-Season Invitational had South Korea, China and Europe’s representatives directly invited to the Main Event. Two other teams were placed in an intermediary stage and had to wait for eight other teams to fight against themselves in order to determine the best two of them. These two teams (one for each of the two groups in which the eight teams were divided) then competed against the two that were waiting for them. The winners advanced to the Main Event. The losers played a final elimination match to determine who else will join the five teams that were waiting for a 6th.

The Main Event of Mid-Season Invitational 2019 ultimately had the following teams: Invictus Gaming, Team Liquid, T1, G2 Esports, Flash Wolves and Phong Vu Buffalo. These teams played among themselves (five matches per team) and the top four teams advanced to the Playoffs. Naturally, the four teams that made it out of the groups and advanced to this stage were iG, T1, G2 and Liquid. Liquid managed to beat iG while G2 narrowly won against T1. In the Grand Final, G2 smashed Liquid without losing a single game.

Mid-Season Invitational History

Mid-Season Invitational started in 2015. Initially, the event only featured six teams and had a round-robin Group Stage followed Semifinals and the Grand Final. The Group Stage matches were Bo1 while the Playoffs matches were Bo5. This happened in 2015 and 2016.

Starting in 2017, the competition changed its format and decided to incorporate the champions of all the 13 regions, even though it treated them unevenly, clearly giving priority to the best of them. This may seem strange when looking from the outside, but it’s actually quite appropriate. The odds of some unknown team from Oceania beating a South Korean or European team are almost zero. So why even bother? A similar system is used for CS:GO Majors. The big teams no longer have to go through the first stage of the event and take part only in the second and third stages (if they qualify, of course).

Here’s a list of the Mid-Season Invitational champions:

  • 2015: EDward Gaming (China)
  • 2016: T1 (South Korea)
  • 2017: T1 (South Korea)
  • 2018: RNG (China)
  • 2019: G2 Esports (Europe)

From what it would seem, Europe is starting to overtake some of its rift rivals and return to the good old days, when Fnatic was winning Worlds.

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