League of Legends Pro League Betting

League of Legends Pro League Odds and Betting Guide

LPL or League of Legends Pro League is the LoL Chinese league. Just like LEC or LCS, this league takes place twice per year (Spring and Summer) and provides hundreds of esports betting opportunities for those who like to bet on League of Legends.

League of Legends Pro League Odds

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Betting Markets for League of Legends Pro League

Match Winner

Team to Draw First Blood

Total Kills Odd/Even

First Turret

Team to kill Baron

Map duration

Odd/Even maps

Correct map score

Total maps

Map handicap

Map winner

Race to kills

Total kills

LPL Competitive Format

LPL takes place in two rounds, and each of these rounds has two stages. The Group Stage consists of Bo3 matches between every two participants. After all of the matches have been played, the top eight teams compete in the Playoffs Stage.

During this stage, the top 2 teams from the previous stage wait for their opponents in the Semifinals. The 3rd and 4th place teams wait for their opponents in the Quarterfinals. And the 5th – 8th place teams compete in the first round. The competition uses the single-elimination format until the Semifinals. The losers of this stage compete in the 3rd place match.

During the entire Playoffs Stage, the matches are Bo5.

LPL History

The history of LPL has been filled with great teams, many of which are still competing today. The first edition of LPL took place in 2013. Let’s take a brief look at each of the seven editions that we’ve had so far.


The 2013 edition of LPL had a total of 8 participants. The Spring Split was won by OMG while the Summer Split was won by Positive Energy.


In 2014, LPL continued to have just 8 competitors. However, even though the top teams from the previous season were still at the top for the Group Stage, the Playoffs Stage was won both times by EDward Gaming.


In 2015, the big change was the jump from 8 participants to 12. Apart from that, EDward Gaming dominated both splits, but only won the first one. In the second split, they somehow managed to lose their first match against LGD and then ended up losing the 3rd place match as well. The winner of the Summer Split was LGD.


In 2016, an unexpected winner emerged for the Spring Split. Royal Never Give Up dominated both the Group Stage as well as the Playoffs. Then, in the Summer Split, RNG continued to impress during the first stage but was crushed by EDward Gaming in the Grand Finals of the Playoffs.


The 2017 edition of LPL continued with 12 teams and had another new name at the top. The Spring Split was dominated by Team WE, both in the Group Stage as well as the Playoffs. The Summer Split saw EDG and RNG compete for supremacy. In the end, EDG won the Playoffs after a very close match against RNG (3 – 2).


This was another important year for LPL. The league was extended to include 14 competitors and RNG consolidated their position as the best Chinese team, in spite of iG destroying almost everyone in both splits and finishing with a record of 18 W – 1 L.


In 2019, LPL extended one more time, and possibly the last, from 14 to 16 teams. A new champion emerged and it was called FunPlus Phoenix. This team would go on to win the Group Stage in both splits, the Playoffs Stage in the Summer Split, and then the League of Legends World Championship.

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