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Esports betting is fantastic as there are so many outcomes that you can place your money on. For example, when betting on LoL, you can bet on who you think will win the tournament or the map, what region the winning team will come from, or what round a team will be eliminated. You can also bet on whether the total kills will be odd or even, and other bets such as who will make the first kill.

League of Legends betting lines

  • LoL bet on Match Winner Match Winner
  • LoL bet on the Team to Draw First Blood Team to Draw First Blood
  • LoL betting on Total Kills Odd/Even Total Kills Odd/Even
  • LoL betting on First Turret First Turret
  • League of Legends - bet on the Team to kill Baron Team to kill Baron
  • League of Legends - bet on the Map duration Map duration
  • LoL betting on Odd/Even maps Odd/Even maps
  • League of Legends - bet on the Correct map score Correct map score
  • LoL bet on Total maps Total maps
  • LoL bet on Map handicap Map handicap
  • League of Legends - bet on the Map winner Map winner
  • LoL betting market - Race to kills Race to kills
  • LoL betting on Total kills Total kills

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Top LoL teams and tournaments

Top League of Legends tournaments and leagues to place your bets on:

The League of Legends World Championship is the most prestigious LoL tournament around and includes the best three teams from every major region. This is one of the hardest esport tournaments to win. But for the winner, it's worth it as the prize money is around $4 million.

Rift Rivals is a new tournament that is very exciting to follow. The top teams from the spring split are invited to play against their fiercest rivals.

League of Legends World Championship

Top League of Legends teams:

  • Invictus Gaming LoL
  • SK Telecom T1
  • Kingzone DragonX
  • G2 Esports
  • Team Liquid LoL
Invictus Gaming LoL - Esports team SK Telecom T1 - Esports team Kingzone DragonX - Esports team G2 Esports - Esports team Team Liquid LoL - Esports team

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