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Super Heroes Slot Review

When times are dire, Super Heroes are born! Yes, the everlasting war between heroes and super villains have always allured us. Well, the online casino giant Yggdrasil has always amazed us with their wonders after wonders. After being secretive after months, Yggdrasil has finally launched their much-anticipated game - Super Heroes.

Super Heroes casino slot online has features that other slot machines games haven’t thought yet. As we have said, the game basically themes around the battle between superheroes and supervillains. So, how did they add that theme to a slot machine?

Well, my friends, just keep reading and you will get everything about the game.

Get a Peek Inside!

Super Heroes is basically a 5x3 slot game that has 20 paylines in total. All the general rules are mostly like the other games from Yggdrasil. The graphics will most certainly impress you with their futuristic symbols and icons.

In the background, you can see the futuristic cityscape. Tall buildings are standing with pride and glory busking in the vanilla twilight. You would be mesmerized, we promise you. The background sound is more like a thriller filled action-flavored joyride. The mood just sets in while you are playing the game.

The in-game menu is mostly like the other slots offered by Yggdrasil. You can set the bet amount right from the menu on the bottom corner. You can go for the max bet option or the much-desired autoplay option from the same bottom menu.

How is the Game Different from the Others?

The symbols are also different from the other slot machines. For example, most of the slot machines you can find online have the card icons like J, Q, K and A. But you will not see these common ones here. Instead, you will see the coloured ranking signs.

We thought the symbols would be of the heroes as the name suggests. But instead, we saw the villains as the higher ranked symbols. So, where are they then? They come at times at the 2 side panels, and the screen becomes smaller then. They do all the charisma, and they basically fight off these villains. Pretty savvy, right?

To make things even more interesting, you can play for real money too. The RTP is 96.1%

Full of Bonuses, Full of Excitements!

Okay, so let’s talk about some of that bonus unique features we were talking about. First comes the Super Hero feature. When this mode gets activated, 2 random heroes appear on the 2 side panels. Each and every single hero has their own unique abilities. They also have level-wise powers. The higher the hero level is, the more they can contribute. They can level up to 4.

In the base game, the heroes come randomly with a random level. But what if you want to level up them? There is a way for that too. To do so, you gotta get to the free spin mode. Each free spin will award you a hero. You could level them by summoning them again. Each time you call them, their level goes up by 1.

There are total 6 of them:

  • Mirage – She can turn all the villains into dice symbols. Each dice spins until you get a mystery win. You can win 5-1000 coins in these mystery wins. It is the jackpot amount that a player can get.
  • Raven – Raven is the wild queen. She can turn the reels to wilds. Yes, the whole reel turns to an expanding wild reel. The more level she has, the more reels she can convert. In the final level, she will turn 4 reels into the wilds!
  • Hopper – Hopper blesses you with a meteor shower of wild. You can get 2-5 random wilds when Hopper appears and summons a meteor shower.
  • Tesla – Tesla can do the shockwave move. When Tesla appears, he will change symbols with his might shockwaves. Then they get changed and turn into other symbols ensuring a guaranteed win. He can replace 2-5 symbols depending on his level.
  • Trance – Trance will give you free spins. Get 1-4 extra spins with her powers.
  • Knox – Knox will shoot a fire beam that will multiply your wins. You can get up to 5X total win multiplier if you get Knox.

A Final Verdict

You can play Super Heroes for real money too. But make sure your government legally allows online gambling.

So, what are you waiting for? Play Super Heroes slot machine online! It is most certainly one of the best casinos online pokies that will make you zapped with all the actions!

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