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Sapphire Lagoon Slot

Locating to the Lagoon

If you are interested to know more about the African culture and discover the hidden secrets, Sapphire Lagoon by Casino Technologies is the free online casino slot game that you should be playing. There was a movie known as The Blue Lagoon, which gave an insight into some of the scariest things in the African region. While it might not terrorise you with something like, but one can be sure that Sapphire Lagoon casino slot online is sure to enthral you with some of the best slots and hidden features and its other aspects.

The theme is based on the hidden secrets of African culture which include scary masks and symbols of tribes. Consisting of the typical numbers of that of five reels and twenty-five paylines, it might look to be pretty straightforward, but is actually not. Read on to discover some of the secrets why it has been voted as one of the most thrilling casinos online game.

Heading the Sapphire Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon might be one scary thing to get you involved into, but the Blue Sapphire might be the next thrilling casino slot game that the player will encounter. Based on the video slot type mechanism, it has a lot of features like free spins, bonus multipliers, but the absence of a certain jackpots round might irk some of the veteran players. Let us dive into the lagoon to see what it has in store for us.

  • Game Mechanics: To be honest, it might not be that thorough with the graphics as some of the other slot games are, but one can bet on the fact that they require intensive graphics to enjoy it to the fullest. It was the only reason that Casino Technologies, as they have done for years, have optimised it beautifully to run smoothly on any browser.
  • Free spins and Bonus: It has a lot of quality when it comes to the slots and the symbols that are presented as slots. Representing the African culture, faces with tribal design, masks, and other symbols form the basics. The free spins and bonus round are pretty intense if they can be played correctly.
  • Scatter and Wild Symbols: The scatter and Wild symbols appears on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th reel and has to be obtained at least three times or more in a single payline in order to activate the bonus and the free spins. The free spins are triggered by the scatter symbols and can go up to a total of twenty-eight free spins if the luck is in the player’s favour.
  • Flexible Bets: The bets seem to be on a higher note, but that is what makes this game very thrilling. The minimum bet starts from 1 and can go up to 500 (pounds, euros, and dollars), which defines every aspect of gambling to the core. The more the bet is, the better the chances of getting very spins and triggering the bonus rounds and better the entire win, increasing the amount of money to be won.

Entering the Lagoon

One can play Sapphire Lagoon slot machine online without having to download it, but the important part is to know the art of winning the games when the range of bets is high. That is the reason why the number of free spins has been increased enormously. The bonus rounds award the best when the bet is high, but one has to start slowly in order to progress better. Save the free spins and trigger the bonus rounds when the luck seems to run out. Since it has twenty-five paylines only with high bets, one has to play slowly and cautiously.

The Sapphire Verdict

It has been met out very nicely considering all the things that a typical casino gamer wants in an online slot game. One has the leisure to enjoy the demo game before they can begin to play Sapphire Lagoon for real money. The new players might not be persuaded by the idea of high range bets, but that is the sole idea of gambling, and with an RTP of over 96%, it has many veteran players in its fan-base.

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