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Jack Hammer Slot

A concoction of suspense, thriller and mystery making- Jack Hammer casino slot online developed by Net Entertainment is a casino game. A player plays with Jack Hammer and his evil opponent, Dr Wuten. The video slots are completely fictional, based on the land of fantasies where Jack, the private eye of a criminal, dwells.

Gamers have a lot of prizes to win at the end of the mysterious Game, a lot of which includes real money. Jack Hammer casino slots have twenty-five pay lines which are not subjected to any kind of changes; the payouts are fixed. There are fifteen reels present in the game each of which spin their way in helping you obtain fortune.

The cityscape and the spectacular backdrop of the gameplay a vital role in enhancing the excitement. A purple dusk sky sets the mystery and thrill at the beginning of the game as the silhouetted skyscrapers occasionally glow in dim silver lights, adding to the ecstasy. As you commence the game, you will spot the aircraft of Dr Wuten trapped in a red beam of light. The red beam indicates that Jack is chasing the vicious criminal doctor.

Delving into Mystery

Jack Hammer is one of the most popular and interesting casinos online which will give you a frequent rush of blood across the spine as you play. To have a crystal clear understanding of the game, you need to go through the characteristics given below along with the rules of game-play:

  • The symbols that follow right after you begin to play Jack Hammer slot machine online are Jack: the heroic man, Dr Wuten: the monstrous criminal and a maiden who is placed in a dire predicament by the doctor. Soon, another series of relatively less important symbols follow which include the car or aircraft driven by the gangster, a telephone and a beaker with blood red poison till its brim.
  • There are free spins one of which by the name of Tic-Tic Bomb will activate the Sticky Win feature. This feature will further trigger the reels with the winning lines in place as the other symbols continue rolling.
  • There are no scatters in this game. Hence, the wild card symbol has the power to substitute every icon present on the dashboard save for the Free Spin button. As long as there are no more wins to be earned, the reels of fortune will continue spinning. On the other side, on activation, the wild card which is represented by an explosive look will carry out its own operations.
  • The free spin button in these video slots comes with a multiplier. This symbol is capable of doubling or trebling your winning lines at a very fast pace. Your game will launch a free spin mode the moment your screen shows a minimum of five free spins. This entire category of free spins and multiplication of wins falls under the bonus
  • Ten kinds of betting levels come with coin values ranging from 0.01 to one. 0.25 is the minimum bet that can be fixed for each spin, whereas the maximum bet is 250 coins. When you play Jack Hammer for real money, you can amass up to two million coins in one go.

Tips on Winning

It is best advised to activate the free spinning button as many times as possible after having considered the number of your bets and the stake at every pay line of yours. This symbol gives you up to fifteen free spins which helps you in entering the jackpots or bonus rounds. Your winning combination increases by 5 spins per symbol until you reach nine free spins. You can get a minimum of thirty free spins with fifteen Free Spin symbol, and it is a massive offer since, at this stage, the player does not have to wager anything.  By following the aforementioned instructions, the player will be able to treble his fortune and earn enormously.

Concluding Lines

Unlike most of the casinos online, Jack Hammer video slot enables you to control the background sound level. The slot RTP is fairly high, and you can play the game with no inconvenience whatsoever. Gamers can also make use of the AutoPlay feature which will allow them to play from ten to hundred spins and earn the cash prizes accordingly.

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