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Fu Er Dai Slot

Who doesn’t like the mysterious Chinese stories and fables? Chinese stories have always mesmerized our hearts with their cunning and techniques. Oh, don’t forget the dragons. They are in our life because of the Chinese culture.

So, considering all the facts, the casino video games developer Play’n GO has come up with Fu Er Dai. Actually, lots of developers are into the Chinese theme. And why not? People love the plot, and it’s built around Chinese background.

Chinese Era: Redefined

What this game offers that is worth spending your money on? Everything! It is not based on the ancient timeline. Instead, they have tried to create a vibe of the modern Chinese culture. The name “Fu Er Dai” means the children of the rich people in China. You could call them the rich kids in China.

So, it’s pretty obvious that you are going to see fast cars, playboys, and money. Yes, it has all of them. The symbols are car keys, credit cards, antique Chinese watches, expensive mobile phone and the good old card symbols.

The Chinese lobby themed background surely adds the Asian flavor to the game. The background music will at times make you believe that you are in China while playing. You can set your desired bet amount from the menu bar at the bottom.

There is also a mini-setting button. Click the hamburger icon at the bottom left corner. You toggle between turning on and off the sound, fast play, auto bet adjustment and the space to spin option. A great effort by Play’n GO as the mini-setting is quite helpful.

Fu Er Dai kind of gives us an idea about the rich kids in China. Everything is made of gold here – wallets, watches, phones, even the money is made of gold.

A Deeper Dive into the Game Mechanics

Fu Er Dai casino slot online is a 5x3 online slot machine which has 10 paylines. Yes, we know the number of paylines is not that satisfactory. But the other features of it will not make you care about it anyways. You could set your coin value from 0.01 to 2. You can also bet 5 coins per line. So you max bet amount can be 100.

Don’t worry about winning. You might miss the progressive jackpots here. But if you can get your hands on the 250,000 coins, who cares if they don’t have it. Psst! Wanna hear great news? You can play Fu Er Dai for real money too. I know players from around the world who want to play casinos online for money.

What’s Special Here?

Okay, let’s talk about the bonus features of the game. The wild symbol here is the greatest gift here. The wild dragon symbol is actually an expanding wild that covers the whole reel. The symbol turns to 3 beautiful Chinese girls with dragon tattoos on their back. There are 3 separate girls who can appear on 3 particular reels.

Almost forgot, the wild lady also gives you a free spin while the wild is sticky. But if you get more wilds during the free spins, you will get more free spins. For example, if you get 2 or more Wild girls, you will get at least 5 free spins. You can win up to 20 consecutive wild symbols.

The expanding wild can appear on the 3 reels in the middle only. Sadly Fu Er Dai lacks exciting bonus rounds, separate scatter symbols. But the way they presented the whole package is worth praising. Although you will feel that there should have been more paylines, it doesn’t matter actually as the RTP is 96.50%. So, play Fu Er Dai slot machine online for getting the most of everything.

Into the Dragon Land

You can enjoy the game from your mobile devices too as it supports HTML5. So, you should better search for Fu Er Dai in the App store. The game is a bit volatile so you could dry out of money or get flooded with them.

In any way, Fu Er Dai is a great game that can churn your mood whenever you are feeling shallow. If nothing attracts you, leave it to the beautiful dragon tattooed girls. They will make you play the game for sure.

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