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Amazons Spear Slot

Spearing the Way Through

Amazons Spear is one of those games, which will nurture the fierceness and the bravery of all the Amazon Warriors, not only provides entertainment to the casino players but also gives a somewhat insight of the world during that era, especially that of Ancient Greece.

Developed by Casino Technologies, it has been one of the best free online casino slot games, in terms of the gameplay, the insane graphics that are associated with it, and the superb engine optimisation, that it has to offer. It has been optimised so nicely, that is runs on even the oldest versions of Adobe Flash Player, as long as the browser supports the game. Divided into five reels and twenty-five paylines, it is made to thrill the players who invest in it.

Power of Amazons Spear

It created a massive buzz around the world when it was launched and critically acclaimed to be one of the best graphics-intensive casino slot games. But there are other things which catch the eye equally. Let us take a deeper insight into this game and discover what Ancient Greece has in store for the online casino slot gamers.

  • Overhead Panel with buttons: The demo loads when the casino's online page is directed to it after which one can hit the ‘play Amazons Spear for real money’ to get started and unlock all the features. The overhead panel located on top of the screen gives the player a commanding position with respect to all the buttons and the switches needed to dominate the
  • Different Game Style: This is one attractive feature, which gives diversity to The user can choose which mode they want to play and can invest accordingly and win; based on the mode they are playing in. There 5 different modes: Easy, Soft, Smooth, Smart and Hard, the latter one, maximising all the profits.
  • Antique Symbols: Its symbols are dominated mostly by the fierce and the brave Amazon warriors with occasional symbols of spears and swords and other equipment. It also gives the players an insight into ancient Greece with its thematic appearance, with classic Greek stone ornaments in the background.
  • Scatter and Wild Symbols: In Amazons Spear casino slot online, the scatter and the wild symbols will play a major role when it comes to maximising the winning. Quite obvious, the spear and the harp are the two major symbols, which will multiply the bets by as much as 2000 times. Other symbols, including the jack, ace, kings, and queen will trigger free spins if obtained more three or more times in a single payline.
  • Simple Bets: The bets are pretty diverse because of the different The Hard mode has the maximum betting capacity with bonus rounds, which enables the user to earn the maximum money. Although free spins are jackpots rounds are not a part of it, but it easily makes up for it by the introduction of the different modes.
  • No downloads: Being visually intensive one can play Amazons Spear slot machine online without having to download a single file, which would require the further internet.

Holding the Spear Right

It might be visually attractive, but when it comes to strategy, it can be a difficult one to master. With the different modes that are available, one should always try the Easy or the Soft mode, first to understand how the mechanisms work. Only after mastering the game to a certain limit, can they try their luck at the higher levels and since there are no jackpots or free spins, every step has to be taken smartly.

Amazons Spear Verdict

Given everything that is at stake here, it has to be on top of the leaderboards for its extraordinary graphics, game engine, optimisation and the thematic appearance. To top it all, the, it does provide a challenge to the players, and hence, the different modes are a blessing in disguise for the ones who are new to it. With an RTP of more than 98%, it has to be in the top 10 of the dominating casino slot games.

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