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7 Sins Slot

7 Sins Slot Game

If you consider yourself as a sinful person, then you should definitely play this free online casino slot game, which promises brilliant gameplay, different playing modes, a not-so-typical number of slots and an interesting theme. 7 Sins by Play N Go has been designed, keeping in mind the considerable amount of resources that are required while you try your luck at the casino online slot games.

However, the rewards are far more than what one would invest. The total number of reels remains the same as usual (five) compared to the other online casino slot games, but the total number of paylines is a whopping two forty-three instead of the typical twenty or twenty-five.

The slot themes are mainly related to fantasy symbols, and the type is restricted to video slots. This game does not lack any element of the classic online slot, as a result of which, both veteran and new slot gamers can feel the thrill of the game.

Committing the Sins

As soon as the player clicks on the ‘play 7 Sins for real money’ button, the game will greet the player with an interesting theme, depicting mainly fantasies that one stumbles upon, and as soon as the dice start rolling, so will the holy washing begin. Let us take a deeper look at what some of the features are on offer and why people are hooked on this online casino slot game.

  • Different Types of games: The very idea of introducing different modes inside the slot mechanisms is itself an interesting feature, as players get to explore seven different genres, upon which the entire slots are based on. They are sloth, envy, greed, wrath, pride, gluttony, and lust.
  • Almost endless possibilities: The different genres or type of slots ensure that they are the high number of paylines, or the total number of symbols is far than any of the typical online casino slot games. The more the number of slots and paylines, the better the amount of the payout that a player can win. This feature makes this game an instant favourite to some of the heavy gamblers.
  • Scatter and Free Spins: The scatter symbols are that of the golden chests which when triggered at least three times in a single payline, will earn the player seven free spins, which can be re-triggered when not paying the free spins mode. The scatter follows no other symbols and thus will earn the player with big rewards besides the free spins.
  • Wild and Second Chance: There are two wilds are the biggest bonus of the game, both consisting the symbols of number sevens. The symbols which bear one seven is the first or single wild will multiply the winnings by a decent amount. The symbols which bear two sevens are like the jackpots, known as the double wild, which will multiply the initial investment by a very large amount. The second chance, as the name suggests, will give the user another chance to target at a big bet, if their initial investment is high enough.
  • Simple Bets: Considering the number of winnings that is possible in this game, the bets have been kept pretty decent lest someone should be stripped of all their money. The minimum bet starts from 0.1 and caps out at hundred (dollars, pounds, and euros).
  • Simple Mechanics: The game sure has a lot of sins to wash and a lot of graphics to cover, but the engine optimisation is good, and one can play 7 Sins casino slot online without having to download any file.

Rectifying the Sin

This virtual machine definitely promises a lot of things to be at stake and hence, the initial investments should be made wisely. Otherwise, it can cost the player a fortune. The free spins and a second chance, if any, should only be used when the luck is running out and not at random.

The Verdict

Considering the fact that the game shows a lot of promise, this is one that people get hooked on, and the RTP of 96% defines this fact. The different kinds of sins not only get washed but also 7 Sins Casino Slot Online promises to be a whole lot of fun to get involved with.

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