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The International Main Event Betting Preview

The International 2019 is about to enter the Playoffs Stage. The Group Stage ended on Sunday with several upsets and several surprises. At the Main Event, only 16 of the initial 18 participants will be present and the battles between them provide numerous esports betting opportunities for those who want to bet on Dota 2.

The International Group Stage Summary

Before we get into the betting preview for The International’s Main Event, we need to take a look at what happened during the Group Stage. And to sum it up, PSG.LGD, Team Secret and Vici Gaming proved to be as strong as people had expected. At the same time, Evil Geniuses,, and TNC Predator also had a good run, even though the first two of these competitors had a rough start.

Apart from these teams, the Group Stage of The International 2019 also revealed several dark horses as well as a few underachievers. The dark horses are OG, Newbee and potentially Alliance and Mineski, while the underachievers are Team Liquid and Ninjas in Pyjamas. In NiP’s case, they are already out of the tournament after a very disappointing run at the end of which they gathered just three points out of 16.

The full results of The International 2019 Group Stage are the following:

The International 2019 Group Stage Results.jpg

In both of these groups, the top four teams will start the Main Event of The International in the Upper Bracket, the next four in the Lower Bracket, and the 9th place competitor got eliminated.

The International 2019 Dates, Location and Prizes

With a total prize pool of over $33 million, The International 2019 is the most prestigious event in the history of esports. The event is taking place in Shanghai, China and its Playoffs Stage will be played in front of a live audience in the Mercedes-Benz Arena, between August 20th – 25th.

The winner of The International 2019 will receive over $15 million, so you can be certain that the teams will give their very best to win. And given what we’ve seen so far, we might get a repeat of the TI8 Grand Final, which took place between PSG.LGD and OG.

The International Main Event Favorites

The most important teams to keep an eye on during the Main Event of The International 2019 are PSG.LGD, OG, Team Secret and Vici Gaming. Here’s a brief analysis of each of them.


To Reach Finals 2.2*
To Win Outright 2.2*

This team competes with the exact same roster that finished 2nd at TI8 and so far, they’ve had an excellent run. During the Group Stage of The International 2019, they were the only team in Group A that managed to beat Secret. Furthermore, they were undefeated, even though they did lose one game against Alliance, Newbee and TNC Predator.

PSG.LGD finished the regular season in 6th place but they were the most consistent team overall, getting a top-six result at every single Major.


To Reach Finals 2.2*
To Win Outright 2.2*

OG did much worse than the other favorites during the regular season, finishing only 10th with 1218 points. However, they didn’t have ana until the last two Majors and were not fully invested in training and competing after their TI8 victory. All of that changed once ana got back on the roster and in the six weeks prior to The International 2019, OG certainly prepared thoroughly for the event. We know that because as soon as they started playing at TI9, they showed a level of skill and versatility that we had only seen from the best teams when they were at the top of their game.

Going into the Main Event of The International 2019, we expect OG to get a very good result and possibly even win the Aegis of Champions for the second time in a row. What’s certain is that so far, they looked to be the strongest team in the tournament.

Team Secret

To Reach Finals 1.6*
To Win Outright 1.6*

Secret won the regular season with two Major victories and another Grand Final. They also won several titles outside of the Dota Pro Circuit, clearly establishing themselves as the best team in the world. In recent months, however, we have seen them stumble more than once. First, they finished 9th – 12th at EPICENTER Major and then, in the Group Stage of The International 2019, the lost to PSG.LGD and drew against Mineski, TNC Predator and even Chaos Esports Club.

Going into the Playoffs Stage, we definitely expect Secret to get a top-six result but they might have to do it via the Lower Bracket. Because Evil Geniuses is a tough opponent to beat at the moment.

Vici Gaming

To Reach Finals 2.2*
To Win Outright 2.2*

Vici Gaming started the tournament as one of the best two teams from the Chinese region. And so far, they haven’t looked bad at all, even though they lost against Evil Geniuses and probably would have lost against OG as well, had they taken the first game of the series more seriously. Based on everything we’ve seen, PSG.LGD is probably stronger at the moment but we still expect VG to do well at the Main Event of TI9.

The International Main Event Betting Odds

The Main Event of TI9 will start with four Upper Bracket matches and four Lower Bracket matches. The Upper Bracket matches will be Bo3 will the first round of Lower Bracket ones will be Bo1. These are our Dota 2 betting odds for those matches:

LGD 1.46* vs. 2.63* Virtus.Pro
Vici Gaming 1.43* vs. 2.85* TNC Predator
OG 1.25* vs. 3.78* Newbee
Team Secret 1.42* vs. 2.79* Evil Geniuses
Alliance 1.65* vs. 2.18* RNG
Fnatic 2.3* vs. 1.59* Team Liquid
Infamous 1.85* vs. 1.91* Keen Gaming
Mineski 2.0* vs. 1.77* Natus Vincere

As the tournament unfolds, we will keep you up to date with everything that’s taking place on the betting side. So keep an eye on our platform and if you haven’t already, sign up and get your welcome bonus today!

*Odds are subject to change.