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The International 2019 Groups Betting Preview

The International 2019 is right around the corner and the esports betting opportunities for this event are second to none. And for those who like to bet on Dota 2, we’ve prepared a TI9 betting preview in order to bring people up to date with the most important aspects of the tournament.

The International 2019 Schedule and Location

The International 2019 is scheduled to take place in Shanghai, China between August 15th – 25th. It’s the first time when the greatest Dota 2 event of the season takes place in this region, so we’re definitely going to see a new way of doing things. The exact location of the Main Event will be the Mercedes-Benz Arena. In other words, the epicness of the event is pretty much guaranteed.

The International 2019 will take place in two stages. The Group Stage will last for four days, from August 15th until August 18th. Then we’ll have a one-day pause and the action will resume on August 20th. That’s when the Main Event begins, with live matches in front of a huge crowd.

The International 2019 Prize Pool

The TI9 prize pool is the biggest one we’ve had so far in the history of esports. A total of $32 million has been raised via Battle Pass sales and Valve’s own contribution of $1,6 million. For the industry, this is a staggering amount and it’s a clear indication that people love Dota 2. Keep in mind the fact that the amount was raised by a community of only 10 million. And the even more impressive part is that the $30+ million that was raised this way is only a quarter of the total contribution, because only 25% of the Battle Pass sales is added to the prize.

Right now, we don’t know exactly how the prize pool will be split among the 16 participants. But as you can imagine, the first place will take home over $10 million and event the last placed teams will earn somewhere around $100.000.

The International 2019 Participants.jpg

The International 2019 Participants

The International 2019 brings together the best 18 teams in the world. These teams have been carefully selected through a process that lasted a whole season. A total of five Minors and five Majors were played, and every one of these events had regional qualifiers. In the end, 12 teams received direct invitations based on the number of points they earned and the other six were required to go through regional qualifiers and in some cases even open qualifiers. Overall, Valve has done everything that was up to them to ensure that The International 2019 is attended by the best of the best and that there’s no way of tricking the system.

The 18 teams that will be present at TI9 are the following:

CIS, Natus Vincere
Southeast Asia Fnatic, Mineski, TNC Predator
Europe Team Secret, OG, Alliance, Chaos Esports Club, Team Liquid, Ninjas in Pyjamas
China Vici Gaming, PSG.LGD, Newbee, Keen Gaming, Royal Never Give Up
South America Infamous
North America Evil Geniuses

As you can see, most of the participants are from Europe and China. These two regions make up for almost two thirds of the teams. That says a lot about the current state of affairs in professional Dota 2.

The International 2019 Team Analysis

These are the five teams that you’ll definitely want to watch and bet on at TI9. The winner of the tournament is almost guaranteed to be one of these five.

Team Secret

Team Secret finished the regular season in 1st place, having won two of the five Majors. They also had a 2nd place finish and a 4th place finish at two other Majors, and their only real failure was at the 5th, where they only got a 9th – 12th place result. It’s difficult to say whether or not this was a tactical choice on the side of Puppey, who is known to pull tricks in order to convince his opponents that his team is not as strong as it actually is. That way, he can convince people to prepare less for him and more for other teams, ignoring the real elephant in the room.

Going into The International 2019, we expect Team Secret to get a top four result. It’s not yet clear whether they can win the Aegis of Champions or not, even though they had a fabulous season. The team hasn’t had much success at TI overall, their best result being a 5th – 6th place, which they got last year.

VP is another team with tremendous capacities during the regular season but also a long history of disappointing results at The International. Last season they easily won the regular season but only got a 5th – 6th place result at TI8. This time, they finished 2nd at the end of the 10 Dota Pro Circuit events, and are likely to get a similar result at The International 2019. We expect them to finish somewhere around 2nd – 4th, if everything goes according to plan for them.

Vici Gaming

Vici Gaming is by far the strongest Chinese team at TI9, having won two Majors during the regular season, as well as a Minor. This competitor has some truly exceptional players in the roster. In particular, Paparazi is probably the best midlaner in the world, in addition to being an exceptional carry player.

Overall, Vici Gaming finished the regular season in 3rd place, with two Major trophies, one Minor trophy and three other 7th – 8th place results and the remaining three Majors of the Dota Pro Circuit. Going into The International 2019, we expect Vici Gaming to play very well and prove to their fans that they are there to win. The action will take place on their home soil, so they’ll probably have a lot of fans in the audience. Thanks to this, we expect them to get a top three result.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid won the Aegis of Champions at TI7 and finished 4th at TI8. Now they’re looking to get another top four result, with a slightly different team and a new spirit. Liquid completely missed the first half of the season, due to various personal issues on the part of their players. They also lost their coach, Heen, who had been instrumental in their success.

But after finishing last at DreamLeague Season 11, the whole team started to work really hard and they ended up finishing 2nd at the final two Majors of the season. Prior to the last one, they made one big roster change: MATUMBAMAN left and w33 was brought in as his replacement. With w33 in the midlane and the hero pool he provided, Liquid completely changed their strategies and surprised everyone with their playstyle.

Going into The International 2019, we expect Liquid to finish close to the top.

The International 2019 Betting Odds

At, we will keep you updated with betting odds for everything that’s going on during the whole duration of TI9. At least several prior to the start of the tournament, we will start to provide Dota 2 betting markets. So keep an eye on us and if you haven’t already, sign up and get a generous welcome bonus today!