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PUBG Global Championship Grand Finals Betting Preview

PUBG Global Championship Grand Finals is quickly approaching and only 16 teams are left in the tournament. They will be competing for a massive amount of money and the winner receives one million dollars.

PUBG Global Championship Grand Finals Dates

PUBG Global Championship Grand Finals is scheduled to take place between November 23rd – 24th in Oakland. A total of 12 matches will be played, 6 of them per day. In the end, the team with the highest number of points wins.

PUBG Global Championship Grand Finals Betting Odds

The Grand Finals will provide some excellent esports betting opportunities for those who like to bet on PUBG. As the tournament draws nearer, you’ll find a lot of betting odds for the event on our site.

These are the PUBG Global Championship 2019 betting odds available:*

Betting Odds for PUBG Global Championship Grand Final 2019

PUBG Global Championship Grand Finals Prizes

The prizes offered to the top 8 teams at PUBG Global Championship Grand Finals are the following:

1st place: $1.000.000
2nd place: $300.000
3rd place: $150.000
4th place: $100.000
5th place: $75.000
6th place: $55.000
7th place: $40.000
8th place: $32.000

The other 8 teams will receive amounts between $28.000 (9th place) and $12.000 (16th place).

PUBG Global Championship Grand Finals Participants

PUBG Global Championship Grand Finals features 16 teams.

FaZe Clan
Natus Vincere
Entus Ace
Entus Force
QM Gaming
The Rumblers
Tempo Storm
VC Gaming

Among these teams, at least three of them proved to be considerably stronger than the rest during the previous stages of the tournament. These three teams are 4AM, QM Gaming and Lazarus. In particular, Lazarus performed much better than anyone else and qualified from 1st place with 106 points. QM Gaming came in second with 97 and 4AM in third with 96. The fourth team was TSM. They had 86 points.

The full scores for the previous stage of PUBG Global Championship are the following:

1st place: Lazarus: 106 points
2nd place: QM Gaming: 97 points
3rd place: 4AM: 96 points
4th place: TSM: 86 points
5th place: GEX: 82 points
6th place: VC Gaming: 79 points
7th place: WClick: 75 points
8th place: Tempo Storm: 74 points
9th place: Gen.G: 74 points
10th place: OGN Entus Force: 73 points
11th place: OGN Entus Ace: 69 points
12th place: Natus Vincere: 67 points
13th place: Genesis: 65 points
14th place: The Rumblers: 65 points
15th place: T1: 62 points
16th place: FaZe Clan: 60 points

In spite of the points difference, it is worth mentioning that quite a few teams have a real chance of winning the title. Depending on how they perform during the Grand Finals, even the likes of Gen.G and OGN Entus Force should be counted among the serious competitors.

PUBG Global Championship Grand Finals Team Analysis

Here’s a brief analysis of the most important teams that will compete in PUBG Global Championship Grand Finals.


Lazarus finished the previous stage in 1st place with 106 points and is made up of the following players: aLOW, Purdy, Uncivil and luke12. The first three of them are from the US while the 4th is Australian. Most of the roster was formed around 7 months ago. Only luke12, the rifler, joined later (on September 1st). But as soon as he did, Lazarus finished 2nd in the National PUBG League Phase 3, where they were bested only by Tempo Storm.

Going into PUBG Global Championship Grand Finals, we expect Lazarus to finish in the top 4. Much depends of course on how they’ll approach each map and the opponents they’ll encounter first. Because the games are in a way like Rock Paper Scissors, there’s a slight chance that Lazarus will face strong opposition and get eliminated before they can do anything. However, their overall chances look solid ahead of this final stage and we expect them to get a good result.

QM Gaming

QM Gaming is a Chinese team that got created in 2018. Most of their players joined in February that year, although there are exceptions. Furthermore, they have a total of 6 players instead of 4, so they’re a bit more versatile and unpredictable than other teams. As for their results, the only notable performance so far is a title obtained in September 2018, at Bausch + Lomb ImbaTV Super League. Since then, we haven’t seen QM Gaming do anything, until this event, where they finished the previous stage in 2nd place.

Based on their tournament performance, we regard QM Gaming as a solid contestant going into the final stage. However, their overall lack of results and experience in top-level competitions may cause them to fail. When competitions get to their high pressure moments, it’s usually the accomplished veterans who succeed.


4AM is yet another Chinese team with even more members than QM Gaming. They have no less than 9 players and are a very unpredictable squad. However, their stable core has formed several years ago, soon after PUBG’s release, and have had a number of important results so far. The list includes a 2nd place at Jingdong Cup Season 2 and a 7th place at FACEIT Global Summit: PUBG Classic.

One notable thing about 4AM is their signings: ZGG01 joined in February for $111.000 while xxxLu joined in July 2019 for $123.000. Quite clearly, this is a team that has a lot of money to invest, even though their tournament earnings barely surpass $150.000.

During the Semifinals, 4AM finished 3rd with 96 points. So they should be definitely regarded as one of the favorites to win the tournament.


You probably know the name from League of Legends, where they have had many successes over the years. In PUBG however, TSM is just starting to get notable results. In 2019, they finished 6th at PUBG Europe League 2019: Phase 2 and 8th during the 1st phase of the same event.

Unlike the Chinese teams, TSM has a simpler approach and has only signed 4 players for now. Perhaps if they can do something important in the PUBG Global Championship Grand Finals, the organization will consider the option of bringing in reinforcements. However, power in numbers hasn’t been their strategy up until this point.

Tempo Storm

In spite of not looking all that impressive in the Semifinals, Tempo Storm might just be the big favorite of the Grand Finals. They finished the previous stage in 8th place, but overall they’ve been doing really well in tournaments. In 2019 alone, they won five different titles, earning more than $400.000. That’s a huge amount for an emerging esport with not that many tournaments and relatively small prize pools.

Like other Western teams, Tempo Storm has adopted a simple philosophy: less is more. They only have 4 players but they play the game with a lot of determination and skill. Unlike many other teams at this event, they clearly have a method of winning and that’s why they should be regarded among the best.

*Odds are subject to change.