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Parimatch League Season 3 Dota 2 Betting Preview

Parimatch League Season 3 is an upcoming Dota 2 tournament scheduled to take place online, on the CIS server, between July 3rd – 5th. The event will bring together 4 CIS teams. These teams are the winners (1st – 4th place) of Parimatch League Season 3 Round Robin. As you might expect, Parimatch League Season 3 will provide multiple esports betting opportunities for those who want to bet on Dota 2. In this article, I will tell you about the tournament and its teams, so that you can better understand what you’re dealing with.

Parimatch League Season 3 Details

Parimatch might be just a small CIS tournament, but its participants are actually world-class teams and the total prize pool is close to $100,000 (93,000 to be precise). The winner takes $50,000 and the runner up takes $25,000. That’s a lot of money for an online event, even though it’s peanuts compared to what we’ve gotten used to in Dota 2.


These are the 4 teams that will take part in the event.

Team Unique

The 3 big competitors here are, FlyToMoon and HellRaisers. One of them will almost certainly win the tournament. But which one?

Team Analysis

Here’s a brief analysis of the 4 competitors of Parimatch League Season 3.

To Win Vs. HellRaisers 1.25* has an excellent core made up of 3 world-class players: Solo, No[o]ne and Resolut1on. But it also has a huge problem: Zayac is not as good as he needs to be to truly change VP’s games with his roaming skills and iLTW is just a temporary stand-in. Having seen him play for OG around a year ago, I can tell you that he’s more of a liability for VP than an asset. It’s hard to play with stand-ins even when they’re exceptional. But when they’re not, the challenge becomes exponentially higher.

VP’s latest tournament result says it all: 5th – 6th place at BEYOND EPIC. And that was several days ago. The team that ended up eliminating is present at this tournament: FlyToMoon. Because of that, I don’t expect VP to win. Going into Parimatch League Season 3, they will almost certainly finish 2nd or 3rd.


To Win Vs. Team Unique 1.2*

FlyToMoon is one of the big favorites of this tournament. The team’s roster is full of superstar CIS players and their big advantage is that they’re all from Ukraine. Subsequently, good communication is guaranteed. At the recent BEYOND EPIC tournament, FTM finished 4th out of 12 teams. And keep in mind, most of the best teams in Europe and CIS were present.

Going into Parimatch League Season 3, I expect FTM to finish 1st or 2nd.

Team Unique

To Win Vs. FlyToMoon 1.2*

This is a helpless underdog at this competitive level. Every single one of the other 3 competitors is stronger than Team Unique and it will take an absolute miracle for them not to finish last. If or one of the other two teams have a terrible tournament, Unique has a chance. But if not, I think they’re doomed to finish 4th.


To Win Vs. Virtus.Pro 3.77*

And finally, we have HellRaisers, a team with a few superb players, such as RodjER, but no spectacular results to speak of so far. It will be interesting to see HR compete in the tournament, because they’re good enough to go head to head with anyone, but still lack that edge required for winning titles. The most likely position for them at Parimatch League Season 3 is 3rd.

Parimatch League Season 3 Betting Odds

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Betting Odds for Parimatch League Season 3 Dota 2

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