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ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League Betting Preview

ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League is an upcoming Dota 2 league held online, on the SEA server. The competition brings together the best 10 teams in Southeast Asia and gives them the chance to win a total of $100,000. The event will offer numerous esports betting opportunities for those who want to bet in Dota 2 and in this article, I will take a close look at the teams, so that you can have a better understanding of what you’re dealing with.

ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League Details

ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League is scheduled to take place between June 18th – July 19th. The Group Stage will last until July 12th and it will be followed by Playoffs (July 15th – 19th). During the Group Stage, all matches are Bo2 and every team will compete against every other team. For the Playoffs, the matches will be Bo3, except for the Grand Final (Bo5).

Prize Pool Distribution

The tournament offers $100,000 in prizes. The money will be distributed among the 10 participants in the following way:

1st place


2nd place


3rd place


4th place


5th – 6th place


7th – 8th place


9th – 10th place


ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League Participants

ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League features 10 teams. Some of them are well-known, others are newcomers.

  • Fnatic
  • BOOM Esports
  • Execration
  • Geek Fam
  • Neon Esports
  • Reality Rift
  • T1
  • Team Adroit
  • TNC Predator
  • Flower Gaming

Team Analysis

Here’s a brief analysis of the 10 competitors that will take part in ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League.

Fnatic is a big favourite

Fnatic is one of the strongest and most experienced teams at this tournament. Almost all of its players are legends with 5-10 years of professional experience and top results at The International. Globally, Fnatic is currently ranked 11th in the Dota Pro Circuit, having 400 points. That’s the 2nd highest placement of all the competitors that are taking part in ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League.

Going into the tournament, I expect iceiceice and his squad to easily dominate most of the other 9 opponents and then qualify for the Grand Final. There’s absolutely no excuse for them if they don’t achieve this result.

BOOM Esports is aiming for the Grand Final

BOOM Esports is Dreamocel’s squad and it is currently ranked 25th in the DPC. In 2020, BOOM finished 4th at StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 3, 1st at ESL SEA Championship and 2nd at ESL One Birmingham 2020 – Online: Southeast Asia. Based on these results, we can clearly assess that BOOM is one of the favourites to qualify for the Playoffs and then the Grand Final of ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League.

Execration is one of the underdogs

Execration is an outsider even at this competitive level. This team is not even in the top 80 globally, so you can take advantage of every opportunity to bet against it. The only well-known player on this roster is Benhur. Prior to Execration, he used to play for Mineski, HappyFeet, Team Admiral, and DeToNator. In April last year, he actually won an important event with DeToNator, beating Tigers in the Grand Final of Cobx Masters 2019 Phase II. He also took part in The Manila Major in 2016, but only managed to finish 13th – 16th.

Geek Fam could easily finish in the top 3

Geek Fam is ranked 18th globally and is one of the strongest teams in the SEA region. This is Raven and Kuku’s team, two legendary players from the Philippines. In 2020, Geek Fam finished 3rd at WePlay! Bukovel Minor, 2nd at WeSave! Charity Play SEA, 4th at ESL One LA SEA, 2nd at ESL SEA Championship, 3rd at BTS Pro Series: SEA, and 3rd at ESL One Birmingham SEA. All of these results clearly suggest that Geek Fam is one of the teams to watch during ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League.

Neon Esports has no chance

Neon Esports is ranked 50th at the moment and is practically a no-name for now. Not a single player on its roster is well-known at the pro level and there is no reason to assume that this squad will produce any upsets during the tournament. Subsequently, this is one of the teams to bet against.

Reality Rift may end up being the dark horse

Reality Rift is ranked 24th and has a few recognizable names in its roster, such as AlaCrity and kYxY. The team took part in one of the DPC Majors this season and kYxY will no doubt sound familiar to those who are old fans of Dota 2. In 2013, he finished 3rd at The International with Orange Esports, after losing the famous Fountain Hook match against Na’Vi.

Going into ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League, Reality Rift could prove to be one of the strong teams.

T1 is trying to break into the Dota 2 scene

If you’re familiar with League of Legends and Faker, you probably know a few things about T1. But in Dota 2, they’re a no-name for now. Still, the roster is coached by MP and its captain is Forev. And with Meracle as carry and inYourdreaM as midlaner, there’s a decent chance that T1 will provide some surprises at this tournament, even though few people would count them among the favourites. Never underestimate the South Koreans when it comes to esports.

Team Adroit is a serious contender

Adroit is ranked 17th globally and should be taken seriously when it comes to tournaments of this level. In 2020, this team finished 2nd at ESL One LA SEA, 3rd at ASIA Spring Invitational and 4th at ESL One Birmingham SEA. These results clearly show that there is great potential in their roster. It’s hard to say at this point how far they can go, but you should definitely keep an eye on them and look for betting opportunities in their matches.

TNC Predator is the number 1 team in the DPC

Led by a South Korean (March) and having a roster full of legendary players, TNC Predator is by far the strongest competitor at ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League. On paper, they are the winners of the first DPC Major of the season and the number 1 team in the world when it comes to DPC rankings. Based on these facts, you should probably not bet against TNC at this event, unless you’re using an upsets-based betting strategy and hoping they haven’t prepared very well. The only teams that could realistically beat TNC are Fnatic, Geek Fam, Adroit, and BOOM. But even their chances are minimal against an opponent of this stature. Right now, TNC is a big fish in a small pond when it comes to SEA tournaments.

Flower Gaming is an outsider

And finally, we have Flower Gaming. This team is totally unknown at this point but you may be familiar with two of its players (LaNcE and ddz), simply because they were involved in a match-fixing incident many years ago.

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