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MDL Disneyland Paris Major Aftermath - Here's Everything That Went Down

MDL Disneyland Paris Major has come to an end and the result did not surprise anybody. Team Secret won their second Major of the season after a very dominant Grand Final against Team Liquid and an excellent overall run during which they only lost three games. Not matches, games. Secret faced six teams in total and defeated all of them, clearly proving that they are now the number one favorite for winning the Aegis of Champions this year.

MDL Disneyland Paris Major General Information

MDL Disneyland Paris Major was the fourth Major of the Dota Pro Circuit and its significance was tremendous for the likes of Liquid and OG, who went from very poor or vulnerable positions to a much more comfortable spot within the Dota Pro Circuit rankings table. Liquid only had around 500 points prior to the event but after playing in the Grand Final, they immediately got a lot of points and now they’re mathematically qualified to The International 2019.

Now that MDL Disneyland Paris Major is over, only one more pair of DPC tournaments are left to be played. The Minor, StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 2 will take place around mid-June while the Major, EPICENTER 2019 Major will take place shortly after. This time, the Minor will offer two qualification spots instead of the usual one. So the teams that don’t make it to the Major via the regional qualifiers will get a much better chance of qualifying via the Minor that precedes it.

MDL Disneyland Paris Major Summary

MDL Disneyland Paris Major took place in two stages, that is the Group Stage and the Playoffs.

Group Stage Results

The first of these stages only lasted for two days. The teams got split into four groups and each of these groups gave the best two competitors a chance to start the Playoffs Stage in the Upper Bracket. Here’s what happened as a result.

MDL Disneyland Paris - DOTA 2 Group Stage Results

Group A:

1st place:
2nd place: Team Liquid
3rd place: Keen Gaming
4th place: beastcoast

Group B:

1st place: Team Secret
2nd place: Ninjas in Pyjamas
3rd place: Chaos Esports Club
4th place: Team Empire

Group C:

1st place: Vici Gaming
2nd place: PSG.LGD
3rd place: Mineski
4th place: paiN Gaming

Group D:

1st place: Evil Geniuses
2nd place: OG
3rd place: compLexity Gaming
4th place: Fnatic

During the Group Stage, there were only a few unexpected results. For example, Keen Gaming was expected to finish 2nd in Group A, but it quickly became obvious that Liquid was back and would play at a very high level throughout the tournament. So the two teams swapped places.

Anyone who did any Dota 2 betting most likely cashed out big at this stage as everything happening as expected by the majority of the crowd.

Another big upset had to do with OG. N0tail and the rest of his crew exceeded all expectations and managed to finish 2nd in their group, thanks in part to Fnatic’s unexplainable lack of form.

Keep in mind that Fnatic finished 3rd at the 3rd DPC Major of the season and was expected to do very well at MDL Disneyland Paris Major. That wasn’t the case at all for Abed and his teammates and they ended up finishing 13th – 16th. A very disappointing result but nonetheless, Fnatic is already qualified for The International 2019.

Playoffs Results

In the first round of the MDL Disneyland Paris Major Playoffs, the results were as follows:

Upper Bracket:

Team Secret vs. PSG.LGD: 2 – 1 vs. OG: 0 – 2
Evil Geniuses vs. Team Liquid: 2 – 1
Vici Gaming vs. NiP: 1 – 2

MDL Disneyland Major - DOTA 2 Playoffs Results

Lower Bracket:

compLexity Gaming vs. beastcoast: 1 – 0
Mineski vs. Team Empire: 1 – 0
Chaos EC vs. paiN Gaming: 0 – 1
Keen Gaming vs. Fnatic: 1 – 0

MDL Disneyland Major - DOTA 2  Lower Bracket Playoffs Results

The big upsets for this round of the Playoffs involved Chaos, Fnatic, and Vici Gaming. None of these four teams had been expected to lose to their opponents. Furthermore, please note the fact that just like at TI 7, Team Liquid dropped into the Lower Bracket right from their first Upper Bracket match, having to win five matches in a row to qualify for the Grand Final.

Round 2

The next round of Upper Bracket matches saw Team Secret demolish OG (2 – 0) and Evil Geniuses win against NiP ( 2 – 1). In the Lower Bracket, PSG.LGD,, Team Liquid and Vici Gaming easily won their matches against compLexity, Mineski, paiN and Keen respectively.

Round 3

MDL Disneyland Paris Major was now down to the final eight. In the Upper Bracket Finals, Team Secret defeated Evil Geniuses after a pretty tough match.

In the Lower Bracket, PSG.LGD caused a big upset by defeating, a team that had played in the Grand Final of all of the first three Majors. At the same time, Team Liquid went against all odds and went from 0 – 1 to 2 – 1 against Vici Gaming.

The Other Lower Bracket Rounds and the Grand Final

The next phase saw PSG.LGD triumph one more time, this round against NiP, and Team Liquid claim the victory against OG. After that, it was Liquid all the way to the Grand Final, moving past PSG.LGD and Evil Geniuses to reach the final match against Team Secret.

The Grand Final of MDL Disneyland Paris Major started well for Liquid, as KuroKy got an amazing draft advantage against Secret and ended up winning in spite of their slow start.

And for a brief moment, everyone had high hopes for them. It had been a long time since we last saw Liquid in a Grand Final of a Major so everyone was hyped. And since Secret had already won so many tournaments in 2018-2019, we genuinely wanted to see Liquid triumph.

But then, Puppey showed why he’s one of the best captains in the history of Dota 2 and simply mind-gamed KuroKy for three drafts in a row. Every single one of them seemed lost even before the game even started. And with that kind of performance, we’re looking forward to seeing Secret at EPICENTER 2019, the last Major of the season and then at TI 9, where they are very likely to dominate and win the competition.

The overall results of MDL Disneyland Paris Major were the following:

1st: Team Secret
2nd: Team Liquid
3rd: Evil Geniuses
4th: PSG.LGD
5th – 6th: OG, NiP
7th – 8th: VG, VP
9th – 12th: Mineski, paiN Gaming, compLexity Gaming, Keen Gaming
13th – 16th: Team Empire, Chaos Esports Club, beastcoast, Fnatic

Road to TI 9

After the end of MDL Disneyland Paris Major, the list of direct invites for TI 9 expanded again and we now know eight of the participants.

1st: Team Secret
3rd: Evil Geniuses
4th: Vici Gaming
5th: PSG.LGD
6th: Fnatic
7th: Team Liquid
8th: Ninjas in Pyjamas

All of these teams are already qualified for The International 2019 as a result of their performances during the first four Majors of the Dota Pro Circuit.

In particular, the European region has three teams among these eight and OG is likely to get a top 12 finish as well after the next Major. What this means is that Europe will have five teams in total at TI 9, which is a massive number. However, it reflects the value of European teams and the fact that Dota 2 is still hugely popular in this region.