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LPL Summer 2019 Playoffs Betting Primer

The largest of the Power Four regions has seen the Summer Split end. That means the LPL Summer 2019 Playoffs are here! Given there are eight teams, each one will get a bit less coverage than in the other primers, such as our LCK Summer 2019 Playoffs Betting Primer. We’ll look at them from worst to best and look at where your money for LoL Betting should go. 

The Final Fiesta


Edward Gaming 1.39* vs. 2.91* Sunig Gaming

This is the definition of a stop start team. Suning sit in the eighth seed in the LPL Summer 2019 Playoffs, the position from which JDG went to finals last split. Suning have talent, but have failed to utilize it in either split. They even swapped in Angel half way through, and while that worked for a time, it was not a long term solution for the team. What makes their whole predicament worse is EDG swept them in the final week of the LPL. Guess who their first-round opponent is? If you guessed Edward Gaming, you are correct. We give Suning minimal chance to beat the boys in black. They are outclassed in every role, and even if they do manage to miracle their way past EDG they should be stomped by either Bilibili or FunPlus. 


Invictus Gaming 1.16* vs. 4.9* LNG Esports

This team has fallen far from being an early title contender. In LPL Summer 2019 Playoffs, LNG hold the 7th seed. During the season, LNG lost to every playoff team except Suning and Invictus.

This team over relies on SofM to enable the rest of the team to the point of a fault. Teams have regularly managed to beat LNG by removing his influence on the game and playing away from him. Flandre regularly is left to the wolves, and can only do so much in these situations.

This first-round matchup will be tough for LNG as they go up against the reigning world champions, Invictus Gaming. They beat IG in the early week matchup, but IG was going through a notable slump at the time and Rookie was a short time away from taking a break due to health reasons. Don’t expect lightning to strike twice for LNG in Summer. We expect a round one exit.

Invictus Gaming

Invictus Gaming 1.16* vs. 4.9* LNG Esports

Repeating will be a tall task to say the least. Invictus posted their worst regular split record since 2017 Spring, marking the first time since Jackeylove and Baolan joined that IG hasn’t posted double-digit wins. The team simply hasn’t been performing, and look nothing like the world-class threat they have been for the better part of two years.

TheShy’s usual style of high deaths for high kills has not paid off as of late, and it has cost Invictus games. While we are of the opinion that they should beat the more one-note LNG, we doubt that they could match Royal Never Give Up in a best of five. Even if they miracle their way past RNG, it is extremely unlikely that they will beat Top Esports during the semifinals. Betting on them for round one should be relatively safe, but bet with caution for the rest of the LPL Summer 2019 Playoffs. 

Edward Gaming

Edward Gaming 1.39* vs. 2.91* Sunig Gaming

The boys in black managed to squeak out the number five seed at the end of the season, earning the easiest matchup in the first round of LPL Summer 2019 Playoffs. IBoy, in particular, has been playing far better this split, and Scout managed to finish third in the MVP voting. They have remained competitive against teams like Top Esports and Royal, but ended up losing to them in the end.

Lucky for EDG, they are facing Suning in round one, and if they win they will face Bilibili in round two. They have beaten both of those teams this season in 2-0 fashion. EDG should actually be favored in both of those matchups, making for smart bets and potential underdog odds. Once semis have arrived, betting on them would be more tricky, as they would face the colossal favorite FunPlus. Betting against FunPlus? Not recommended.


Bilibili is the middle child of the LPL playoffs. They sit above the lower tier teams like LNG or Suning, aren’t overwhelming favorites like RNG, TES, or FPX, and aren’t a team with dark horse potential like IG or EDG.

Bilibili’s game revolves around their ability to get Kuro and Jinjao ahead, which might not be possible against the likes of EDG. It will certainly be impossible against the overwhelming powerhouse FunPlus Phoenix rocking DoinB and Lwx. In general, it is a bit of a risky bet to pick Bilibili over EDG, but would be downright lunacy to bet on Bilibili over FunPlus Phoenix. 

Royal Never Give Up

RNG are one of the three “favorites” in the LPL Playoffs. They have been consistently been a team at the top of the table with very few issues. Their only losses were to Top, FPX, and Bilibili, the other teams in the top four. LangX and the return of Uzi have boosted this team back to their elite level, and should be one of the three teams to make worlds from the LPL.

They will face either IG or LNG in the first round, both of whom RNG should be overwhelming favorites. IG have been famously inconsistent, and LNG are downright outclassed. They should make it to the semifinals against TES, in which they would actually be the underdog. The big advantage for RNG in that match would be their experience, which Top Esports lacks by comparison. If they manage to reach the finals against FunPlus Phoenix, bet on Royal, as FunPlus are looking to be god killers at the moment. 

Top Esports

The young blood is looking to punch their ticket to worlds as soon as possible. In LPL Playoffs TES hold the second seed, and look to be one of the only realistic challengers to FunPlus. Knight9 was the Summer MVP for a damn good reason, he is probably the best mid laner in the world currently. Just having Knight9 in the mid lane gives TES instant advantage and a massive carry to draw pressure from the enemy jungle just like Faker in his prime. This opens up avenues for Loken and 369 to carry the game, as Knight9 will get ahead regardless.

The only team on their side of the bracket that can reasonably challenge them is Royal, a match TES should be favored in. If they make it to the finals against FunPlus, they will not be favored by any stretch. FunPlus most recently swept TES, so don’t bet on TES in finals unless someone else pulls a miracle upset of FPX.

FunPlus Phoenix

People are already suggesting the title be handed to FPX before the LPL Playoffs have even started. This is because they are one of the most dominant teams China has ever seen. They posted a game record of 29-4, becoming only the second team in LPL history to only lose single-digit games in the modern LPL system after 2018 Spring Invictus Gaming. The eventual World Champions. FPX actually managed to lose LESS than that team. You see why this team is hyped to the moon?

Every single player on this team is top two in their respective positions. DoinB is the most unpredictable and consistent mid laner, only challenged by the prodigy that is Knight9. Tian is the best jungler in China, on top of Lwx and Gimgoon being monsters in their own right. 

There is no question that FunPlus are the overwhelming favorites to win the LPL and be the first seed at the World Championship. No matter who they face from their side of the bracket, FunPlus should sweep them on the way to the finals. I would be stunned if FPX lost more than one game throughout the entire playoffs. Bet on them, and for the love of God do not bet against them.

LPL Summer 2019 Playoffs Expectations

The LPL Summer 2019 Playoffs are pretty straightforward, so we will be quick about it. In round one we see Invictus beating LNG 3-1, and EDG sweeping Suning 3-0. After this, RNG should beat Invictus 3-1. In the other quarterfinal, we see EDG beating Bilibili 3-2 to proceed to semis. In the semifinals, we predict an FPX sweep of EDG, 3-0. On the other side, TES beat RNG in a back and forth series 3-2. This leads to FPX and TES meeting in the finals, for FPX to win 3-1 and go to worlds as the first seed.

So ends our betting primer of the LPL Summer 2019 Playoffs! Check back later for primers on the other Power Four regions!

*Odds are subject to change.