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LEC Week 1 Summer Split 2019 Takeaway

The kings of Europe have returned home, and it is time for them to defend the crown. LEC Week 1 was fairly predictable compared to the LCS counterpart. Let’s look at some of the takeaways from this first outing.

Hail to the king.

For most diehard Fnatic fans out there it would hurt admitting this: G2 are on another level than the rest of Europe. This isn’t something that is a new revelation, but it was enforced in LEC Week 1. They toyed with Splyce and just outclassed Origen. Were they perfect? No. They seemed overconfident against their rival OG, and gave up some messy deaths as a result. They still should be the LEC betting favorite for every single matchup for the rest of the season, and that's for good reason. The only two teams that should even be considered as being a dark horse bet against them are Origen and Fnatic.

Rogue aren’t the worst team anymore

That label goes to the Brits at Excel. They didn’t even manage a kill/death ratio of .2 in LEC Week 1. For the less mathematically inclined, that isn’t even one kill per five deaths. Caedral was next to non-existent on the map and the veterans looked washed. Expect, who was the stand out in Spring, was smacked around by Odoamne and Profit. KaSing starting was a mistake to begin with given Mystiques performance at the tail end of Spring. His play this weekend made that very clear.

Rogue actually showed some life with Larssen, Inspired, and Woolite. The former two showed flashes of why they were hyped, but the latter is still probably the weak point on the team. Bottom line, Rogue isn’t a crazy bet against low tier teams, and Excel should be avoided like the plague.

You have no offense when all the points are in Vitality

Even though they had arguably the hardest schedule of LEC Week 1, that is no excuse. Unlike their CS:GO counterpart, who just won the ECS Season 7 Finals, no Vitality member sans Cabochard looked remotely like a top tier player. Jizuke finished the week with the worst KDA of any player in the league. This is your star mid laner, and he got ZERO KILLS over the entire first week. The Italian Stallion looked like glue on the rift. Be careful when betting on this team against anyone but Excel and maybe Rogue.

For a team looking to make it into the playoffs, this cannot happen again. This goes double when one considers Rogue, Misfits, SK, and Schalke looking hungry to overtake the black and gold.

Fnatic might be primed to blow

The last takeaway of the LEC Week 1 isn’t really about what happened on the Rift, but what is going on behind the scenes. Rumors have been circulating for weeks about dissension in the team. This was denied by the organization, but then this week hit. Fnatic won both games, and Bwipo was interviewed after the Misfits game. He voiced dissatisfaction with Broxah and commented on the rumored rotation of Dan into the starting jungle spot. This would be a catastrophe for Fnatic, as Broxah is arguably the best jungler in Europe, particularly in a meta such as this.

If this kind of talk continues, one of the best teams could be primed for implosion. For now, they are a safe LoL bet into anyone but G2 or Origen, but if they put in Dan and go on a downward spiral, abandon ship. If Broxah stays, they should be fine.