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LEC Summer 2019 Playoffs Betting Primer

For our final playoffs betting primer, we look at the region that won MSI, the LEC. The six teams are locked into the LEC Summer 2019 Playoffs, and we are here to talk about their chances and who you should bet on. Without further ado, let’s get started

Who will be crowned king?


Schalke 04 1.29* vs. 3.46* Team Vitality

We are still in shock that Vitality actually made it into the LEC playoffs. Vitality have been extremely suspect the entire split, and it is for good reason. Jizuke and Jactroll have declined significantly, going from being in the top half of their positions to not even that. Attila and Cabochard have been trying to keep the team afloat, and they barely made the playoffs at that.

For the first round, Vitality have to go up against Schalke 04. Unfortunately for Vitality, they got absolutely annihilated by Schalke on both occasions, the latter of which was last week in a 28 minute ass-kicking. To make this short and sweet, Vitality have next to no chance against Schalke, and would have next to no chance against the winner of Splyce and Rogue. Do you LoL betting on Vitality with utmost care.


Splyce 1.14* vs. 5.45* Rogue

The good news for Rogue is that they have more LEC playoffs appearances than Misfits and Excel combined. They got their house in check and have two stars of the future in Larssen and Inspired, as well as fredy122 establishing himself as a solid if not stellar coach in Europe. They still have glaring weaknesses in the top and bottom lanes, with Woolite and Finn being the biggest liabilities, but the team actually has a future. 

However that future is not yet upon us. They face Splyce in round one, and are almost certain to get blasted. Rogue is a team with a core to build around but no supporting pieces, where Splyce is a team set to make a run at worlds. It doesn’t take an engineer to put the pieces together and determine Rogue is a bad bet in this series. We love where they are going and might contend in a year or so, but now is not their time.

Schalke 04

Schalke 04 1.29* vs. 3.46* Team Vitality

Schalke is the middle child of the LEC playoffs. They aren’t considered instant outs like Rogue or Vitality, but are not yet contenders to G2, Fnatic, or Splyce. Upset and Ignar are undoubtedly one of the better bottom lanes in the LEC, but have other issues. Odoamne, Trick, and Abbedagge are extremely hit or miss, prone to either pop off or feed their asses off. It creates a really weird team dynamic that can go either way at the drop of a hat.

The good part for Schalke is their first-round opponent. Vitality is by far the weakest team in playoffs, and have been swept by the Germans in Summer. Both were one-sided domination, and the most recent wasn’t even a week ago. We expect a quick 3-0 in that one. Bet on Schalke there, but don’t expect them to beat Splyce, Fnatic, or G2.


Splyce 1.14* vs. 5.45* Rogue

If there is any team with a chance to win the gauntlet post LEC playoffs, it is Splyce. The vipers have been on a roll in summer, with everyone but Vizicsacsi being in contention for top three in their positions. Xerxe has had the best split of his career, Kobbe has been Kobbe, Norskeren roams like a madman and Humanoid has broken out into his own. There is only one glaring flaw with Splyce.

That issue is they cannot beat the top tier consistently. Against a middling team like Rogue? They will be more than fine to sweep that series. Against Schalke they would win in our opinion, but might drop a game. The challenge will come against Fnatic or G2. We don’t see Splyce given against either of those teams in a best of five. To summarize, a bet on Splyce would be considered a safe bet until they meet either Fnatic or G2.


G2 Esports 1.17* vs. 4.74* Fnatic

The old kings are back in the playoffs, and this time they have the chance to take on G2. They come in as a team on a hot streak, winning six of their last seven games. While Rekkles and Nemesis have been consistently great, the rest of the team has issues of consistency at times. This doesn’t occur as much as other teams, but it still it can happen. 

There is only one blight on Fnatic to be of importance. They are not G2. Against G2 they should not be favored. If they are facing literally anyone else? Go ham on betting for Fnatic. They should be able to contend with anyone but the Kings of Europe in a best of five.


G2 Esports 1.17* vs. 4.74* Fnatic

Long live the king. G2 basically trolled this split because they were that much better than literally everyone else in the Western hemisphere. They finished at the top with no real trouble. Jankos, Caps, and Wunder are the best players at their positions. Perkz and Mikyx are serviceable in most any situation, even if they are the definite weak link. There isn’t much else to say except G2 are likely to win Europe.

So, that might have been a small lie. The thing we forgot to mention is to always bet on G2. They are considered when it comes to LoL World Championship betting odds to be the favorites to win it all and for good reason. The only team with a chance of beating them in Europe is Fnatic, and even then we believe most people would see G2 winning at least seven out of every ten times. They are the safe and smart bet.

LEC Summer 2019 Playoffs Expectations

So for predictions of the LEC playoffs, the matches are all extremely straightforward. We predict that Schalke will 3-0 Vitality and Splyce will 3-0 Rogue. Both Schalke and Splyce are far more finished products than their opponents, who are more of building templates. Once those are done, we see G2 beating Fnatic 3-1 and Splyce going 3-1 against Schalke. For the 2nd place match, we predict a full five-game series with Fnatic going over Splyce in a 3-2 and locking the second seed at Worlds. After their defeat in the semis, Fnatic come back to face G2….and are defeated 3-2 by the reigning champions, sending G2 to worlds as the number one seed.

So ends our betting primer of the LEC Summer 2019 Playoffs! Remeber to check our LPL Summer 2019 Playoffs Betting Primer and our LCK Summer 2019 Playoffs Betting Primer. Check back later for primers on the Regional Qualifiers, and eventually…..the World Championship.

* Odds are subject to change.