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LCS Week 1 Summer Split 2019 Takeaway

The first week of the LCS Summer Split is in the books, and all did not go as expected following our LCS, LEC, LCK & LPL Summer Split Predictions. A few sure bets faltered hard, and others were simply reinforced for future betting. Today we look at a few major points after LCS Week 1, and how they should influence your betting moving forward.

Golden Guardians Were Better Than Advertised

Our first takeaway from LCS Week 1 is a positive, and that is how good Golden Guardians were. They faced off against two other playoff teams, Echo Fox and FlyQuest. Golden Guardians dominated both of them. GGS weren’t flashy, they were not extremely lane dominant, but they were one thing above all else. They were astonishingly efficient.

Of the three undefeated teams (GGS, OPT, C9) they have the fewest kills and least deaths by a significant margin. They executed on good map rotations, drafted well, and didn’t fight needlessly. Next week they play Clutch and Cloud9. The former should be a sure bet in Golden Guardians’ favor, and the latter is not an unreasonable bet given how GGS played. Keep your eyes on this team, and be willing to take a gamble on them.

OpTic Are Worse Than Their Record

The next takeaway from LCS Week 1 is that one of the other 2-0 teams, OpTic Gaming, are not as good as their record would indicate. A 2-0 start may seem like a solid bet, but it is a red herring. OpTic’s opponents this week? Clutch and 100 Thieves, who ended Spring in ninth and tenth respectively with no signs of that changing in Summer. This was the easy stretch. The matchups against CLG and FlyQuest next week should be better representations of the Green Wall. LoL betting should not be on them for the time being.

Futility, Thy Colors Are Red And Black

For the third note on LCS Week 1, the bottom seems to be stagnant. Clutch looked to have some stretch of improvement from last season with Cody Sun at AD. However their drafting and top half are still the worst in the LCS with little debate. The drafting seems to be completely dictated by the players in spite of synergy or meta.

100 Thieves are in no better a spot. The team lacks not for talent. What they lack is coordination by any stretch of the word. In game the team seems to be less LCS and more solo queue. Both teams are 0-2 and seemingly in for long seasons. Long story short avoid betting on these teams like the plague, the odds are not in their favor.

The only exception to this 0-2 opinion is FlyQuest, who faced much tougher competition in Cloud9 and Golden Guardians, both 2-0 teams. They slumped hard but some time to bounce back should help.

1-1 Teams Should Not Be Panicking Yet

For the final takeaway from LCS Week 1, we look at the four teams at 1-1: Echo Fox, TSM, Team Liquid, and CLG. Echo Fox lost to a lights out Golden Guardians, and managed to upset Team Liquid for the second time this year. They were also testing out Yusui and Lost this week, so the team should be better with Fenix and Apollo back. They will need it against C9 and TSM. TSM lost to Team Liquid off of an abysmal draft, and struggled against CLG. The flip side is that both drafts were out of character for TSM under Zikz. They are facing Echo Fox and FlyQuest next week, so that will be the real measure of the team.

Team Liquid demolished TSM and collapsed against Echo Fox in Week 1. However they by all rights should have lost both games given the quick turnaround from MSI, and start Week 2 against 100T. CLG admittedly are in the worst place of these four, losing to TSM and only beating 100T. The good news is that they contended with TSM and are facing OpTic next week.

All in all the 1-1 teams should wait until Week 3 to start worrying, as we won’t know the real story until then. TL should be the first bet on their games, as should TSM.