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IEM Sydney Playoffs Odds Analysis

Intel Extreme Masters Season XIV Sydney (or IEM Sydney) is well underway and the Group Stage has come to a close. Only six of the initial 16 teams are left in the race and they will be fighting for a total prize pool of over $200.000

The Playoffs of IEM Sydney will start today, May 3rd, and will last for three days. In this article, we’ll take you through the CS:GO betting opportunities that are available and make an analysis of the six competitors that will play on the main stage in front of the Australian crowd. So, without any further introductions, here is our IEM Sydney betting preview for the tournament’s Main Event.

IEM Sydney Participants

These are the six teams that you’ll be able to bet on or against while following the Playoffs Stage of IEM Sydney:

  • Team Liquid
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • mousesports
  • NRG Esports
  • MIBR
  • Fnatic

All of these teams proved themselves to capable competitors by surviving their groups. Quite unexpectedly, NRG Esports won group B, while FaZe Clan did not make it out alive. Instead, it was Fnatic that took the 3rd spot and advanced to the Playoffs. In 2nd place came MIBR.

In group B of IEM Sydney, there were no surprises, except for mousesports’ initial loss against BIG (14 – 16). After that, everything got back to normal and Team Liquid, NiP and mousesports eventually claimed the first three positions in the group, just as everyone expected. Although, to be fair, some people did favor Renegades to qualify over NiP. It wasn’t to be however, as the Ninjas defeated them rather easily (2 – 0).

IEM Sydney Team Analysis

Here’s a brief analysis of each of the six competitors that will take part in the Playoffs of IEM Sydney that will give you a better idea if you plan to bet on IEM Sydney.

Team Liquid

So far, Team Liquid has been the most consistent team of 2019, so anyone who’s betting on CS:GO will probably tell you that this is the number one candidate for winning the IEM Sydney title.

In the Group Stage of this event, Liquid did not lose a single map and won three matches in a row. As a result, they are now waiting in the Semifinals. They will play against the winner of the first Quarterfinal, which takes place between MIBR and mousesports.

In 2019, Liquid played in three Grand Finals and won one of them. Their current form clearly shows that on paper, this is the best team of the six that are left in the race at IEM Sydney.

Ninjas in Pyjamas

NiP is currently standing at number eight in the global rankings. At IEM Sydney, f0rest and his teammates finished 2nd in group A, after beating eUnited and Renegades but then losing to Liquid in the 3rd round of the Upper Bracket.

In the Quarterfinals, NiP will play against Fnatic and their chances of beating them are quite good. Fnatic struggled in group B and only barely managed to beat much weaker teams such as Chiefs ESC and Grayhound. In both of these matches, they needed three maps to claim victory. So, in principle, their match against NiP will be even more difficult which is why NiP got the CS:GO betting odds in their favor.

In 2019, NiP played in three important events before IEM Sydney. They finished 5th – 8th at the IEM Katowice Major, 4th at BLAST Pro Series Sao Paulo and 5th – 8th at StarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 7.

Based on everything they have proved so far, NiP has an excellent chance of finishing the competition in 3rd – 4th place. Anything more than that would be an amazing achievement.


This is the most exciting team to watch right now. If you want to bet on CS:GO, mousesports is probably the one team that could deliver the best risk versus reward ratio. Their new roster has been in training for around seven weeks and karrigan has already turned his team into a veritable force. Everyone is doing what they’re supposed to and apart from their first match at IEM Sydney, in which the nerves got the best of them, mousesports demolished one opponent after the other, winning three consecutive matches in the Lower Bracket of group A in order to claim the third spot in the group.

In the Playoffs of IEM Sydney, we will see mousesports take on MIBR. And based on their current form, we think that they have a good chance of upsetting FalleN and his crew.

They are reformed and on an upward swing. Due to the internal issues and changes that the organization had to go through, mousesports had dropped out of the top 50 a few months ago, but have climbed back to a much higher spot since then. They are now sitting at number 23 in the global rankings, and we regard them as being significantly better than this.

The results speak for themselves but it’s more than that. The team has some of the world’s best players and one of the most famous captains in the game: karrigan. Thanks to this combination of talent and excellent leadership, mousesports is likely to become a top 8 team again in the near future and return to the glory days of 2017-2018.

NRG Esports

They are currently ranked 11th by hltv and their approach to the game since they’ve added tarik to their roster has improved in a dramatic way. In 2019, NRG finished 15th – 16th at the IEM Katowice Major and 3rd – 4th at StarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 7. This last result is quite telling and reveals that NRG is now a truly strong team, simply because that tournament had some very powerful teams in it. To finish 3rd – 4th at that level of competition is no small feat.

During the Group Stage of IEM Sydney, NRG Esports surprised everyone by beating both FaZe Clan and MIBR on their way to winning group B. Regardless of who wins in the second Quarterfinal, they have excellent chances of winning the match and playing in the Grand Final, possibly taking it all.


After six weeks of poor results, MIBR finished 3rd at the most recent BPS tournament. And one of the things they managed to do at that event was to beat Astralis in a way that nobody had managed to beat them in a very long time: 16 – 2 on Overpass. The MIBR fans couldn’t believe their eyes. That was one hell of a CS:GO betting upset.

At IEM Sydney, MIBR finished 2nd in group B after a successful run ended by NRG Esports. MIBR defeated Grayhound and then Fnatic in two easy matches. But NRG had their number and there was nothing that they could do about it

In the Quarterfinals, they will play against mousesports and the match will probably be hard to win, as our IEM Sydney odds are stacked against them.


Fnatic finished 2nd at the recent StarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 7. In spite of their inconsistencies, they’re sitting at number 10 in the global rankings. However, we felt like they struggled quite a bit in the Group Stage of IEM Sydney, where they barely made it through. Fnatic will have a very tough match in the Quarterfinals against NiP. This should be a fun match to watch, as all of the 10 players are Swedes.

IEM Sydney Odds (UPDATED)

These are the IEM Sydney odds of the Main Event (UPDATED).

Liquid vs. Fnatic: 1.22 – 3.9 *

This was our IEM Sydney betting preview for the tournament’s Main Event. We hope you found something new about the teams and wish you the best of luck this weekend! If you haven’t already joined, sign up now and get your welcome bonus!

*Odds subject to change