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How The Eastern LoL Leagues Are Shaping: LCK & LPL

While we covered the LCS and the LEC right away, we decided to wait on the East. The LCK and LPL are now deep into their seasons. Each league has had their own interesting developments in just a few weeks. Today we cover some of these changes and how they should influence your LoL betting.

Falls From Grace

Both the LCK and LPL have seen their reigning champions struggle in Summer. In the LCK, SKT have turned from a juggernaut to a joke. They have lost all but one game thus far in summer. That game? It was against Jin Air, the worst team in the league by a country mile. For a roster packing this much talent, there is no excuse to perform this poorly.

Khan, Mata, Clid, and Faker are all underperforming. The former Demon King, in particular, has been dreadful. Faker has the third most deaths per game of any mid, despite having the second highest gold share among mids. The bottom line is that any esports betting that you delve into should not be on SKT any time soon. They already beat the only team worse than them and show no signs of escaping this slump.

While SKT are underperforming, Invictus Gaming have been gutted in Summer. Both Rookie and Baolan have had to take time away from professional play. Their spots are being filled by Forge and Lucas respectively, who are not performing half bad. The issue lies in the fact that IG have lost twice already.

Their loss to LNG (formerly Snake Esports) was pretty one-sided, and Victory Five barely squeaked out a win versus the champs. LoL betting won’t be affected as much by IG’s struggles as SKT, because it is to a far lesser degree. Avoid betting on them against teams like TOP, RNG, and FunPlus, otherwise, Invictus are a safe bet.

New Rulers In The Roost

With the reigning champions faltering, the other teams have not wasted time in reclaiming the top spots. In the LCK, Kingzone, Afreeca, Sandbox, and Griffin are all vying for the label of the strongest Korean team. It is a rock paper scissors situation with each of these teams being the only loss for another of the four.

Currently Kingzone look the strongest, with Cuzz, Rascal, and Naehyun hitting their strides at an ideal time. For LoL betting, bet on these four against the rest of the field. Generally, it should be considered Kingzone > Griffin > Afreeca = Sandbox in terms of betting priority.

The LPL’s upstarts from Spring are back in Summer, and they are hungry. FunPlus, TOP Esports, and RNG have returned as unbeaten teams through week three. They are joined at the top by newer additions in LNG and Suning along with old reliable Edward Gaming. It is regarding as a sage bet on these teams against any team not listed, sans maybe IG. FunPlus, in particular, should not be bet against for the time being.

The coming weeks see three big matches to watch between these: FunPlus vs RNG, IG vs TOP, and IG vs Suning. Funplus are safer in the first matchup, but this is the closest we could see, so do any betting on them with caution. TOP should be favored against Invictus, particularly if Forge is playing instead of Rookie. Suning vs Invictus can honestly go either way, but Suning is the safer bet because of the IG slump.

Permanently Occupied Basements

In the LCK and LPL the bottom tier of teams are seemingly leagues from their contemporaries on nearly every level.


The aforementioned SKT might be frankly terrible at the moment, but even they cannot match the magnitude of failure that is Jin Air. Stitch, arguably the best player on this dumpster fire of a team, has been resting the whole split for personal and health reasons. Through five matches, Jin Air have a game score of 2-10. This -8 differential is double that of the two next worst teams, SKT and Hanwha Life. Grace and Lindrang are almost inarguably the worst skill position players in the LCK. Jin Air aren’t just inhabitants of the basement, they ARE the basement. Betting on this team would be like betting on the Knicks.

Accompanying SKT and Jin Air at the bottom of LCK is HLE. Only Sangyoon is playing at a decent level, with the rest being among the worst in the league statistically. While they aren’t as bad as their Jin Air counterparts, there seems to be no chance for HLE to take matches off top tier teams. They are the closest of the three bottom feeders to mediocrity, given they have faced three of the top four already. Even so, this team should only be favored against Jin Air, SKT, and potentially GenG.


The LPL’s bottom tier is far more numerous, so it will be more concise here. There are four winless teams to cover: WE, Dominus, Rogue Warriors, and Vici.

WE play like a team without a clue on how to divide resources. They put all of their resources into a single player and rely only on that one player, be it Mystic or xiye. It doesn’t work. They are probably stuck at the bottom, especially with Poss playing like the worst top laner in China.

Dominus are not as bad as their record would indicate. They have played competitive games against five quality opponents in IG, EDG, TOP, LNG, and Suning. DOM are considered the worst team in China, but it isn’t exactly a fair label. They face the other three bottom teams in the coming weeks and should pick up three wins in those.

Rogue Warriors. How the mighty have fallen. After reaching the LPL Regional play in finals last year, this team has hit rock bottom. Against another lower team in OMG, Rogue Warriors ham fisted every attempt they could manage to give OMG the match. Their early schedule was rough, but they were eviscerated in nearly every outing, unlike Dominus. Haro, brought in as a savior to an ailing org, has been more hit or miss than a Browns draft pick. This team has next to no hope of recovery.

The final team in the bottom of the LPL is Vici. They haven’t had the same schedule strength as the other three, but also haven’t had any flashes of brilliance. Vici are more or less just there at the bottom, not putting up a real fight like Dominus but not rolling over and dying like RW. They somehow manage to be the mediocrity of the basement, as weird as that sounds.

LPL betting should have one thing above all: do not bet on these four except against each other. In those situations, Dominus should take priority, followed by WE, Vici, then Rogue. Otherwise, a wise bettor should avoid them like the plague.

LCK & LPL Featured Matches

Now that the hot takes are done, we’ll go into a featured matchup for each league coming up. For the LPL it will obviously the RNG versus FunPlus match, as the winner will take control of first place. The two teams match up well into each other, and it should be a full three-game series. Even with this in mind, FunPlus enter as the betting favorite because of their dominant season thus far, only dropping one game.

The LCK’s featured match is SANDBOX versus the Afreeca Freecs. SANDBOX have only lost to Kingzone, even giving Griffin their only loss. On the flip side, Afreeca gave Kingzone their only loss but lost themselves to Griffin. The winner of this match could deliver some information leading into the week four match between Kingzone and Griffin, so all eyes will be watching this game. The slight edge in betting should go to Afreeca because of their victory over Kingzone and dominant carries.