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Here's How Things Went Down at ECS Season 7 Finals

ECS Season 7 is finally over and Team Vitality won their biggest trophy to date, even though they didn’t have the best odds of doing that at the start of the tournament. Their performance throughout the event was impressive and fairly consistent, as they succeeded in four of their five matches. This title brought them $225.000 in prizes and a rank update. They are now the 4th best team in the world.

Overall, the ECS Season 7 Final was full of esports betting opportunities and the people who anticipated the fall of Astralis, NiP and MIBR had a lot to gain from their failures. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how things went down at ECS Season 7 and provide an individual analysis for each of the key teams.

ECS Season 7 Overall Results

Group Stage

The Group Stage was a complete mess for some of the best teams in the tournament and their inability to perform at the expected level resulted in their premature elimination.

As you can see, ECS Season 7 provided a lot of surprises during the Group Stage, as many of the big names simply failed to deliver. In particular, MIBR’s 0 W – 2 L was a total disgrace. So was Astralis’ 1 W – 2 L result in group A.

For those who had gotten used to the way things were before, these results are an absolute shocker. But it’s a reality so we need to deal with it. We now have a Brazilian team other than MIBR who’s in the top five in the global rankings. Sounds incredible, but it’s true.


The Playoffs Stage was stable in terms of results, as all of the favorites won their matches. In the Semifinals, Team Vitality defeated NRG Esports (2 – 0) while FURIA Esports defeated North (2 – 0). In the Grand Final, Team Vitality triumphed over FURIA (2 – 0) and secured a hugely important title for the team.

ECS Season 7 thus ended with a French victory, which is quite significant for the professional scene. We haven’t had a top CS:GO team from France in years and Vitality is starting to show a lot of potential. By the end of 2019, they may well be the best team in the world.

ECS Season 7 Team Analysis

ECS Season 7 provided us with a lot of great matches and CS:GO betting opportunities. Now it’s time to look at the teams and see what we can expect for the future. If ECS Season 7 taught us something, it’s that the time of the big names is quickly passing and the one of the hardworking underdogs is starting to dawn.

Astralis Fell with the Odds in Their Favor

Just as we warned about, ECS Season 7 turned out to be the beginning of the end for Astralis. Well actually, to be fair, the warning signs had started to appear at BLAST Pro Series Miami 2019, which took place two months ago and where the Danes finished fifth out of six teams.

But now that they lost to FURIA Esports twice, a competitor nobody was talking about a month ago, clearly suggests that the good times are finally over for dev1ce and his squad. It was an amazing run which lasted close to a year and resulted in 12 important trophies, including two Majors. But after ECS Season 7, people will think twice and probably start to regard Astralis as a falling giant.

We still have to see how much they will fall in the global rankings and whether or not they can maintain a top five position. Most of the great teams of the past have not been able to do that. And in some cases, such as’s, the decline was absolutely monstrous.

Our prediction is that Astralis will not retain a top five position. Now that we’ve seen them lose against ENCE, Liquid and FURIA with regularity, we need to ask ourselves: who else is likely to beat Astralis in their current form? And who are they still capable of beating?

We fear that Vitality would probably also be on the nemesis list. So at least four teams in total would be capable of outgunning the Danes in a direct encounter. Based on that, if they were to drop just a little bit more in terms of skill, they’d probably get overrun by at least 5 other solid teams.

MIBR Failed Miserably in Spite of the Odds

MIBR is on a timer again. Almost six months ago, they brought back TACO and even their former coach, zews, from Team Liquid. Expectations were high for this new, fully Brazilian roster, as communication was going to improve significantly as a result. Everybody knew everybody else. And yet, after a promising 3rd – 4th place at IEM Katowice Major, MIBR started to plummet in performance.

It’s hard to say why this was the case. The team had every reason to be successful. But look at them now. ECS Season 7 turned out to be another nightmare they’ll need to forget about. First they lost against North after a very difficult match (23 – 25) and then they lost against Complexity Gaming (1 – 2). This defeat must have hurt, as Complexity is a very weak team at the moment.

After this result at ECS Season 7, we’re likely to see MIBR making a roster change. We anticipate that felps will be the one to be removed but the roster change is not likely to happen unless MIBR can find a good replacement for him, almost certainly from Brazil. And since FURIA Esports is now on the rise, we expect FalleN to start knocking on their door one of these days.

NiP Failed to Perform

NiP went into ECS Season 7 as the winner of the European online league. So expectations were fairly high. However, the team got defeated by NRG Esports and then had absolutely no chance against Astralis. It was a quick tournament for the Swedes and it seems that it will be a while longer until they put themselves back together after their recent roster issues.

FURIA Emerges as a Top Five Team against all odds

FURIA Esports went from being merely a top 50 team at the start of this season to being a top-five team at the moment. That’s a massive improvement over such a short period of time. At ECS Season 7, they defeated Astralis in their first match (16 – 14) and then lost to NRG (0 – 2). In the Decider Match, they somehow bested Astralis one more time, clearly proving that their first victory against them wasn’t a fluke. In the Semifinals they triumphed over North and the Grand Final saw them lose to a much stronger Vitality.

Overall, we expect the Brazilians to keep improving their playstyle, although we will probably see them lose their top five spot as soon as the other big teams start playing again in top tournaments. Or, as we’ve mentioned before, one of their players might get tempted by a great offer from MIBR.

Vitality Won the Title, Making French Bettors Happy

Vitality had their best tournament to date, going from one solid performance to the next. Only North managed to stop them, in the Winners’ Match of group B. Apart from that setback, Vitality showed at ECS Season 7 that they’re now an important contender for the title at any big event. With the team cohesion and Zywoo's plays, we can easily say that this is one solid team. And the ease with which they won over FURIA in the Grand Final just made it so much clear that the French are at the top of their game.

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