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Evil Geniuses Wins North America's ESL One Los Angeles 2020

Even though it was no longer held in its original form, ESL One Los Angeles still took place online and was divided into five regions. For Europe & CIS, the competition starts today and the Dota betting opportunities are numerous. But for other regions, such as North America, the race has ended and the champions have been revealed. In this article, I will take a brief look at how Evil Geniuses won the ESL One Los Angeles Online event for their region, in spite of playing with no less than two stand-ins.

ESL One Los Angeles Online (NA) Details

Because of its peculiar restrictions, the tournament had only four participants.

Evil Geniuses
Quincy Crew
business associates

On paper, Quincy Crew and CR4ZY looked like the most capable teams of winning the event, given that EG had announced that both Abed and RAMZES were not available.

Quincy Crew’s roster had already proved its strength by finishing 2nd at DOTA Summit 11, where they played under Chaos’ banner. Then they qualified for DreamLeague Season 13, where they didn’t do much (13th – 16th), but the participation itself still matters a lot because it proves that they’re a top 16 team.

CR4ZY is the second team that looked capable of achieving greatness at ESL One Los Angeles Online. Its roster includes a former OG player (MoonMeander), who won multiple Majors with the two times TI champions, and a former Evil Geniuses player (Aui_2000), who won The International 2015. So naturally, people had great expectations from CR4ZY, but the team failed completely against EG and lost by a narrow margin against Quincy Crew. In their two matches against EG, they won one game in 44 minutes and lost four games in less than 30 minutes each.

The 4th competitor at ESL One Los Angeles Online (NA) was business associates. This team has a lot of big names in its roster and yet it never manages to win. Moo is a former TI finalist. Nine is one of the most talented pubsters in Europe. Brax has been around for ages and has competed with numerous teams. Fear is a TI champion with EG. The online unknown variable is MoOz, whose a Peruvian player with just a few years of professional experience to his name.

Tournament Results

The tournament took place in two stages: Groups and Playoffs. These were the results for each of these stages:

ESL One Los Angeles NA Group Stage

This stage was dominated by Qunicy Crew and this was no surprise. In fact, people had expected that Qunicy Crew would go almost undefeated in their first three matches, because the competition looked much weaker. First they beat Evil Geniuses (2 – 1) in a match with three one-sided games, all of which ended in less than 28 minutes. In Dota 2, this practically means that one team took control of the game and dominated it quite easily. The second match, against business associates, was slightly more disputed but the games did not last that much longer: 30 – 35 minutes. The score was once again, 2 – 1. And finally, the 3rd match was really hard, consisting of two games of 44 and 54 minutes respectively. This one was probably hard to predict, especially for those who engaged in Dota live betting.

The complete results for the Group Stage were the following:

Place Team Wins Loses
1st Quincy Crew 3 0
2nd Evil Geniuses 2 1
3rd CR4ZY 1 2
4th business associates 0 3

ESL One Los Angeles NA Playoffs

The Playoffs Stage had only two matches. Evil Geniuses defeated CR4ZY (2 – 1) and then had an excellent Grand Final performance against Quincy (3 – 1). This last match clearly showcased Fly’s abilities as a captain, because he was the one who had to outwit the opposition and win in spite of playing with two stand-ins.