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ESL One LA 2020 Dota 2 Betting Preview

ESL One LA 2020 is the third Dota Pro Circuit Major of the season. The tournament brings together most of the world’s best teams and offers them a chance to win one million dollars in prizes in addition to 15,000 qualification points for The International 2020. In this article, we will take a close look at the event, its participants and the esports betting opportunities it provides for those who like to bet on Dota 2.

ESL One LA Details

ESL One Los Angeles is scheduled to take place in the US between March 15th – 22nd. The tournament brings together the best teams in the world and offers them a chance to secure a spot at TI10. Of course, two more Majors will follow after it, but a top 3 result at this event almost guarantees a place in the top 12 at the end of the season.

ESL One LA 2020 Prize Pool

The total prize pool of ESL One LA 2020 is $1 million. The money and the qualification points will be distributed among the 16 participants in the following way:

PlacePrize MoneyDPC Points
1st place:$300,0004,850 points
2nd place:$160,0003,000 points
3rd place:$110,0002,100 points
4th place$80,0001350 points
5th –6th place:$60,000900 points
7th – 8th place:$40,000450 points
9th – 12th place:$25,000150 points
13th – 16th place:$12,500100 points

ESL One LA 2020 Competitive Format

ESL One LA 2020 follows the typical Major format: Group Stage followed by Playoffs. 

The Group Stage is played in 4 groups. Each of these groups uses a GSL format, also known as double-elimination. Basically, the teams play in two brackets. Every match is Bo3. The top 2 teams from each group advance to the Upper Bracket of the Playoffs. The bottom two teams advance to the Lower Bracket. Nobody gets eliminated.

The Playoffs Stage at ESL One LA 2020 consists of another competition played in the GSL format. The first round of Lower Bracket matches are Bo1. Every other match is Bo3, except for the Grand Final (Bo5). A team that only stays in the Upper Bracket needs to win four consecutive matches in order to claim the title. A team that starts in the Lower Bracket needs to win 7 of them. In total, the tournament will have 42 matches, 37 of which are Bo3. In total, we’re talking about 81 games in the absolute worst-case scenario. That’s 81 opportunities to place Dota 2 bets. Realistically, the real number will be somewhere around 100. So, if you’re a Dota 2 fan and have great knowledge of the game, ESL One LA is an excellent opportunity to engage in esports betting.

ESL One Los Angeles Participants

ESL One LA features 16 teams. Only one of them has not yet been revealed. The other 15 are already known, and they come from the regional qualifiers of the six official regions of the Dota Pro Circuit.

  • Europe: Team Secret, Ninjas in Pyjamas, OG
  • CIS: Natus Vincere,
  • South America: Thunder Predator, beastcoast
  • North America: Chaos Esports Club, Evil Geniuses
  • China: EHOME, Invictus Gaming, Royal Never Give Up
  • Southeast Asia: Geek Fam, Team Adroit, Fnatic

All of these names should sound familiar. With the exception of Team Adroit and possibly Geek Fam, we’ve seen all of them on the big stage before.

ESL One LA 2020 Betting Favorites

ESL One Los Angeles has at least three important teams that should be regarded as favourites. The title winner will almost certainly be decided among these competitors, and it’s likely that all of them will finish in the top 6.

Team Secret

To Win It All 3.54*

Team Secret is undoubtedly the strongest team in the circuit. After declining to participate in the qualifiers for the first Major of the season, Secret won the Open Qualifiers, the Regional Qualifiers and the LAN event itself at the second Major. This was a clear statement from the organization that had dominated the previous season as well, in spite of finishing just 4th at The International 2019.

Team Secret is known to be a formidable team, not just because of its legendary captain, whose 10+ years of professional Dota 2 experience has made him one of the best in the world, but also because of the other players as well. Basically, everyone in the team would probably be in the top 3 or at least top 5 in the world at their respective roles. And together, under Puppey’s leadership, they create an unstoppable force.

At ESL One LA, Team Secret is expected to finish in the top 3. In all likelihood, they will qualify for the Grand Final. But time will tell.

Evil Geniuses

To Win It All 7.5*

Evil Geniuses is a team that has gathered some of the best Dota 2 players not only of today but of all time. These players hold multiple records and have an impressive track record. Just look at these names: Arteezy, Abed, RAMZES, Cr1t- and Fly. The only person on this team who hasn’t won a Major is Abed. And he was the first player in the world to reach 10,000 MMR. Everyone else is hugely successful in this department. The only thing that’s missing in this team is a TI champion.

Evil Geniuses started the season with two excellent results: 4th place at MDL Chengdu Major and 2nd place at DreamLeague Season 13. Right now, EG is sitting at number 4 in the Dota Pro Circuit, with 4450 points.

Going into ESL One Los Angeles, Evil Geniuses is expected to get another top 4 result. Their three main rivals at the event will be Team Secret, OG and Invictus Gaming.


To Win It All 3.*

After two missed Majors, OG is back with a new roster and a renewed ambition to win important titles. As usual, the team makes its appearance on the world stage around mid-season, after taking an extended break post-TI. And you can’t blame them. After all, they won the last two editions of the tournament, so why would they care about events that are worth just 1 million dollars? That’s peanuts for them.

OG’s new roster includes Topson and N0tail from the old roster and three world-class players: MidOne, SumaiL and Saksa. All of these players have had Major wins. Furthermore, SumaiL is a former TI champion, Saksa is a former TI finalist and MidOne two teams in the 4th place at this event. If anyone doubts this roster, they have no idea about Dota 2 history.

 The only questionable aspect regarding OG is the distribution of the roles. The team practically has three professional midlaners. However, SumaiL is versatile enough to play the carry role, and MidOne is currently playing as the offlaner. Based on what we saw in the regional qualifiers, it’s quite clear that OG means business and will not suffer from the roles overlap.

Going into ESL One LA, OG is expected to thrive. It’s not yet clear what they can do against the likes of Evil Geniuses and Team Secret, but big things are expected of them. I would easily put them in the top 4.

ESL One LA 2020 Betting Odds

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Betting Odds for ESL One

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