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The Four Champions of ESL One Birmingham 2020

ESL One Birmingham 2020 is finally over in all of the 4 regions where the online competitions were held and we now know who the champions are. The tournaments provided numerous esports betting opportunities for everyone who wanted to bet on Dota 2. In this article, I will make a summary of these 4 separate events and draw some conclusions that may be of interest to the casual esports bettor.

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ESL One Birmingham 2020 Results

ESL One Birmingham 2020 took place in 4 regions: Europe & CIS, North & South America, China, and Southeast Asia. In each of these regions, the tournament brought together the best teams and offered them a chance to show what they’re capable of. This is what happened.

Europe & CIS

At the start of the tournament, 6 teams were regarded as favorites: Team Secret, Alliance, OG, VP.Prodigy, Team Nigma, and Team Liquid. With one exception (OG), every one of these teams finished in the top 6. Unfortunately for OG, their frequent roster changes led to a situation in which they were simply not well enough trained as a unit to compete against the great teams in Europe and CIS.

The winner of the event was Team Secret. This didn’t surprise anyone, because Team Secret is widely regarded as the best team of 2018 – 2019 in spite of what happened at The International 2019, and also the best team of 2019 – 2020. But the 2nd and 3rd place teams were big surprises: Alliance and VP.Prodigy. After reuniting with s4 and signing fng, Alliance has become a world-class competitor once again. As for VP.Prodigy, they are the so-called academy team of Strangely enough though, this “academy” team is now outperforming the main roster of the famous CIS organization.

ESL One Birmingham 2020 Europe CIS Playoffs.jpg

North & South America

The title battle in the American tournament was disputed between CR4ZY and Quincy Crew. At the start of the tournament, it looked as though Evil Geniuses would also be a strong contender. But almost immediately, Fly’s team showed clear signs of weakness and it was obvious that they had no chance of winning in their current formation. EG played this event with two stand-ins, and struggled a lot because of this handicap. Still, the team managed to finish the race in 3rd place, which is in my opinion a testament to Fly’s amazing leadership skills.

After the Group Stage, CR4ZY looked to be the favorite, having finished with 5 consecutive wins. They even beat Quincy Crew 2 – 0, so they were regarded as the team to beat. But in the Playoffs, QC proved to be smarter than them, winning the Upper Bracket Final (2 – 0) and then the Grand Final (3 – 0). With these two consecutive victories, QC has now established itself as the best team in the Americas, until Evil Geniuses reunites with Abed and RAMZES.

ESL One Birmingham 2020 North South America Playoffs.jpg


The Chinese competition of ESL One Birmingham 2020 was won by PSG.LGD. I think people were expecting Invictus Gaming to win, but PSG.LGD was extremely dominant from the start. After winning their group with 3 consecutive wins, they smashed IG in the first round of the Upper Bracket and then proceeded to beat RNG in a similar fashion. The Grand Final was a repeat of their first Playoffs match, except Invictus Gaming managed to win a game this time (3 – 1).

ESL One Birmingham 2020 China Playoffs.jpg

Southeast Asia

In the SEA region, the battle looked fierce in the Group Stage, with Fnatic losing its first match against Adroit and then its 3rd match against BOOM Esports. But as soon as the Playoffs started, iceiceice’s roster looked unstoppable. Both of their matches were played against BOOM. They won the first one with a score of 2 – 0 and then the Grand Final with a score of 3 – 1.

ESL One Birmingham 2020 Southeast Asia Playoffs.jpg