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Epic Prime League Season 1 Playoffs Betting Preview

Epic Prime League Season 1 is one of the big online leagues that have been organized in the European and CIS regions during this global crisis. The tournament has a prize pool of $150,000, brought together 8 teams and continues to offer excellent DOTA betting opportunities. The event began on April 15th and the Group Stage has concluded. The Playoffs Stage is scheduled to take place between May 15th – 17th and in this betting preview, I will give you a detailed analysis of the teams and their winning chances.

Epic Prime League Season 1 Group Stage Summary

To get a better understanding of what may happen next, here’s what happened during the Group Stage. Eight teams were placed in a single group and the round-robin format was used, but with a slight variation. Winning a match 2 – 0 awarded 3 points for the winner and 0 for the loser. Winning it 2 – 1 awarded 2 points for the winner and 1 for the loser. The complete results were as follows:

1st place


6 W – 1 L

18 points

2nd place

6 W – 1 L

17 points

3rd place


5 W – 2 L

16 points

4th place

Team Spirit

4 W – 3 L

12 points

5th place

Winstrike Team

3 W – 4 L

7 points

6th place

Team Unique

2 W – 5 L

7 points

7th place

Cyber Legacy

2 W – 5 L

5 points

8th place


0 W – 7 L

2 points


The top 4 teams qualified for the Playoffs, where they will compete in a tournament that uses a double-elimination format. All 4 teams start in the Upper Bracket.

Epic Prime League Season 1 Playoffs Team Analysis

Here’s what you need to know about the teams.

VP.Prodigy is quickly becoming a top team

VP.Prodigy 1.29* Vs. 3.45* Team Spirit

VP.Prodigy is the academy team of the famous But even though it’s just an academy team, VP.P is playing at a very high level and can rival even VP itself. For the CIS region, I would easily rank them in the top 3 right now. If you add Europe as well, I’d say top 6 is a reasonable placement for this squad.

VP.P is made up of the following players: epileptick1d (former VP member), fn (famous CIS player), DM (upcoming CIS prodigy), Save- (former VP member), and eine (former Singularity member). In spite of only having a few big names in its roster, these players have a formidable hunger to win and they mesh really well together. If you watch their games, you will see that they have a very good instinct for what needs to be done in every situation and no player is thinking only of himself. It’s always a team effort and the results are a consequence of that.

VP.P was founded just a few months ago and since then, they’ve already won a small tournament (StayHome Challenge) and finished 2nd at a huge one (WePlay! Pushka League Season 1). Based on these results and their 6 W – 1 L record in the Group Stage of Epic Prime League Season 1, it’s undeniable that VP.P is one of the favorites. I would say they’re the 2nd best team at this tournament, after and slightly ahead of FlyToMoon. And that is why I expect to see them in the Grand Final.

Team Spirit has minimal chances

VP.Prodigy 1.29* Vs. 3.45* Team Spirit

Team Spirit is the only underdog here. And the reason is simple: they did much worse than the other 3 competitors in the Group Stage of this event, getting just 12 points in total. Another thing that indicates their weakness relative to their adversaries is their performance at WePlay! Pushka League, where they won just one match and lost 5 times in the groups. That’s an abysmal record that will likely materialize here as well.

When you have to compete against opponents that have a very solid playstyle and a deep understanding of the game, every game is difficult. Because those teams will watch every replay of your recent matches, discover all the holes in your game and prepare accordingly. And the more weaknesses you have, the harder it is to find out what’s wrong and adjust. When you combine that with the short preparation time that TS had between the last event it competed in and the Playoffs of this one, it quickly becomes obvious that the odds are heavily stacked against them.

In terms of its roster, Team Spirit has 3 notable players: AfterLife, Immersion, and Misha. But they are playing position 3, 4 and 5. The cores of the team are not even nearly as good, which is why the roster has serious limitations against the top opponents. is the big favorite but lacks a strong carry

Virtus.Pro 1.5* Vs. 2.51* FlyToMoon finished the Group Stage of Epic Prime League Season 1 with 17 points. They got defeated by FlyToMoon but defeated in turn the number 1 team at this event, VP.Prodigy. Outside of this tournament, did well over the last 3 months, finishing 3rd at WePlay! Dota 2 Tug of War: Mad Moon, 2nd at Parimatch League Season 2, and 1st at ESL One Los Angeles 2020 Online (Europe and CIS).

At the recent Pushka League, VP finished 4th out of 14 teams. Only Secret, VP.Prodigy, and Liquid were above them. Secret’s not here (cause they’re from Europe and this is a CIS event), Liquid’s not here for the same reasons, so the only strong opponent that’s left is VP.Prodigy. Of course, if we leave aside FlyToMoon, which is playing better and better these days.

Right now, VP’s roster has the following players: Solo, Zayac, Resolut1on, No[o]ne, and a stand-in. That 5th player is selected based on availability at this point. In the coming weeks or months, VP will probably acquire a solid position 1 carry to stay with them long-term.

Going into the Playoffs Stage of Epic Prime League Season 1, I expect to finish 1st if they manage to beat FlyToMoon in the firs round of the Upper Bracket. But the match will be difficult, as FTM already defeated VP less than 2 weeks ago.

FlyToMoon is on the rise

Virtus.Pro 1.5* Vs. 2.51* FlyToMoon

This team has huge potential, being full of superstar players: V-Tune, Iceberg, GeneRaL, ALOHADANCE, and ALWAYSWANNAFLY. With the exception of V-Tune, these Ukrainians have huge experience at the professional level and as soon as they find their optimal playstyle, they will pose serious challenges to everyone in the region. I think that’s starting to become more and more obvious, as FTM has had some positive results lately. In the Group Stage of Epic Prime League Season 1, the team finished 3rd with 5 wins and just 2 losses. One of those losses came against Cyber Legacy, which was quite strange because CL is a very weak team at this competitive level. But the other one came against VP.P, which is natural at this point. Afterall, VP.P is one of the region’s best competitors.

FlyToMoon will have a difficult task in the first round of the Upper Bracket. The match against will require them to repeat the excellent performance from their previous encounter against Solo’s squad. One thing that will come in handy is the fact that doesn’t seem to have a stable carry.

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*Odds subject to change.