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DreamHack Valencia Rainbow Six: Siege Teams Rundown

DreamHack Valencia Rainbow Six is the fourth of six R6S events this year. The event will take place at Feria Valencia and will host 16 teams from all Pro League regions and Challenger backgrounds. Between 5-7th of July, the chosen teams will battle it out for a total prize pool of $75,000. On the 4th of July, teams will compete for four open spots in the group stages through buying BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) tickets. If players cannot take their own equipment, the venue also offers online services for renting equipment. DreamHack Valencia R6 betting is all over social media and esports betting in general is proving to be even more popular with this coming event.

DreamHack Valencia Rainbow Six Event Layout

The main event will start with group stages and then advance to playoffs, all of which are best of three matches. Despite this event only being a minor, there are lots of great betting opportunities, despite each team's odds of victory being different. The runners up of the event will receive amounts of $15,000, $8,000 and $6,000 but only the winners of DreamHack Valencia Rainbow Six will receive $30,000 and a definitive spot at the Raleigh Major next August.

Group A

Chaos Esports Club (Secretly, REDGROOVE, Renuilz, Kripps, Vitoline)

Despite only winning one of their five recent matches, their win being against the strong team of G2, Chaos Esports Club have already come first place in an event this year; that being the Nordic Championship that took place this April. During their two most recent tournaments, they achieved fourth and fifth place respectably. The odds are somewhat against Chaos, considering their opponents and their rocky start to the EU Pro League season. However, if they've come out victorious before, they could do it again at DreamHack Valencia Rainbow Six.

PENTA (ENEMY, RevaN, Hungry, SirBoss, blas, Krunch)

PENTA as an organisation have come a long way since their victory at the 2018 Six Invitational, a major event that is popular for esports betting. With their current roster, the highest position they have achieved in an event is second place. Many fans are vivid believers that this could be the event that PENTA wins again, having won the majority of their recent matches against teams mouz, Sy and Turtle.

Father's back (Kenki, KI_N_CHI, Kakitare, Apple, DustelBox)

Unfortunately for this Japanese team, they have not had the best start to the season. So far, they have lost all four of their APAC Pro League matches. Despite this slow start, they have created a bit of hype around themselves as more and more people are looking at the event roster. Perhaps Father's back just need to get the ball rolling, and once a win streak starts it might not stop.

TBD at DreamHack Valencia Rainbow Six

The final team for Group A will be decided at the BYOC tournament.

Group B

Looking For Org (Hicks, risze, AceeZ, Alphama, korey)

This roster is full of European players who were recently dropped by LeStream Esports, a week ahead of their appearance at DreamHack Valencia Rainbow Six. Before this, the roster achieved a third-place spot in the current standings of the EU Pro League season. They have also won four out of five of their recent games, one of their best wins (7:0 victory) being against fair competitors PENTA. This roster definitely has a good chance of going far in the event and is popular with people who bet on Rainbow Six: Siege.

Rogue (Ecl9pse, Slashug, Easilyy, Shuttle, VertcL)

Rogue have also always been a popular team with fans, and have high chances of doing well at this event. During the NA Pro League season so far, they have won one of their three most recent games but overall have good statistics. Rogue also won the United States Nationals in December last year, showing that they are not a team to be underestimated.

Natus Vincere (neLo, CTZN, Doki, Kendrew, Saves)

NaVi are a relatively new organisation to the Rainbow Six scene and have recently acquired a new roster of players, who previously played for MnM Gaming. Currently, they are in second place in the EU Pro League and have won three games, only having lost one. This organisation is definitely popular when it comes to esports betting, having had a massive impact on the CS:GO competitive scene as well. After their first Rainbow Six roster didn't go too well, everyone is hoping that this new roster can bring bigger and better things to the company.

TBD at DreamHack Valencia Rainbow Six

The final team for Group B will be decided at the BYOC tournament.

Group C

Team oNe eSports (reduct, Faallz, SKaDinha, LuKid, rhZ)

This Brazilian team has come first place in four out of five of their recent events. In LATAM Pro League, they are comfortably sitting on two wins and two losses, putting them in a nice position to continue. They have won most of their recent games and continue to impress the fans. Recently they have beaten relatively strong teams like INTZ and Immortals. Team oNe are definitely still underdogs when going into DreamHack Valencia Rainbow Six but they could easily continue to impress.

Team SoloMid / TSM (Achieved, b1ologic, Krusher, Merc, Beaulo)

With their surprise entry to competitive Siege, including the acquisition of Excelerate Gaming’s roster and the addition of social media and Twitch star Beaulo, this team has certainly gained a lot more hype. Despite not currently doing well in NA Pro League, this roster has a lot of potential and the fans can’t wait to see how they perform in Valencia.

Team Reciprocity (FoxA, Retro, LaXinG, MarkTheShark, Skys)

This roster has quite the social media presence and, needless to say, have been a fan favourited team for a long while. They’ve made a great entrance into NA Pro League with two wins under their belts and continue to impress through their matches. They’ve won half of their recent games, against teams like Spacestation Gaming and Evil Geniuses, and are definitely strong favourites for betting during the event.

TBD at DreamHack Valencia Rainbow Six

The final team for Group C will be decided at the BYOC tournament.

Group D

Team Vitality (Spark, BriD, BiBoo, sNKy, Quaal)

This French roster recently came in first place at Lyon e-Sport 2019 in February. They have also won four out of five of their EU Pro League matches so far, seating them in a comfortable 4th place. They have definitely shown some prowess during the season so far and continue to impress the fans. Vitality are definitely still underdogs going into DreamHack, though a lot of people think they could pull off a great result.

Cloud 9 (EnvyTaylor, Neilyo, SweetBlack, h3dy, Nova)

Another organisation that is very popular amongst the betting community, Cloud 9’s current roster arrived to the competitive Siege scene in April and has not yet lost an APAC Pro League match. Cloud 9 bought the players that were originally in mantis FPS and it has so far proven to be an advantageous move. They are fan favourites and have lots of support going into DreamHack Valencia Rainbow Six.

FaZe Clan (Astro, cameram4n, mav, yoona, ion)

Having won a vast majority of their recent matches, versus strong teams like Liquid and ReD DevilS, FaZe Clan look like favourites coming into DreamHack. The fans have high hopes for them, based on their first-place position in the current LATAM Pro League. They are probably going to make a huge impact on this event and make the first stage particularly hard for the other Group D teams. Most fans expect FaZe Clan to go a long way at this event, maybe even securing their first event win since OGA PIT in October last year.

TBD at DreamHack Valencia Rainbow Six

The final team for Group D will be decided at the BYOC tournament.

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