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DreamHack Open Tours Betting Preview

DreamHack Open Tours is a French CS:GO tournament scheduled to take place between May 17th – 19th. Overall, this is a smaller scale event, having just eight participants and a prize pool of $100.000, but it still provides a lot of excellent CS:GO betting opportunities. So without any further introduction, here is our DreamHack Open Tours Betting Preview.

DreamHack Open Tours Participants

DreamHack Open Tours features eight teams of varying levels of skill. The strongest of these teams is no doubt mousesports. The weakest is probably Instinct Gaming. Here’s a list of all of them.

Avangar (5 to win outright*)
FrenchFrogs (21 to win outright*)
G2 Esports (4.5 to win outright*)
Ghost Gaming (21 to win outright*)
Mousesports (3 to win outright*)
Valiance (7 to win outright*)
Windigo Gaming (7.5 to win outright*)
Instinct Gaming (34 to win outright*)

Most of these teams are so-so, not very strong but not complete outsiders either. That provides an excellent mix or favorites, dark horses and underdogs, which is precisely what you need when you want to bet on CS:GO.

DreamHack Open Tours Format

DreamHack Open Tours takes place in two stages. For the Group Stage, the eight teams will be divided into two groups of four. Each of these groups is played in a double-elimination format. The top two teams advance to the Playoffs Stage, which consists of two Semifinals and one Grand Final.

The competitive format of DreamHack Open Tours clearly favors the stronger teams, as all matches except for the Opening and Winners’ matches from the groups are Bo3 series. A great team may lose once, but they aren’t likely to lose twice against a weaker opponent. Furthermore, even if they lose a match, they get a second chance to prove themselves. Which is why we expect mousesports to claim the title.

DreamHack Open Tours Prizes

DreamHack Open Tours offers $100.000 in prizes. The money will be distributed among the eight participants in the following way:

  • 1st place: $50.000
  • 2nd place: $20.000
  • 3rd – 4th place: $10.000
  • 5th – 6th place: $3.000
  • 7th – 8th place: $2.000

Given this distribution, you can see that there’s a huge incentive for each team to advance to the Semifinals. That’s where the prizes truly begin. And that is true of many other tournaments, not just DreamHack Open Tours.

DreamHack Open Tours Groups

The two groups of DreamHack Open Tours have already been revealed. Here are teams and their relevant DreamHack Open Tours Betting Odds to win their respective group:

DreamHack Open Tours Group A

Mousesports (1.72 to win Group A*)
Windigo Gaming (5 to win Group A*)
Valiance (3.5 to win Group A*)
Instinct Gaming (21 to win Group A*)

DreamHack Open Tours Group B

G2 Esports (2.15 to win Group B*)
AVANGAR (2.9 to win Group B*)
Ghost Gaming (6.2 to win Group B*)
FrenchFrogs (7.2 to win Group B*)

In Group A, mousesports and Valiance are the clear favorites based on their most recent results. In Group B, the betting favorites are G2 Esports and AVANGAR.

DreamHack Open Tours Betting Odds

These are the DreamHack Open Tours odds for the initial four matches of the tournament.

mousesports vs. Instinct: 1.13 – 5.38*
G2 Esports vs. FrenchFrogs: 1.22 – 3.96*
Windigo Gaming vs. Valiance: 2.34 – 1.55*
AVANGAR vs. Ghost Gaming: 1.30 – 3.30*

DreamHack Open Tours Team Analysis

As we’ve mentioned before, DreamHack Open Tours offers an excellent mix of teams of all strengths. In this section, we will make an analysis of these teams so that you may get to see what they’ve done recently and what they’re likely to do at DreamHack Open Tours.


This is a team that changed most of their lineup and needed two months in order to forge a new set of tactics and strategies. Thanks to karrigan, who is one of the most experienced captains in CS:GO, that process seems to have gone quite smoothly.

At the recent IEM Sydney, mousesports finished 5th – 6th out of 16 teams, ahead of excellent competitors such as FaZe Clan and Renegades. And they didn’t lose to some provincial nobody. They lost to MIBR, who are starting to show their true strength as well.

Given the lack of spectacular results, some may question mousesports and regard them as being still unproven in their new form. However, we believe that this team is the strongest of the eight and will likely claim the title at DreamHack Open Tours, giving you an excellent DreamHack Open Tours betting opportunity.

G2 Esports

G2 Esports is another excellent team that managed to get a few important results in 2019. We’ll start with their 12th – 14th place at IEM Katowice Major, which was not a bad performance at all considering how poorly G2 had performed up until that point. Their 2018 season was a complete mess and a huge contrast to what they had managed to do in 2017. So a spot somewhere in the middle of the pack at a Major was actually quite spectacular.

The other big result for G2 in 2019 was their 3rd place finish at WESG 2018-2019. Sure, they lost to Windigo Gaming, who then went on to win the entire event, but still defeated Fnatic in the 3rd Place Match, proving that they are still capable of winning important matches. It may not be a title, but just look at where Fnatic is now and consider the fact that G2 Esports demolished them in a quick 2 – 0 match that saw them double Fnatic’s score of every map.

Going into DreamHack Open Tours, we expect G2 Esports to be at least in the Semifinals. The Grand Final is probably what they aim for, and we have a lot of confidence in their chances of getting there, but at the very least we assume that they’ll be in the Semis.


AVANGAR won no less than four tier 3 events this season: CIS Minor Championship Katowice 2019, LOOT.BET/CS Season 1, DreamHack Open Rio De Janeiro 2019 and WePlay! Forge of Masters Season 1. And most importantly, they finished 9th – 11th at the IEM Katowice Major. So practically, they almost got into the Playoffs of one of the biggest events of 2019.

Based on these performances, we expect AVANGAR to do well at DreamHack Open Tours and get at least a top four result. They may even end up in the Grand Final if one of the other top teams fails to deliver, but a top four result should be almost a certainty for a team of their caliber. At this level of competition, anything less would be a huge disappointment.


Valianace is a decent but not too spectacular team that is currently ranked 20th in the global rankings. Based on what we’ve seen from them, we do believe that they’re good, although maybe not that good. Not yet at least.

Nevertheless, this is one of the most important competitors in group A of DreamHack Open Tours and the reason why we regard them as being stronger than Windigo Gaming, even though Windigo won WESG 2018-2019 title this year, is because at a more recent tournament (United Masters League Season 1), Valiance claimed the title by defeating Windigo in the Grand Final (2 – 1).

At DreamHack Open Tours, Valiance has at least a 50% chance of surviving group A and playing in the Semifinals. This team can help you cash out big with how the CS:GO odds are stacked.

Windigo Gaming

And finally, the last team that’s worth presenting here is Windigo Gaming. We’ve just talked about them a bit but haven’t gone into the details. Windigo has a fairly old roster but also a relatively new coach. And it seems that their coach is actually the mastermind behind their recent successes, because really, that’s the only moving part in the system and they hadn’t achieved anything spectacular until he started to coach them. The team did have a solid foundation to start with, but something was clearly missing.

Going into DreamHack Open Tours, we expect Windigo Gaming to finish 2nd or 3rd in group A.

We hope this article will give more insight when it comes to CS:GO betting for DreamHack Open Tours! If you join us now you will get your welcome betting bonus.

*Odds subject to change