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DreamHack Masters Dallas Betting Preview

DreamHack Masters Dallas is quickly approaching and 16 of the world’s greatest CS:GO teams are about to do battle for a total prize pool of $250.000. The event is scheduled to take place in Dallas between May 28th – June 2nd.

In this article, we will offer you a DreamHack Masters Dallas betting preview with key information about the tournament, the participants and the best CS:GO betting opportunities that are currently available for it.

DreamHack Masters Dallas Participants

DreamHack Masters Dallas brings together 16 competitors from all around the world.

Team Liquid (3.5 To Win Outright*)
Ninjas in Pyjamas (11 To Win Outright*)
North (21 To Win Outright*)
NRG Esports (15 To Win Outright*)
Isurus Gaming (101 To Win Outright*)
TYLOO (67 To Win Outright*)
Lucid Dream (201 To Win Outright*)
Renegades (15 To Win Outright*)
Team Vitality (8.5 To Win Outright*)
Cloud9 (34 To Win Outright*)
ENCE (4.5 To Win Outright*)
FaZe Clan (7 To Win Outright*)
Fnatic (11 To Win Outright*)
Windigo Gaming (26 To Win Outright*)
G2 Esports (21 To Win Outright*)
FURIA Esports (26 To Win Outright*)

As you can see, many of these teams are very well known and belong to the top 15 in terms of global rankings. Others, such as Lucid Dream or Windigo Gaming are slightly weaker but not by much. The only real difference is between the likes of Liquid, NRG Esports, ENCE and Fnatic and the likes of TYLOO and Isurus Gaming. In this case, DreamHack Masters Dallas does provide some very unbalanced battles. But that’s exactly what you may want to look for when betting on CS:GO.

Another thing that’s worth mentioning about this list of competitors is related to some of the world’s greatest teams. As you may have noticed, Astralis, Natus Vincere and mousesports are not present at DreamHack Masters Dallas. This will give Liquid, ENCE and others the chance to shine and reach the Semifinals or even Grand Final without that much of a problem.

It’s hard to say who will stand in Liquid’s or ENCE’s way at this event. Maybe Fnatic or NRG Esports. Or FaZe Clan and Team Vitality. It’s hard to say at this point, as these two teams are considerably stronger than the rest, at least on paper.

DreamHack Masters Dallas Competitive Format

DreamHack Masters Dallas will take place in two stages. For the Group Stage, the 16 teams will be split into two groups. Each of these groups will be played in a double-elimination format. The 1st placed teams advance to the Semifinals. The following two teams from each group advance to the Quarterfinals.

Apart from the initial Group Stage matches, which are Bo1, every other match is Bo3.

DreamHack Masters Dallas Groups

The two groups of DreamHack Masters Dallas have already been revealed. They are the following:

Group A

Team Liquid (2.5 To Win Group A*)
Lucid Dream (101 To Win Group A*)
Team Vitality (5 To Win Group A*)
North (11 To Win Group A*)
FaZe Clan (4 To Win Group A*)
Windigo Gaming (15 To Win Group A*)
Ninjas in Pyjamas (5 To Win Group A*)
TYLOO (51 To Win Group A*)

Group B

ENCE (3 To Win Group B*)
Isurus Gaming (51 To Win Group B*)
Renegades (5 To Win Group B*)
G2 Esports (7 To Win Group B*)
NRG Esports (6 To Win Group B*)
FURIA Esports (12 To Win Group B*)
Fnatic (5 To Win Group B*)
Cloud9 (15 To Win Group B*)

In Group A of DreamHack Masters Dallas, Team Liquid, NiP and either FaZe Clan or Team Vitality are the prime candidates for the first three places. While the winner is almost certainly going to be Liquid, the 2nd and 3rd place are up for grabs.

In Group B, ENCE, NRG Esports and Fnatic look way stronger than the rest of competitors, even though Renegades and G2 Esports may upset their plans. We’ll have to see what happens but in theory, these three teams are vastly better than the rest.

DreamHack Masters Dallas Odds

These are the Vulkanbet DreamHack Masters Dallas odds for the initial Group Stage matches.

Vitality vs. North: 1.6 – 2.23 *
Liquid vs. Lucid Dream: 1.05 – 8.63 *
NiP vs. TYLOO: 1.25 – 3.55 *
FaZe Clan vs. Windigo: 1.45 – 2.61 *
ENCE vs. Isurus: 1.05 – 8.63 *
Renegades vs.G2: 1.64 – 2.15 *
Fnatic vs. Cloud9: 1.4 – 2.8 *
NRG vs. FURIA: 1.29 – 3.36 *

All of the DreamHack Masters Dallas betting odds on this list are already available and you can place your bets by simply signing up on our platform.

DreamHack Masters Dallas Betting Favorites

DreamHack Masters Dallas offers a variety of strong teams to watch and bet on throughout the event. We’ll analyze the betting favorites below.

Team Liquid

1.72 To Reach The Final*
3.5 To Win The Tournament*

Liquid is currently the second best team in the world but that may change very soon, as the world’s best team, Astralis, has started to show signs of weakness in recent months. Throughout this season, Liquid has been constantly at the top, playing in four Grand Finals of tier 1 tournaments and winning two.

Liquid’s new formation is already five months old and the results so far have been impressive. Going into DreamHack Masters Dallas, the NA squad has a relatively easy path to the 3rd round of matches in the Upper Bracket of Group A. Their first match will be against Lucid Dream while their second one will be against the winner between Team Vitality and North. In both cases, the match looks incredibly easy for Liquid. Their main concern is probably to win the group and not have to play in the Quarterfinals.


2.2 To Reach The Final*
4.5 To Win The Tournament*

ENCE is on top of the world right now. They’ve just defeated Astralis on three consecutive maps at the latest BLAST Pro Series event, so they are clearly ready to compete against any team in the world. Their main opponent at DreamHack Masters Dallas will be Team Liquid, but until they get to face them, they will need to win Group B or at least get a top three result in the first stage of the tournament.

ENCE will face Isurus Gaming and then either Renegades or G2 Esports. The path surely looks easy for them until the 3rd match of the Upper Bracket. That’s the point in which NRG Esports or Fnatic (most likely) will try to put an end to their run an send them into the Quarterfinals.

Based on what we’ve seen them do at Blast Pro Series against Astralis, we regard ENCE as the strongest team in Group B and expect them to place 1st or 2nd in this group.


5.5 To Reach The Final*
11 To Win The Tournament*

Fnatic is currently sitting at number five in the global rankings, which is their highest position in more than a year. Quite clearly, Fnatic is on top once again and we expect them to do well at DreamHack Masters Dallas.

In 2019, Fnatic suffered a crushing defeat at the IEM Katowice Major but soon after that disaster, they started to get top placements at big events such as WESG 2018-2019 (4th), StarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 7 (2nd) and IEM Sydney (2nd). All of these results suggest that we are right in regarding Fnatic as one of the best competitors at DreamHack Masters Dallas.

Fnatic’s most important opponents in Group B will be ENCE and NRG Esports. Anyone else should be an easy victim for them, given their current form and recent results.

Fnatic’s first match at DreamHack Masters Dallas will be against Cloud9, a team that has recently made another change to their roster, which is likely to leave them vulnerable for this event.

NRG Esports

7.5 To Reach The Final*
15 To Win The Tournament*

This team has come a very long way since they brought in tarik from MIBR. It’s actually incredible how much a solid player can change the level of an entire roster and bring his team up to the heights of glory.

In 2019, NRG Esports finished 15th – 16th at the IEM Katowice Major, 3rd – 4th at StarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 7 and 3rd – 4th at IEM Sydney.

Going into DreamHack Masters Dallas, we expect NRG Esports to finish 2nd or 3rd in Group B and qualify for the Playoffs.

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*Odds subject to change