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Dota 2 World Cyber Games 2019 Betting Guide

World Cyber Games is an upcoming Dota 2 tournament that involves eight tier two teams. The event is scheduled to take place in Xi’an, China between July 18th – 21st.

In spite of being a lower-tier competition, World Cyber Games has a prize pool of $140.000 and the esports betting opportunities it offers to those who like to bet on Dota 2 are excellent.

In light of this, we will provide you with our World Cyber Games betting preview and make an analysis of the teams, so that you can better familiarize yourself with the competitors. Given that these are not your usual top 20 teams from the Dota Pro Circuit, we thought that it would be important to find out as much as we could about them and spare you some of the trouble of doing the research yourself.

World Cyber Games Participants

World Cyber Games brings together eight teams.

Cigal Ultra
Thunder Predator
Black Sheep
CDEC Gaming

Most of these teams are totally unknown for those who only watch the Dota Pro Circuit and other important events with prize pools of at least $300.000. However, among the eight participants at World Cyber Games, there are several strong teams that are worth mentioning: CDEC, Hippomaniacs, Newbee and Thunder Predator. These four teams are vastly better than the rest and our analysis will focus on them.

World Cyber Games Betting Odds

World Cyber Games will take place in two stages. For the Group Stage, the teams will play one Bo1 match against every other opponent. So seven matches in total for each team, or 28 matches in total for the first stage of the event. The second stage or the Playoffs will feature only four of the initial eight teams. And the most likely ones are those we’ve already mentioned.

Here are the Dota 2 betting odds for the initial four matches of World Cyber Games:

KeinBockOderWas8.06 VS 1.05CDEC Gaming
Thunder Predator1.54 VS 2.36Black Sheep
Unicorn2.85 VS 1.38Hippomaniaces
Cigal Ultra5.01 VS 1.14Newbee

As you can see, the differences are quite substantial in most cases. And that’s because some of the teams are much stronger than their counterparts. Just take CDEC for example, a team that almost qualified for The International 2019 recently and only failed to do so as a result of losing to a much stronger NRG in the Grand Final of the Chinese qualifiers, at the end of a 2 – 3 thriller. Putting a team like them against some random German squad is almost a guaranteed way of creating a predetermined victory for one of the sides.

World Cyber Games Team Analysis

These are the teams you need to know about and understand before starting to bet on World Cyber Games.

CDEC Gaming

CDEC, in case you might not remember, is a former TI finalist. Of course, that was a completely different roster. But at least as an organization, CDEC does have a winner’s aura that inspires its players. And we’ve seen how powerful that is during the recent TI 9 qualifiers. CDEC went into those qualifiers with zero chance of winning and yet they almost won. They came extremely close to doing the impossible after they had already achieved a spectacular result by winning the first Open Qualifier for TI 9 in the Chinese region.

In terms of their 2018-2019 results, CDEC did not manage to produce a single concrete achievement. Not event tournament participations. So in that sense, you might be fooled into thinking they’re a weak team. But keep in mind: they’re competing in the Chinese region, where there are many giants to beat before getting even the smallest tournament participation.

So it’s not that big of a surprise that CDEC hasn’t managed to do anything this year, apart from the 2nd place at a small Asian tournament called ZBT Invitational, where they got defeated by Invictus Gaming in the Grand Final. Besides this result, CDEC’s biggest achievements this year are the 2nd place they got in the regional qualifiers for The International 2019 and the participation at this tournament, World Cyber Games.

Going into World Cyber Games, our expectation from CDEC is quite high, simply because of what we saw them do in recent weeks. Of course, there’s a chance that their morale is low after getting so close to qualifying for TI 9 and failing during the very last game. But if they managed to recover, then World Cyber Games should offer them an excellent chance to finally win something this season.


In terms of who they are, these guys have only been around for a little bit more than a year. So the team itself is relatively new on the professional Dota 2 scene. However, during the recent qualifiers for The International 2019, Hippomaniacs had an excellent performance in Europe. They won the group stage with five wins and two losses and then almost got to the Grand Final. They ultimately lost both the Upper Bracket and Lower Bracket Finals against The Final Tribe and Chaos Esports Club respectively, finishing in 3rd place.

Their lack of experience became very obvious in both of those decisive matches but the team still looked impressive overall. And in a tournament such as World Cyber Games, the raw skill they displayed during the TI 9 qualifiers will likely help them to achieve a very good result. We don’t see them playing in the Grand Final, but they should definitely be able to qualify for the Playoffs.


After finishing 2nd at The International 2017, Newbee lost its soul by losing its drive to succeed initially, and then most of its amazing players. The replacements they brought in were not even half as good and the results were obviously reflecting that. This season, they were not able to qualify for a single Dota Pro Circuit event. They still had remote participations to lower-tier tournaments here and there, but nothing notable with the exception of MDL Macau 2019, where they finished 4th. In the recent TI 9 qualifiers, Newbee finished 6th in the Chinese region, proving that they’re still a top 10 team in this region but not even close to where they were two years or even one year ago.

However, in spite of these setbacks, an event such as World Cyber Games is an excellent opportunity for Newbee to build their confidence, as the opponents, they’ll face don’t even come close to those they are used to. Apart from CDEC, whom they beat by the way in the Chinese qualifiers for TI 9, very few teams can realistically beat them at this tournament.

Thunder Predator

And finally, we have Thunder Predator, another known team without too many results to speak of but a lot of passion and a solid roster. During the recent TI 9 qualifiers in South America, Thunder Predator finished 4th overall after ending the Group Stage in 3rd place.

Going into World Cyber Games, we expect Thunder Predator to finish 3rd – 4th.