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CSGO Asia Championships Betting Guide and Preview

CSGO Asia Championships is one of the most important CSGO events of the year. The tournament will take place between November 20th – 24th in Shanghai, China. For this region, which isn’t exactly famous for its CSGO tradition or results, an event of this level is both highly significant and beneficial for the development of the local pro scene.

CSGO Asia Championships offers half a million dollars in prizes, brings together eight of the world’s finest teams and provides a lot of esports betting opportunities for those who frequently bet on CSGO.

CSGO Asia Championships Betting Odds

So far, the groups and initial matches have not been announced. As soon as the information is public, at Vulkanbet you’ll find excellent CSGO betting odds and full coverage for this tournament. On the other hand, we do have the outrights for the event.

These are the CS:GO Asia Championships 2019 betting odds available:

Betting Odds for CS:GO Asia Championships 2019

Esports Betting Odds for CS:GO Asia Championships

CSGO Asia Championships Competitive Format

CSGO Asia Championships has two stages: Groups and Playoffs. For the first of these stages, the teams will be divided into two groups. Both of these groups are played in a GSL format (double-elimination). The winners advance to the Semifinals. The 2nd and 3rd place competitors go to the Quarterfinals. The 4th place teams are eliminated. Throughout the event, every match is Bo3.

CSGO Asia Championships Competitors

CSGO Asia Championships features eight teams of varying strength. Most are exceptional while a few are not exactly tier-one material. And even among the exceptional teams, some are vastly better than the rest. The full list of participants is this:

Evil Geniuses 2.5 (to win outright)*
ENCE 4 (to win outright)*
mousesports 5 (to win outright)*
MiBR 7 (to win outright)*
G2 11 (to win outright)*
AVANGAR 21 (to win outright)*
TyLoo 67 (to win outright)*
ViCi Gaming 101 (to win outright)*

Quite clearly, the best of these teams is Evil Geniuses. They’re the ones with the best chance of winning the tournament. But the others aren’t bad either. AVANGAR for instance, finished 2nd at the last Major, where they produced a massive upset.

Four of the eight teams listed above, mousesports, ENCE, G2 Esports and MIBR, are sitting at consecutive positions in the global rankings (12th – 15th, in the order they were mentioned).

The only real underdogs at CSGO Asia Championships are TYLOO and ViCi Gaming. These two teams are not in the top 30 in the global rankings and are here mostly because this is an Asian tournament. So it would have been strange not to offer the best Asian teams the chance to compete and gain some much-needed experience.

If they get placed in different groups, TYLOO and ViCi will probably get both eliminated in the Group Stage. And that’s because the other six competitors are light years ahead of them in terms of skill and experience. But if they somehow manage to end up in the same group, then one of them is guaranteed to catch the Playoffs, most likely in the Quarterfinals.

CSGO Asia Championships Team Analysis

CSGO Asia Championships features at least six strong teams. And the other two are not to be neglected either, simply because they’re the best Asian teams at the moment. However, because this is a competition, the notion of skill is relative. Every team is strong or weak relative to how strong the other teams are. And based on that, we can analyze the teams and assess their likelihood of success.

These are the top five competitors you should be watching at CSGO Asia Championships.

Evil Geniuses

To Win Outright 2.5*
To Reach Final 1.28*

EG’s roster is arguably stronger even than Liquid’s at the moment. Which makes them the best NA team. It may sound strange, but when we consider the fact that Liquid has not played in the Grand Final of an important event since July, that assessment makes perfect sense. Of course, NAF’s team is not even present at this tournament, but the comparison is still worth making, simply because Liquid used to dominate the scene until a short while ago, winning title after title.

EG’s roster played most of this season under the NRG banner. And they only started playing for EG a few months ago. Since then, they’ve already proved their worth by playing in three Grand Finals of which they won two: the one at ESL One: New York and the one at StarSeries & i-League CSGO Season 8.

Based on what we’ve seen from EG since they’ve acquired NRG’s roster, we can clearly assess that on paper, they’re the strongest team at this event. And based on that assessment, we believe that their chances of winning the title are significantly higher than anyone else’s.

G2 Esports

To Win Outright 11*
To Reach Final 6*

G2 Esports had to make two important roster changes at the end of September, after losing both Lucky and shox. And while Lucky may have been easy to replace, the same thing cannot be said about shox. Their replacements were huNter- and nexa, two outsiders who have been welcomed into a French family of four. These two players are from Bosnia and Serbia, which makes G2’s choice quite surprising. It will be interesting to see how effectively will the roster communicate during the games.

Going into CSGO Asia Championships, G2 Esports is likely to qualify for the Quarterfinals but then collapse against almost any opponent they might find there.


To Win Outright 5*
To Reach Final 2.37*

Lots of talent and potential but not that many impressive results so far from mousesports. It’s been more than six months since the arrival of karrigan, who is one of the greatest IGLs in CSGO, but the trophies are nowhere to be found. We’re still patiently wating for that big moment of glory, and CSGO Asia Championships might be it.

In the past six months, the biggest results we’ve seen from mousesports are the following: 3rd – 4th place at ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals, 9th – 11th place at StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 and 3rd – 4th place at V4 Future Sports Festival Budapest.

Going into CSGO Asia Championships, we regard mousesports as one of the big favorites to play in the Grand Final. Their chances of winning the trophy are slim, but they could certainly prove to be very skillful along the way.


To Win Outright 4*
To Reach Final 1.9*

After a lot of great results, including a 2nd place at IEM Chicago, another 2nd place at DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019 and a 5th – 8th place at StarLadder Berlin Major, ENCE seems to have lost their momentum. The replacement of Aleksib with suNny was questionable to say the least, simply because the roster was performing better than ever before at that time. Perhaps the player had some personal problems he had to deal with, cause otherwise why would ENCE change a key part of their machinery when everything works fine.

Based on their most recent results, we expect ENCE to finish somewhere around 3rd – 6th at CSGO Asia Championships.


To Win Outright 7*
To Reach Final 3.4*

It’s been such a long time since the days when MIBR was on top of the world that people can hardly remember just how good they were. But now, with coldzera gone to FaZe Clan, they’re struggling to find the winning strategy. It seems that no matter how hard they try, anything better than a 3rd – 4th place at a big event is unachievable at this point.

Going into CSGO Asia Championships, we expect MIBR to crash and burn in the Quarterfinals.

*Odds are subject to change.