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CDL Seattle Home Series Preview – Call of Duty League Week 8

CDL Seattle Home Series Betting Preview – Call of Duty League Week 8

We are deep into the Call of Duty League inaugural season now, and the action continues to heat up. Despite having to transition to an online format, losing the atmosphere of the physical home series events, the league has continued to see success and some intense action. The CDL Seattle Home Series is up next, taking place from May 22nd – 24th.

With the top teams still closely knitted in the standings, there are back and forth blows being dealt each week. As usual, only 8 of the 12 franchised teams will be competing during the Home Series, leaving the possibility of more blows wide open.

Call of Duty League Format

As a quick reminder, here’s the breakdown on how teams earn points in the Call of Duty League this season:

  • 10 CDL Points per win + 10 bonus CDL Points for winning the bracket
  • 50 CDL Points for 1st Place
  • 30 CDL Points for 2nd Place
  • 20 CDL Points for 3rd/4th Place
  • 10 CDL Points for 5th/6th Place
  • 0 CDL Points for 7th/8th Place

Each Home Series is played out as two double-elimination format (GSL) groups, with best of 5 series throughout.

Recent Action in the Call of Duty League

Florida Home Series Recap

The CDL Florida Home Series brought possibly the most surprises we have seen this season. Before discussing the shocks and upsets, Atlanta FaZe won the event. This wasn’t much of a surprise, but many expected them to be battling similar faces in the final. However, this wasn’t the case.

As mentioned though, there were a couple of surprises that popped up throughout the Florida Home Series. Firstly, Florida seemed to have found a winning formula but completely flopped during their home event. Minnesota were also upset, failing to make it out of groups, majorly hindering their pursuit of 1st place in the standings.

More positive surprises were the performances from both the Toronto Ultra and OpTic Gaming Los Angeles. Both teams had been in slumps since the season started, struggling to find their identify and consistency. OpTic Gaming LA made a roster change prior to the event, which clearly made a positive impact as they finished in 2nd place, by far their best performance of the season.

Tides turn heading to Seattle

The past two Home Series have definitely seen some major shifts in momentum, which should only heighten the level of competition and excitement heading into the final weeks of the regular season. As mentioned above, both Florida Mutineers and the Minnesota ROKKR witnessed blips in performance but should be able to get back on their feet fairly swiftly.

The most interesting storylines are the teams like Seattle Surge, OpTic Gaming LA and Toronto Ultra. All three of these teams have had shaky or poor starts to the season, filled with quite harsh criticism from many fans. If recent performances are anything to go by, we can expect these teams to continue pushing the teams further up the standings all the way in each series, spicing everything up heading into the final weeks.

Call of Duty League Standings

As mentioned, some teams have started finding form and are causing upsets at a more regular rate. This has caused the standings table to shake up quite a bit the past couple of weeks. Whilst there is some separation forming between the top teams, these leads could easily be cut down during one Home Series.



Total CDL Points


Atlanta FaZe



Dallas Empire



Chicago Huntsmen



Minnesota Rokkr



Florida Mutineers



Paris Legion



London Royal Ravens



OpTic Gaming LA



Toronto Ultra



Seattle Surge



New York Subliners



Los Angeles Guerrillas


What to expect from the CDL Seattle Home Series

It is becoming a regular occurrence now but fans can expect another weekend filled with intense action. The Chicago Huntsmen will look primed for another victory to jump back into first place, but there will be an interesting storyline dynamic between Chicago and OpTic Gaming LA. Before we break down the storylines and favourites, here’s how the groups stack up.

Teams Attending

Group A

  • London Royal Ravens
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas
  • Seattle Surge
  • New York Subliners

Group B

  • Paris Legion
  • Chicago Huntsmen
  • Minnesota ROKKR
  • OpTic Gaming Los Angeles

We’ve touched briefly on the clash between Chicago and OpTic Gaming LA, and the storylines that can come with that. Both teams will need to win their opening games to clash in the Group B qualifying round, but that will be a battle fans truly enjoy.

Favourites to win the CDL Seattle Home Series

The battle of the Green Wall

For those that may be new to Call of Duty esports, OpTic Gaming’s fans were known as the Green Wall for the longest time. However, this was whilst Hector Rodriguez (Hecz) was the owner. During the transition to franchising Hector departed from OpTic and joined NRG Esports, to run the Chicago Huntsmen franchise. Hector managed to take some of OpTics top players with him, including the majority of the Green Wall. This creates a unique dynamic when these teams clash.

Chicago Huntsmen will be favourites to win the event based on the regular success they have found this season. A win at the Seattle Home Series also means they’ll jump ahead of Atlanta FaZe once again into first place.

On the other hand, OpTic Gaming LA turned their horrible season into a glimmer of hope last time out. They went from falling flat each event to reaching the final and only being bested by Atlanta FaZe. If they keep up this form, we could very well see a battle of the Green Wall for the winner of the CDL Seattle Home Series.

Minnesota ROKKR seeking redemption

Since the start of the season, Minnesota have managed to keep their nose in contention at the top of the table. This came as a surprise to many, with expectations for them to be a mid-table team. They competed at the recent Florida Home Series and had a significantly disappointing performance and cost them some vital CDL points.

Despite the recent poor performance, they will have a great opportunity to redeem their performance during the CDL Seattle Home Series. They have landed in the tougher of the two groups, so this will be a true test for quite how good this roster is. They kick things off against OpTic Gaming LA, and if they managed to pick themselves up and win that series, they’ll likely be faced with Chicago.

Room for an upset

Unfortunately, it seems like a major upset may not be on the cards for the Seattle Home Series. With the recent performances from OpTic Gaming, a strong run from them will not be much of a surprise.

Those dreaming of an underdog story will likely rest their hopes with the Seattle Surge. Last time out they had a considerably better performance that their overall season would dictate. If they can improve from this, there is a slight chance of them causing an upset during their own event.