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CDL Paris Legion Home Series Betting Preview

CDL Paris Legion Home Series Preview

We are reaching the pivotal points of the Call of Duty League’s inaugural season now. Week 9 has just come to an end following the recent Minnesota Home Series, and now all focus locks in on the upcoming CDL Paris Legion Home Series. Due to delays with the Minnesota event, we now have back to back weekends of Call of Duty action to enjoy. The CDL Paris Home Series takes place from June 19th - 21st, using an online format once again.

Call of Duty League Format

Here’s the usual reminder on how teams earn points in the Call of Duty League, just in case you’re new to the league.

10 CDL Points per win + 10 bonus CDL Points for winning the bracket
50 CDL Points for 1st Place
30 CDL Points for 2nd Place
20 CDL Points for 3rd/4th Place
10 CDL Points for 5th/6th Place
0 CDL Points for 7th/8th Place

Each Home Series is played out as two double-elimination format (GSL) groups, with best of 5 series throughout.

Recap of the recent Minnesota Call of Duty Home Series

The CDL Minnesota Home Series was lined up to be possibly the best event of the regular season this year, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. With Chicago Huntsmen, Atlanta FaZe and Dallas Empire all in attendance, a big battle between the leagues top 3 teams was looming.

Despite the focus primarily being on these three teams, there were some breakout performances elsewhere that caught many people by surprise. The two most notable of these were the Los Angeles Guerillas and Florida Mutineers.

Let’s kick things off with the LA Guerillas, who were the leagues last place residents heading into Minnesota. The team has had a consistently flat season, regularly disappointing at events and often not having many positives to take away. After a few roster changes, they seem to have finally found a rhythm. They caused an upset by eliminating Chicago Huntsmen in the group stage. A matchup against Atlanta FaZe went to the wire in the semi-finals, but they fell short in a 3-2 defeat. This has helped them climb the standings a bit, and should fill them with confidence moving forward.

Florida Mutineers were the biggest shock appearance of all, which may seem weird considering they won a Home Series event earlier this season. Since their success a couple of months ago, they have lost their star player Prestinni to the Huntsmen and Maux moved to the bench. Fero and Owakening were the two replacing these spots and were both in-form this past weekend. Florida managed to defeat all of the top 3 teams, once again throwing their name into the mix as best in the league.

Call of Duty League Standings

The surprising events from Minnesota this past weekend have shaken up the standings a considerable amount and has increased the excitement for the fast-approaching Paris Legion Home Series. There were changes all across the table, with some of the battles getting even tighter heading into the final weeks of the regular season.

Place Team Total CDL Points
1st Atlanta FaZe 200
2nd Chicago Huntsmen 190
3rd Dallas Empire 170
4th Flordia Mutineers 150
5th Minnesota ROKKR 120
6th London Royal Ravens 80
7th OpTic Gaming LA 70
8th Paris Legion 60
9th New York Subliners 60
10th Los Angeles Guerrillas 50
11th Seattle Surge 50
12th Toronto Ultra 40

What to expect from the CDL Paris Legion Home Series

We are coming off the back of a fantastic weekend of Call of Duty action, and it seems like we are lined up for another incredible action-packed weekend. With Florida finding success once again, they have the potential to lock in back to back Home Series victories and continue their jump up their standings, making them a safe COD bet. With only 40 CDL Points separating 6th place and 12th place, and 5 of those teams being in attendance, we could see another shakeup between the lower-ranked teams.

Teams Attending

Group A

Florida Mutineers
Paris Legion
Dallas Empire
London Royal Raven

Group B

OpTic Gaming Los Angeles
New York Subliners
Toronto Ultra
Atlanta FaZe

The argument could be made that Atlanta have been blessed with an easy bracket, and the overall standings would back this up. However, it’s important to note that both OpTic Gaming LA and New York Subliners have been making drastic improvements at recent events, so things could get interesting in Group B.

Over in Group A, we have a proper battle looming early on at the Paris Legion Home Series. The both Dallas and Florida win their opening games, and we expect they will, the two will clash in a matchup that could foreshadow how the bracket play will play out.


Favourites to win the CDL Paris Legion Home Series

Much like the recent Home Series, there are plenty of names that could be thrown in the mix to win the Paris Legion Home Series. With teams battling it out and fighting for 1st place in the standings, there are also teams primed to cause an upset.

Back to back victories for Florida?

So far no team has managed to win back to back Home Series events in the Call of Duty League. With Florida, Dallas, Chicago and Altanta all having won 2 Home Series each, the competition is fierce.

The Florida Mutineers have the potential to make history at the CDL Paris Legion Home Series by being the first team to ever win back to back Home Series events in the Call of Duty League. They put on an impressive show during the Minnesota event, so if they can keep up the momentum, they looked set to make history.

Atlanta FaZe seeking revenge

A victory in Minnesota would have been perfect for the Atlanta FaZe to create some separation for themselves in 1st place. Some separation was still achieved with a 2nd place finish, but Florida shut down their hopes and dreams of increasing their lead. With a high potential that the two will clash again in the Paris Legion Home Series, possibly in the final once more, Atlanta will be keen to prove that they are truly the best team and last weekend was just a one off.

Dallas need another win

Despite the Dallas Empire being the first team to win two Home Series events in the Call of Duty League this season, they have started to slip slightly. With Florida hot on their tale and Atlanta slowly sneaking away in first place, it is vital for Dallas to win once again. They need to reach the final of the Paris Legion Home Series as a minimum in order to keep their hopes alive for a 1st place regular season finish.

The upsets waiting to happen

Most of us love a good underdog story, and whilst the format of the Call of Duty League this year doesn’t fully allow for one to develop at Home Series events, there were two underdogs heading into Paris, ready to cause upsets along the way.

Both OpTic Gaming LA and the New York Subliners have started to get in a groove in recent weeks. With both being in Group B, there’s a likelihood one will have a chance to make a deep run at the CDL Paris Legion Home Series.

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