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CDL New York Betting Preview

With only three weeks left of the regular season in the Call of Duty League, there are still multiple battles taking place in the standings table. There is an ongoing battle for top spot, which can be crucial for a strong playoffs run. This week, we'll be heading to the CDL New York Home Series.

There is a consistent mid-table fight, as well as the bottom-ranked teams making surges and leapfrogging one another. At the recent CDL Paris Home Series event, history was made during a hectic weekend of games. We can expect this high-paced, thrilling Call of Duty action to continue giving us great opportunities to bet on Call of Duty.

Call of Duty League Format

Here’s the usual reminder on how teams earn points in the Call of Duty League, just in case you’re new to the league.

  • 10 CDL Points per win + 10 bonus CDL Points for winning the bracket
  • 50 CDL Points for 1st Place
  • 30 CDL Points for 2nd Place
  • 20 CDL Points for 3rd/4th Place
  • 10 CDL Points for 5th/6th Place
  • 0 CDL Points for 7th/8th Place

Each Home Series is played out as two double-elimination formats (GSL) groups, with best of 5 series throughout.

Call of Duty Paris Home Series Recap

The recent Paris Home Series is in contention for the best event of the year. Previously the Minnesota event was deemed the best as it featured the “big three”; Chicago, Dallas & Atlanta, but I think this has been topped. In Minnesota, the Florida Mutineers shocked everyone by defeating each of the big three teams.

Florida went into Paris with the opportunity to be the first team to win back-to-back Home Series events, and they also had the potential to be the first team to win three events this season.

The hype has been growing in the Call of Duty League as we head into the final weeks, and it didn’t disappoint this time around. Fans were treated to several game five throughout the weekend. It was brilliant to see so many close series, between all the teams in the league. You can really feel it’s getting down to the wire, with each and every team giving it their all to get the best seed possible for playoffs.

The Flordia Mutineers pulled off another incredible performance, although they did get a scare from the New York Subliners in the semi finals. Florida found themselves trailing 2-0 in the series and had to pull off a reverse sweep to keep their tournament dreams alive and reach the final.

The momentum from the reverse sweep success was clear, as Florida demolished Atlanta FaZe 3-0 in the final. This means Florida were the first team to win three Home Series events this season, a piece of history for the franchise to cherish. This wasn’t the only piece of history though, they are also the first team to win back-to-back events in the Call of Duty League.

CDL Paris Legion Home Series Results.jpg

Post CDL Paris Standings

After the incredible back-to-back success for the Flordia Mutineers, they have managed to shoot up the standings and are right in the mix heading into playoffs. Other teams have continued the battle for the mid table positions, with some of the lower ranked teams leapfrogging one another in the standings. Looking forward to the CDL New York Home Series, we should be in for a treat.

A clear separation has formed between the top four and the rest of the league, whilst we have three teams all tied on 50 points in last place.



Total CDL Points


Atlanta FaZe



Florida Mutineers



Chicago Huntsmen



Dallas Empire



Minnesota ROKKR



London Royal Ravens



New York Subliners



OpTic Gaming LA



Paris Legion



Toronto Ultra



Seattle Surge



LA Guerrillas


What we can expect from the CDL New York Home Series

Whilst some may look at the teams attending and see just two of the top four in attendance, this event has the potential to be one of the most competitive we’ve seen. There are a couple of teams that have been making great strides to improve recently and could cause upsets. Three of the bottom four teams are attending, with only 10 points separating 9th and 12th, teams will be motivated to get those extra wins to try and boost themselves up the standings.

Teams Attending

Group A

  • Paris Legion
  • Toronto Ultra
  • Atlanta FaZe
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas

Group B

  • London Royal Ravens
  • Chicago Huntsmen
  • New York Subliners
  • Minnesota ROKKR

Having Paris and Toronto facing off in the opening round of the group stage at the CDL New York Home Series is huge. Paris are in major need of a win, to not only get themselves out of the slump they’ve been in, but to also get some separation from the likes of Toronto who are hot on their heels.

Chicago had a really poor outing last time in Minnesota and this acts as the perfect event for them to get redemption. As we mentioned Atlanta are the only other team from the top four in attendance, so Chicago needs to reach the final otherwise their claim for best in the league will start to dwindle.

Favourites to win the CDL New York Home Series

It seems like there is actually a possibility of an upset at the New York Home Series, something we haven’t really seen so far this season. It seems like there may be one or two teams primed to have an underdog story.

Atlanta FaZe with a chance to stretch their lead

Atlanta FaZe, despite reaching the past two grand finals and falling short to Florida, haven’t looked overly convincing. They have continually been pushed to game fives in their series, even against those you’d expect them to pick up easier wins. One thing we can credit them on, is their success rate in those game fives. They have a 9-1 record when it goes to the last map. This leaves them vulnerable to upsets, but so far they have managed to scrape victories.

A chance for Chicago to redeem themselves

Like we mentioned, Chicago didn’t look great during their last outing and they were the first victim of the Florida Mutineers takeover. With this being said, with the raw talent on this roster, they can never be written off. This Home Series might act as the perfect opportunity for them to get back on track. Realistically they need to reach the final as a minimum, otherwise it will be deemed yet another poor event from them.

New York ready for a home upset

Since adding Mack to the roster, the New York Subliners have seemed like an entirely new and improved team. They recently finished 3rd at the Paris Home Series, being eliminated by Flordia Mutineers (who went on to win) 3-2. It’s important to note, New York had a 2-0 lead in the series and threw it away. If they can stay composed in those situations, they could very well find themselves reaching the final of their own home series events.

Minnesota have lost their way

At the start of the season, the Minnesota ROKKR were a surprise for many. They found themselves finishing strong at Home Series events, and looked like they had the potential to battle for 1st in the standings. This has since faded, and they sit in 5th place, a considerable amount behind 4th. However, if they somehow win this event, they’ll be just 20 points behind 4th and back in contention. A win for Minnesota is unlikely at the CDL New York Home Series, but they might finally get back to form right before playoffs.

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