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CDL Florida Home Series Preview – Call of Duty League Week 7

The Call of Duty League is well and truly underway again. After the short hiatus caused by COVID-19, the action has transitioned to an online format, and there have been two Home Series hosted online thus far. Next on the schedule, is the CDL Florida Home Series, taking place from May 8th – 10th.

There were worries that this move to online gameplay instead of the much more favourable LAN, would cause some variation in the results. Despite there only being two online Home Series to observe so far, it appears that this isn’t the case, and teams have continued their form with some making natural improvements and declines.

Franchised Call of Duty League Format

As usual, here’s a quick reminder on the pointy scoring system this year in the Call of Duty League:

  • 10 CDL Points per win + 10 bonus CDL Points for winning the bracket
  • 50 CDL Points for 1st Place
  • 30 CDL Points for 2nd Place
  • 20 CDL Points for 3rd/4th Place
  • 10 CDL Points for 5th/6th Place
  • 0 CDL Points for 7th/8th Place

Each Home Series is played out as two double-elimination format (GSL) groups, with best of 5 series throughout.

Recap Of The Season So Far

Recent Home Series – Chicago

The CDL Chicago Home Series was the second to be held online and was Week 6 of the inaugural franchised league. Unfortunately, this event couldn’t be held in an arena, as the Chicago Huntsmen have the biggest fanbase in the entire league. The support and atmosphere would have been incredible, but, there’s always next time. The Huntsmen had a disappointing finish at their home event, failing to make the final and finishing 4th.

Midway Through The Season, How Does Each Franchise Weigh Up?

Whilst there is no official “midpoint” of the Call of Duty League season as there are 13 weeks of action, heading into Week 7 at the CDL Florida Home Series is as close as we will get. At this point majority of the franchise, teams have established themselves, whether that be in a positive or negative way.

The Dallas Empire, Atlanta FaZe, and Chicago Huntsmen are leading the pack at the top of the standings. Coming into the season these were the three teams everyone expected to be battling it out at the top, and they haven’t disappointed. With that being said, Minnesota ROKKR and Florida Mutineers aren’t too far behind and could potentially find themselves fighting for top spot.

Toronto Ultra, OpTic Gaming LA, New York Subliners, and LA Guerrillas are all tied for the last place and have had genuinely disappointing seasons so far. Considering the success the OpTic name had seen before the ownership takeover before this season starting, this is the last thing they would have wanted.

The remaining three teams find themselves in that awkward mid-table spot, where they have shown glimmers of hope and success, but have failed to make this consistent. Paris Legion started the season strong but have faded away, with Seattle Surge seeming to finally click. The UK’s hopes and dreams in the Call of Duty League are still laying on the London Royal Ravens shoulders, but that spark is slowly dwindling.

Call of Duty League Standings

The most notable changes in the standings following the CDL Chicago Home Series were the Dallas Empire taking the step into 1st place and Seattle Surge leapfrogging a couple of teams in the lower end of the standings. With the teams attending the CDL Florida Home Series, we can expect to see the standings shake up a considerable amount.



Total CDL Points


Dallas Empire



Chicago Huntsmen



Atlanta FaZe



Minnesota Rokkr



Florida Mutineers



Paris Legion



Seattle Surge



London Royal Ravens



Toronto Ultra



OpTic Gaming LA



New York Subliners



Los Angeles Guerrillas


Looking ahead to the CDL Florida Home Series

The Florida Mutineers have been starting to climb their way up the table and seem to be making improvements at each outing. Despite not getting the true home stand advantage with the event being played out online, this will be the perfect opportunity for them to make a statement.

Teams Attending

Group A

  • Toronto Ultra
  • New York Subliners
  • Florida Mutineers
  • Minnesota ROKKR

Group B

  • Paris Legion
  • Atlanta FaZe
  • OpTic Gaming La
  • London Royal Ravens

Group A has an interesting dynamic right from the off. Florida Mutineers face off against the Minnesota ROKKR in the opening game, with both teams fighting to reach the top of the standings, the outcome here could have a massive impact on the entire CDL Florida Home Series event.

Who Are The Favourites To Win The CDL Florida Home Series?

Atlanta Primed For Another Victory

The entire Atlanta roster will be upset with how things ended at the recent Chicago Home Series. They faced off against Dallas in the final, with the winner getting the bragging rights of the first-ever multi-event winners in the Call of Duty League. Dallas managed to best Atlanta, but neither Dallas or Chicago not in attendance for the Florida event, Atlanta FaZe should have a smoother path to snatch another victory, making them a safe Call Of Duty bet.

Florida Mutineers Searching For Success On Their “Home Soil”

Obviously, the home soil aspect of this event has been lost with it being online, but that doesn’t take away from it being their event. They’ve already shown they’re capable of winning a Home Series, as they came out on top in Week 5 during the Dallas online Home Series. With Florida and Atlanta being in separate groups, it sets up the potential of the two clashing in the final. If this happens, the winner would either take the lead or become tied for 1st.

Minnesota Chasing Their First Home Series Win

The Minnesota ROKKR have caught most people’s eyes at some point throughout the season. They’ve had sparks of incredibly strong performances but at times looked lacklustre against the higher-end competition. They still stand strong tied for 4th place with Florida, putting even more emphasis on quite how important their early match-up could be.

Potential For An Upset At CDL Florida Home Series?

Honestly, there doesn’t seem to be too much room for an upset this time around. Realistically it will be a battle between Atlanta, Florida and Minnesota with the winner moving into 1st place in the standings.

People will have an eye on both Paris Legion and London Royal Ravens as they are the two most likely to cause damage if an upset were to occur. Despite a low potential of an insane underdog upset story at this Home Series, with the potential of a new team jumping first place, there is plenty to play for.