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CDL Dallas Home Series Betting Preview

Following a hectic weekend of action at the Los Angeles Home Series, the teams will have a short period to reset before heading to CDL Dallas. Week 5 of the Call of Duty League takes place at the Toyota Music Factory, in Irving Texas. As usual for the league this year, the action will take place solely on the weekend, long are the days of early matches on a Friday. The games will be played out on the 28th and 29th March.

The Story So Far

It has been an incredibly interesting start to the inaugural season of the franchised Call of Duty League. With multiple teams being deemed powerhouses, with others still trying to find their identity, there has been a real shift in momentum within the scene. It is also fair to say that the shift in format has created more intense league matches, with additional storylines being possible making for exciting COD Betting opportunities.

Results Recap

As the league now runs in a bi-weekly format, with the league matches being played out at one of the designated home series, it creates a unique opportunity for the fans. What is also unique, is the switch Call of Duty made to the popular double-elimination format (GSL) groups this year, with best of 5 series throughout.

One thing to note is that other than the opening weekend, only 8 of the 12 teams attend each of the Home Series events.

Launch Weekend – Week 1

As mentioned above, this is the only event of regular season that had every team in attendance and each team played two matches to kick start the season.

  • 1st – 4th
    • Atlanta FaZe
    • Chicago Huntsmen
    • Minnesota ROKKR
    • Paris Legion
  • 5th – 8th
    • Florida Mutineers
    • London Royal Ravens
    • Los Angeles Guerrillas
    • Toronto Ultra
  • 9th – 12th
    • Seattle Surge
    • OpTic Gaming Los Angeles
    • Dallas Empire
    • New York Subliners

Moving forward it would be the eight teams attending the Home Series events battling it out in the double-elimination battle. Find out who came out on top below:

CDL London Home Series – Week 2

The two powerhouses coming into franchising (Chicago and Dallas) were going to be facing off in the first proper tournament environment. Plenty of storylines were added to during this weekend.

  • 1st – Chicago Huntsmen
  • 2nd – Dallas Empire
  • 3rd – 4th – Paris Legion & London Royal Ravens

CDL Atlanta Home Series – Week 3

After Chicago cemented themselves as top dogs following a successful trip to London, it was time to head to Atlanta and see if they could topple the young guns on their home soil.

  • 1st – Atlanta FaZe
  • 2nd – Florida Mutineers
  • 3rd – 4th – Minnesota ROKKR & Chicago Huntsmen

CDL Los Angeles Home Series – Week 4

This most recent week of action seen Chicago have their first break of the season, giving the opportunity for others to poke their noses into the top spots. We also got to witness the long-awaited “Battle of LA”. The full results can be seen below:

Place Team
1st Dallas Empire
2nd Minnesota ROKKR
3rd – 4th OpTic Gaming Los Angeles
3rd – 4th Atlanta FaZe
5th – 6th Seattle Surge
5th – 6th Florida Mutineers
7th – 8th Los Angeles Guerrillas
7th – 8th New York Subliners

CDL Dallas Home Series – Week 5

Now that the recent events have been covered, you should have a fair idea of how the teams are balancing out and the identities they are creating for themselves. There are still several weeks of action remaining in the regular season. However, those that are struggling will want to get things in gear as soon as possible, otherwise, their hopes of a playoff run may die early.

It is disappointing not to see Atlanta attending this series, as it would have elevated the stories once again, but we should still be in for an enticing weekend of Call of Duty.

CDL Dallas Home Series Attending Teams

Group A

  • Florida Mutineers
  • Toronto Ultra
  • Dallas Empire
  • LA Guerrillas

Group B

  • Seattle Surge
  • Paris Legion
  • Chicago Huntsmen
  • Minnesota ROKKR

CDL Current League Standings

As expected, heading into CDL Dallas Home Series Week 5 we have been able to gather fairly accurate opinions on each team thus far. The cream of the crop is starting to emerge whilst the off-season mistakes of some are starting to bubble. Below are the full standings of the Call of Duty League as it stands.

Place Team Total CDL Points
1st Atlanta FaZe 90
2nd Chicago Huntsmen 90
3rd Dallas Empire 80
4th Minnesota ROKKR 70
5th Paris Legion 50
6th Florida Mutineers 50
7th London Royal Ravens 40
8th OpTic Gaming LA 20
9th Seattle Surge 20
10th Toronto Ultra 10
11th LA Guerrillas 10
12th New York Subliners 10

Call of Duty League Dallas Home Series Favourites

Back To Back Success On Home Soil For Dallas Empire?

Despite their victory recently in Los Angeles, there are still many doubts to be held over this roster. When you consider they fell to Atlanta 3-0 during the group stage and were pushed to the last map against Minnesota, it is clear they still aren’t ready to battle with those topping the league. However, they aren’t far away and if they take on the momentum well, this could change.

Chicago Huntsmen Ready To Battle Back

In regard to Dallas claiming the top spot in the league, they’re going to have to defeat Chicago, something they have failed to do this year after multiple attempts. Chicago are slightly ahead of Dallas in the rankings and tied in 1st with Atlanta. If Chicago defeat Minnesota comfortably in their opening game, expect them to do damage the entire weekend.

Can Minnesota ROKKR Make It Over The Edge?

The Minnesota roster is a great example of not needing a “dream team” to be successful. They are all talented players that have tasted success in the past but many wrote them off before the season even begun. Now they find themselves sat in 4th place, only touching distance away from first place.

Considering they had a 2-0 run on their home soil during Launch Weekend, then followed that up with a 3rd-4th and 2nd place finishes, they seem primed to take home a Championship soon. This could very well happen at the CDL Dallas Home Series.

Florida Mutineers Weakened By Recent Roster Changes?

The late announcement of Prestinni taking a step back from the roster this past weekend caught many by surprise. However, this hopefully won’t be a long-term issue. Prestinni has stated that the break is for mental health and he hopes to be competing again soon.

These left some large shoes to fill, with Fero having the task it might not be such an issue for them. Considering both their losses came against Atlanta and Dallas, having a week or so to practice with Fero, might leave Florida in a position to cause an upset at the CDL Dallas Home Series.