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CDL Chicago Home Series Betting Preview

The inaugural season of the franchised Call of Duty League had got off to a great start. The format meant games were enticing and the Home Series events provided a new way for fans to connect with the favourite players and form a bond with the new franchise teams.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Call of Duty League was forced to take a break and there were fears it would not resume for quite some time. Good news for Call of Duty fans, the first “Online Home Series” event has taken place, and we are preparing for the upcoming Call of Duty League Chicago Home Series.

New Call of Duty League Format

In regard to the point scoring system for matches, it remains the same:

  • 10 CDL Points per win + 10 bonus CDL Points for winning the bracket
  • 50 CDL Points for 1st Place
  • 30 CDL Points for 2nd Place
  • 20 CDL Points for 3rd/4th Place
  • 10 CDL Points for 5th/6th Place
  • 0 CDL Points for 7th/8th Place

Each Home Series is played out as two double-elimination formats (GSL) groups, with best of 5 series throughout.

The biggest change is the transition from offline (LAN) to online gameplay. Whilst each Home Series is still played under the respective name, in this case, Chicago, the hosting team will not actually get any home stand advantage. One of the joys that come with the league being played out online is the internet connection discussions that will take place depending on results. Ultimately though, the results shouldn’t vary too much at the highest level of competition unless there are drastic circumstances.

Recap of Recent Home Series Events

With a few weeks of action now having taken place, let’s not recap each individual week as it would be time-consuming and potentially lack relevancy. Instead, focusing on the past two Home Series events will give us a good gauge moving forward.

Call of Duty League Week 4 – Los Angeles Home Series

The two Los Angeles teams, OpTic Gaming Los Angeles and Los Angeles Guerrillas, hosted the Week 4 action together. This is a unique experience that will not happen again in the league due to locations of the other franchise team. Six teams joined them as usual, hoping to spoil the party. Results:

Place Team
1st Dallas Empire
2nd Minnesota Rokkr
3rd Atlanta FaZe
4th OpTic Gaming Los Angeles
5th Seattle Surge
6th Florida Mutineers
7th Los Angeles Guerrillas
8th New York Subliners

Call of Duty League Week 5 – Dallas Home Series

The Dallas Home Series saw the return of the Call of Duty League after it’s short break due to COVID-19. It was also the first of the Home Series moving forward to be hosted online, meaning Dallas lost that “Home Advantage” mentioned previously. As expected, the online results did not vary much compared to what we would have likely seen if it were offline.

Place Team
1st Flordia Mutineers
2nd Minnesota Rokkr
3rd Dallas Empire
4th Chicago Huntsmen
5th Paris Legion
6th Toronto Ultra
7th Seattle Surge
8th Los Angeles Guerrillas

Moving forward to the Chicago Home Series

Initially planned to run on April 4th-5th, the Call of Duty League Chicago Home Series will finally be taking place from April 24th-26th. As it is being played out online, they have also moved the corresponding Call of Duty Challengers event to an online format, dividing it across three regions.

Chicago currently sits in the top spot in the Call of Duty League, narrowly ahead of three teams tied for 2nd place. With this being their home event, they will be hoping for a strong finish to extend that lead at the top.

CDL Chicago Teams Attending

Group A

  • London Royal Ravens
  • Atlanta FaZe
  • Chicago Huntsmen
  • New York Subliners

Group B

  • Seattle Surge
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas
  • Dallas Empire
  • OpTic Gaming Los Angeles

Call of Duty League Standings

With there still being such a close battle for the top positions in the league, the Chicago Home Series should act as a way for some separation to form. However, with two of the teams tied for 2nd place not attending, it will provide an opportunity for some teams to sneak up the standings.

Place Team Total CDL Points
1st Chicago Huntsmen 110
2nd Minnesota Rokkr 100
3rd Dallas Empire 100
4th Florida Mutineers 100
5th Atlanta FaZe 90
6th Paris Legion 60
7th London Royal Ravens 40
8th OpTic Gaming Los Angeles 20
9th Toronto Ultra 20
10th Seattle Surge 20
11th New York Subliners 10
12th Los Angeles Guerrillas 10

Favourites to come out on top at Call of Duty League Chicago Home Series

Chicago Huntsmen Chasing Online Home Series Success

To Win Vs. New York Subliners 1.3*
To Win Group A 3.5*
To Reach Final 2.2*
To Win It All 4.75*

It is a great shame that this Chicago team do not get to compete in front of a home crowd. With Hector (H3CZ) and majority of the old OpTic Gaming Greenwall fans moving to support this Chicago team, the atmosphere would have been electric. Despite their disappointing 4th place finish during the recent Dallas Home Series, they sit in 1st place for a reason, and they should get back to normal form.

Atlanta FaZe Eager To Jump Up The Standings

To Win Vs. London Royal Ravens 1.2*
To Win Group A 1.5*
To Reach Final 1.5*
To Win It All 2.3*

Despite being one of the few teams that has only attended 3 events compared to those on 4, they are still holding strong in the upper half of the standings. A victory during the Chicago Home Series could very well see them take 1st place in the standings, and if Chicago finish 2nd behind them, the two would be tied for 1st. This young explosive roster is known for strong online performances, so they should be right at home next weekend. Atlanta FaZe are considered as a safe COD Bet heading into the Chicago Home Series.

Dallas Empire Continue To Improve

To Win Vs. Optic Gaming LA 1.52*
To Win Group B 3.5*
To Reach Final 4.5*
To Win It All 12*

Although there were some issues regarding hosts and online connection issues affecting them during their own Home Series event, they still managed to come out in 3rd place. However, everyone knows this roster is chasing and expects better. Their young guns Shotzzy and iLLeY seem to be finding form, and if the entire team get in the groove as they should, they could become unstoppable.

The Mid-Table Battles

I’m afraid it seems like there are only 3 teams in contention to win the Chicago Home Series. This isn’t a bad thing, however, as there is the opportunity for a truly heated battle amongst those still trying to identify themselves in this new league.

The Los Angeles Guerrillas and New York Subliners are tied for the last place in the league right now, holding a measly 10 points each. This event is the perfect opportunity to turn things around and leapfrog out of the bottom 4 spots which don’t earn a playoff place. Both teams are at the other side of the bracket, so we could see both make vast improvements in Chicago.

On the flipside, we have the London Royal Ravens and Seattle Surge. Two teams who were predicted to be fighting for positions within the top four when the season started. Both have had turbulent seasons thus far and will be hoping for a swift change next weekend. Seattle have fallen on the “easier” side of the bracket if you will, whereas London Royal Ravens look like they’re in for a tough time with both Atlanta & Chicago standing in their way.

CDL Chicago Home Series Betting Odds

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