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BLAST Pro Series Moscow Betting Preview

BLAST Pro Series Moscow is fast approaching. And even though we’re in the middle of the StarLadder Berlin Major, we would like to offer you our betting preview for the event. This tournament will be filled with excellent esports betting opportunities for those who like to bet on CS:GO. And for its two days duration, we will cover all of the matches and provide you with a chance to bet on every one of them.

BLAST Pro Series Moscow Basic Information

BLAST Pro Series Moscow is scheduled to take place in Russia between September 13th – 14th. Like every other BPS event, it has a prize pool of $250.000 and six participants.

What makes this particular edition of BPS very interesting is the fact that both Astralis and Team Liquid are missing. This should make the road to the title more open for competitors like Team Vitality, ENCE or Natus Vincere.

BLAST Pro Series Moscow Participants

BLAST Pro Series Moscow brings together a strange mixture of teams. On the one hand, we have world-class competitors such as Vitality, ENCE and Natus Vincere. On the other hand, we have teams that are strong but still considerably weaker than their counterparts. Two of them are already known: MIBR and Ninjas in Pyjamas. The third is yet to be decided in a match between forZe and AVANGAR. Almost for sure, AVANGAR will win.

This line-up provides a lot of CS:GO betting opportunities simply because of the predictability of some of the matches. For instance, Vitality will most likely demolish NiP and MIBR. ENCE will likely do the same, even though they’ll have to compete immediately after a roster change (Aleksib will be benched and suNny will take his place).

BLAST Pro Series Moscow Prizes

BLAST Pro Series Moscow offers a quarter of a million dollars in prizes, as well as 30 qualification points for the BTS Finals, which will take place later this year.

1st place: $125.000 10 points
2nd place: $50.000 8 points
3rd place: $25.000 6 points
4th place: $15.000 4 points
5th place: $10.000 2 points
6th place: $5.000 0 points

BLAST Pro Series Moscow Team Analysis

Here’s a brief analysis of each of the competitors in the race.

Team Vitality

To Reach Finals 1.9*
To Win Outright 3.75*

Vitality is sitting at number two right now in the global rankings, which basically means that they’re the best team at BLAST Pro Series Moscow. At least in theory. After the roster was formed at the end of 2018, the team started to get better and better results. Eventually, they won four titles at various types of tournaments. The ones that matter most in our opinion were obtained at cs_summit 4 (2 – 0 against Liquid in the Grand Final) and ECS Season 7 Finals (2 – 0 against FURIA in the Grand Final).

Overall, Team Vitality has managed to perform very well throughout the season, finishing in the top four at a whole range of significant events. Examples include ESL One: Cologne (2nd place) and IEM Chicago (3rd – 4th place). Both times their run was ended by Liquid. However, the NA team will not be present at BLAST Pro Series Moscow, so Vitality should have a relatively easy path to the Grand Final. Their only real opponents are ENCE and Natus Vincere.

At the ongoing StarLadder Berlin Major, Vitality has had a slow start, going 3 W – 2 L in the first phase, but then confirmed their excellent form in the second phase, qualifying for the Playoffs with a record of 3 W – 1 L. The loss came against ENCE, which is quite significant for this tournament, because ENCE will be the final boss for them in our opinion. Of course, Na’Vi may prove to be just as strong, but based on what we’ve seen from them in recent months, we assess their strength to be below ENCE’s.

Going into BLAST Pro Series Moscow, we expect Vitality to finish either 1st or 2nd, depending on how well ENCE performs with their new roster.


To Reach Finals 2.25*
To Win Outright 4.5*

ENCE is ranked 4th at the moment and on paper, they’re the second best team at BLAST Pro Series Moscow. In 2019, ENCE’s big results came at IEM Katowice Major (2nd place), BPS Sao Paulo (3rd place), BPS Madrid (1st place), DreamHack Masters Dallas (2nd place) and IEM Chicago (2nd place). As you can see, ENCE’s been getting a lot of 2nd place results this year, which is why we expect them to do something similar at BLAST Pro Series Moscow.

At the ongoing Berlin Major, ENCE is playing exceptionally well. At the time of this writing, they’ve already qualified for the Playoffs with three consecutive wins against AVANGAR, MIBR and Vitality. Coincidentally, all of these teams will probably compete at BLAST Pro Series Moscow. The only one that’s still in question is AVANGAR. So if everything goes according to plan, ENCE is perfectly positioned to defeat them again and claim the title.

There’s one problem though. The team’s IGL, Aleksib, will be benched immediately after the Major. His replacement will be the former mousesports player, suNny. No doubt, he’s a very strong player, but the roster’s cohesion will not be as good. And because of that, we believe that Vitality will take the title.

Natus Vincere

To Reach Finals 1.72*
To Win Outright 3.25*

Na’Vi hasn’t been playing too well lately. Ever since they got rid of Edward and replaced him with Boombl4, the team has looked a bit shaky, although not much weaker than the previous roster. They still finished 3rd – 4th at ESL One Cologne in their new formation, which was a good sign. But now, at the ongoing Major, they’re struggling. At the time of this writing, they’re 2 W – 2 L and will have to play a decider match against CR4ZY.

Going into BLAST Pro Series Moscow, we expect Na’Vi to finish 3rd.


To Reach Finals 3.75*
To Win Outright 7.5*

MIBR has been an absolute mess this season. They did have several good results, including three 3rd – 4th places at IEM Katowice Major, IEM Sydney and IEM Chicago. But apart from that, they’ve had a rough year. Two roster members left and one of them is coldzera. That’s a huge problem. Right now, they’re still playing with zews as their 5th, who was supposed to be their coach. At the ongoing Berlin Major, they’ve been eliminated in the second phase (the first phase they played in), going 1 W – 3 L. Their victory came against NiP, a team with severe problems of their own. The losses were registered against ENCE, G2 Esports and Natus Vincere.

Going into BLAST Pro Series Moscow, we expect MIBR to finish 4th or 5th.

Ninjas in Pyjamas

To Reach Finals 3.75*
To Win Outright 7.5*

NiP is the 5th and last confirmed competitor at BLAST Pro Series Moscow. In our opinion, they will do quite bad, simply because GeT_RiGhT will step down immediately after the tournament. Not to mention the fact that even in their current formula, NiP’s results have been poor. At the Berlin Major, they got eliminated at the second phase after losing three times in a row.

Going into BLAST Pro Series Moscow, we expect NiP to finish 6th.

* Odds are subject to change.