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BLAST Pro Series LA Betting Preview

BLAST Pro Series LA is an upcoming CS:GO event of category A and the fourth edition of BLAST Pro Series in 2019. For those with an interest in esports betting, BLAST Pro Series LA will offer plenty of opportunities to bet on CS:GO while watching some of the strongest teams in the world compete for a prize pool of $250.000.

BLAST Pro Series LA Event Information

BLAST Pro Series LA is organized by RFRSH and is scheduled to take place between July 13th – 14th in Los Angeles. The event will bring together six teams and offer them a chance to earn not just money, but also qualification points for the BPS Global Final.

BLAST Pro Series LA Participants

BLAST Pro Series LA features the following teams:

Cloud9 19 (to win outright)*
FaZe Clan 5.5 (to win outright)*
Team Liquid 2.1 (to win outright)*
MIBR 6.5 (to win outright)*
NRG Esports 4.3 (to win outright)*
Renegades 11 (to win outright)*

Given the fact that many of these teams have made roster changes in recent weeks and months, Team Liquid should have an easy road to the Grand Final. Their opponent there will likely be FaZe Clan or NRG Esports, even though the battle for the second place is open to pretty much everyone else.

BLAST Pro Series LA Prizes

BLAST Pro Series LA has the following points and prize pool distribution.

1st place $125.000 10 points
2nd place $50.000 8 points
3rd place $25.000 6 points
4th place $15.000 4 points
5th place $10.000 2 points
6th place $5.000 0 points

BLAST Pro Series LA Competitive Format

Like every BPS event, BPS LA will have a very simple format. Initially, every team will play a Bo1 match against every other team. At the end, the top two teams advance to the Grand Final.

BLAST Pro Series LA Team Analysis

For this BPS edition, every team is skillful enough to reach the Grand Final. Of course, Liquid and FaZe Clan are significantly stronger than everyone else, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see a close battle for the two spots that offer a shot at the title.

Here’s a brief analysis of the six teams that will compete at BLAST Pro Series LA.

Team Liquid

To Win Outright 2.1*
To Reach Final 1.25*

Team Liquid has successfully transitioned from being the 2nd best team in the world to being the world’s strongest CS:GO team. In 2019, they’ve already played in seven Grand Finals and won four of them. Practically, the only tournament they attended where they didn’t play in the Grand Final was IEM Katowice Major.

Liquid’s rise to the top had been in the making for a long time and it has finally happened thanks in part to the team’s stable roster. Most of the players have been with the organization for more than two years. And two of them have over four years at the team. The most recent transfers were Stewie2K and adreN (coach). Both of them joined Liquid six months ago. But apart from them, everything’s been stable for a long time. And this policy of bringing in great players and allowing them to develop over a long period of time seems to be one of the hallmarks of this organization, who does the exact same thing in Dota 2, with similar results.

Going into BLAST Pro Series LA, Liquid is easily the best team and the most likely competitor to claim the title. The least you should expect from nitr0 and his squad is the 2nd place.

FaZe Clan

To Win Outright 6.5*
To Reach Final 2.75*

It’s been almost two months since FaZe Clan brought in NEO and the team has yet to prove their worth in this new formation. So far, they only played in two tournaments: DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019 (3rd – 4th) and ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals (5th – 6th).

All things considered, these results weren’t bad at all. But they’re probably not what FaZe would consider successes either. Keep in mind that this is a team that used to actually win big tournaments not that long ago. In fact, right before they dropped AdreN they won the title at BLAST Pro Series Miami 2019, where they defeated Liquid in the Grand Final. So the obvious question is: why change a player if you can play better afterwards?

For FaZe, BLAST Pro Series LA might just be the place to prove the doubters wrong. This competition only has a few exceptional teams in it and FaZe Clan is on paper stronger than all of them except Liquid. Based on these considerations, we fully expect NiKo and his teammates to reach the Grand Final.


To Win Outright 6.5*
To Reach Final 2.75*

TACO probably has a few regrets regarding his move from Liquid at the end of last year. He was doing more than fine there but then he and zews were swapped for Stewie2K in a very surprising roster change. MIBR went on to get some 3rd – 4th place results at several CS:GO tournaments while Liquid went on to become the best team in the world.

Stewie must be counting his lucky stars right now. He was good at MIBR, but nowhere near as good as he is for Liquid these days. And this simply proves the importance of playing in a strong team. When your team is amazing, you look better as a result. When your team is bad, even if you play really well, your numbers drop almost every time because of this. The link between your own performance and your team’s cannot be denied. Apart from s1mple, who somehow manages to carry an underperforming Na’Vi almost every time, few individuals can shine in a team that doesn’t play at the same level.

At the end of June, after six months of failures and less than amazing results, MIBR swapped felps with LUCAS1 from Luminosity Gaming. We’ll have to see what they can do in their new formation at BLAST Pro Series LA, but these days even FURIA plays better than them.

NRG Esports

To Win Outright 4.3*
To Reach Final 2.1*

NRG Esports is ranked 6th right now by and they are certainly either the 2nd or 3rd best team at BLAST Pro Series LA. After Liquid, it should be either them or FaZe in the Grand Final of this event.

In 2019, NRG placed 3rd – 4th at five important events. That’s absolutely massive in terms of consistency. In recent weeks, the team made a roster change and brought in a new IGL. They let go of one Canadian, daps, and replaced him with another Canadian, stanislaw. Based on stanislaw’s past, we would argue that NRG have upgraded their roster with this move.


To Win Outright 11*
To Reach Final 7*

Renegades is no longer the team they were several months ago, even though they still play decent CS. At the time of this writing, they’ve just been eliminated from ESL One Cologne 2019, where they finished 13th – 16th. At BLAST Pro Series LA, we expect them to finish around 4th – 5th.


To Win Outright 19*
To Reach Final 11*

And finally, we have Cloud9, a team we’ve yet to see in action. And that’s because they’ve gone through massive roster changes and got rid of more than just a few bad apples. In fact, with the exception of autimatic, the whole roster is brand new. Because of these massive changes, we don’t expect them to do anything at BLAST Pro Series LA. There’s simply not enough time to train until then.

*Odds subject to change