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BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen Betting Odds and Preview

BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen is the last remaining BPS event until the BLAST Pro Series Global Final 2019. Based on what will happen in Denmark between November 1st – 2nd, we will not precisely know who will attend the BPS Global Final.

BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen brings together 6 strong teams and offers them a chance to earn a share of the $250.000 prize pool and 30 qualification points for the Global Final. In addition to this, it also provides numerous esports betting opportunities for those who like to bet on CS:GO.

BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen Betting Odds

These are the BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen betting odds that we’ve made available for you at VulkanBet. They cover all of the matches except for the Grand Final. The middle values represent the odds of a draw.*

AstralisVS. FaZe Clan: 1.30 -13.36 -3.90
Cloud9VS. NiP: 2.85 -11.2 -1.52
Natus VincereVS. Liquid: 2.51 -10.71 -1.65
AstralisVS. NiP: 1.30 -13.36 -3.90
Cloud9VS. Liquid: 4.69 -14.29 -1.22
Natus VincereVS. FaZe Clan: 1.61 -10.13 -2.66
Cloud9VS. Natus Vincere: 3.32 -12.06 -1.40
FaZe ClanVS. NiP: 1.70 -10.59 -2.41
LiquidVS. Astralis: 2.38 -10.56 -1.72
Cloud9VS. FaZe Clan: 3.62 -12.7 -1.35
LiquidVS. NiP: 1.42 -11.87 -3.22
Natus VincereVS. Astralis: 3.01 -11.47 -1.48
AstralisVS. Cloud9: 1.16 -14.29 -5.54
FaZe ClanVS. Liquid: 2.91 -11.29 -5.54
Natus VincereVS. NiP: 1.66 -9.99 -2.54

Among these matches, the ones involving Liquid and Astralis will be the most interesting ones to follow. Both teams are likely to dominate all opposition until they face each other, at which point it’s not entirely clear what will happen. On paper, Astralis is currently stronger than Liquid. But Liquid may still prevail against them, as long as they can return to their top form.

Other matches that should spark a lot of interest are the ones between NiP and the three rivals that are lower skilled than them at this point: FaZe Clan, Na’Vi and Cloud9. If NiP can secure two of these victories, they will definitely qualify for the Global Final regardless of what happens in the other matches.

Outright Betting Odds for BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen

Betting Odds for BPS Copenhagen

BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen Teams

BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen features the following competitors.

  • FaZe Clan
  • Natus Vincere
  • Team Liquid
  • Astralis
  • Cloud9
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas

Among these teams, Astralis and Liquid are considerably stronger than everyone else and should be placed in a category of their own. Next we have NiP, FaZe Clan and Natus Vincere, who have yet to establish themselves with their new rosters. It’s not entirely clear whether or not they can win championships with their current lineups but you should definitely keep an eye on them and assume that they have good chances, because the potential is definitely there.

BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen Competitive Format

BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen uses the same competitive format that you’re probably familiar with if you’ve been watching BPS events. Every team will play one Bo1 match against every other team. When the Group Stage is over, the best 2 teams will play in the Grand Final of the tournament (Bo3). Matches can end with a win or a draw and there are no overtime rounds.

BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen Prize Pool

BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen offers $250.000 in prize money and 30 qualification points for the BLAST Pro Series Grand Final that will take place in December this year. The distribution of these prizes will be made as follows:

1st place: 10 points $125.000
2nd place: 8 points $50.000
3rd place: 6 points $25.000
4th place: 4 points $15.000
5th place: 2 points $10.000
6th place: 0 points $5.000

BLAST Pro Series Standings Table

This is the current situation:

1st place: Team Liquid: 26 points
2nd place: Astralis: 22 points
3rd place: FaZe Clan: 20 points
4th place: Ninjas in Pyjamas: 16 points
5th place: MIBR: 12 points
6th place: Natus Vincere: 6 points
7th place: Cloud9: 6 points

Based on this table, we can clearly see that Team Liquid, Astralis and FaZe Clan are already qualified. Furthermore, NiP is also more than likely to qualify. It’s not a certainty at this point, but the chances are close to 100%. Also, keep in mind that only the top 4 teams qualify for the Global Final.

BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen Team Analysis

Here’s a brief analysis of the six teams to bet on at BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen.


Astralis is currently the strongest team in the world. They’re also the winners of the last three CS:GO Majors. The last of these Majors took place just two months ago, at the start of September. That alone is reason enough to regard them as one of the favorites at BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen. Along with Liquid, they’re the team to watch and expect to at least play in the Grand Final.


Liquid is currently sitting at number 2 in the global rankings, just below Astralis. But their results in 2019 have been way better than anyone else’s. They won a total of 7 important trophies as well as the Intel Grand Slam Season 2.

In recent months, we’ve seen Liquid stumble several times in the Playoffs of various events. First they lost against Astralis at StarLadder Berlin Major, in the Quarterfinals. Then they lost again against Astralis at ESL One: New York 2019, in the Semifinals. And then they failed again against a much weaker team, Grayhound Gaming, at DreamHack Masters Malmo 2019 (9th – 12th).

It isn’t clear at this point what has been happening with Liquid’s form over the last two months. But almost for certain, they did not forget how to play CS:GO and will be back at the top at BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen.

Ninjas in Pyjamas

NiP only needs 2 points or the 5th place at this event to guarantee themselves a spot in the Global Final. And even if they don’t get a single point, they still have a 99% chance of qualifying simply because Na’Vi only has 6 points right now and their chances of winning the tournament in their current form are almost null.

In recent months, NiP has had a number of decent results, finishing 5th – 6th at DreamHack Masters Malmo and 7th – 8th at StarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 8. Overall, they’re probably the 3rd or 4th best team at BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen, so we do expect them to win at least two of their five matches.

Natus Vincere

Na’Vi has been struggling quite severely this Autumn and the loss of both Zeus and Edward is starting to look more and more important. When he was the captain of the team, Zeus got criticized over and over for his poor performance as a player. But apparently, what he offered the team as captain was a lot more valuable than outsiders could notice.

At BLAST Pro Series, we expect Na’Vi to finish 4th or 5th.

FaZe Clan

Just like Na’Vi, FaZe Clan has changed two players in recent months. GuardiaN has returned to Na’Vi, NEO had to go as well, and the team has brought in broky, who’s a rather inexperienced player, and coldzera, who used to be the best player in the world. It will be interesting to see how the lineup performs. They seem to be lacking a strong IGL, but maybe we’re wrong.

At BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen we expect FaZe to finish 3rd or 4th.


And finally, we have Cloud9. They’re probably the weakest team at this tournament and we haven’t seen them at a big event in months. Based on all the data, they’re by far the most likely team to finish 6th at BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen.

* Odds are subject to change.