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Betting Preview for BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 EU Finals

BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 EU Finals is right around the corner. For an online event, this tournament is of great importance, even though it only features 8 teams. Its total prize pool is $500,000 and its esports betting opportunities will be numerous. If you like to bet on CS:GO, you will find here numerous options for every single match of the competition.

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BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 EU Finals Details

The BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 EU Finals is scheduled to take place online, between June 15th – 21st. As I mentioned before, 8 teams will take part in it and the total prize pool is $500,000. And the battle for the title is guaranteed to be fierce, because the prize distribution is highly disproportionate.

1st place


Global Final 2020

2nd place


Global Final 2020

3rd place



4th place



5th place



6th place



7th place



8th place



In addition to the prize money, the top two teams will also qualify for RFRSH's BLAST Global Final, which will be an even bigger event with a prize pool of $1.5 million.

When it comes to competitive structure, BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 European Finals will be played in a double-elimination format. The teams start in the Upper Bracket and when they lose, they drop to the Lower Bracket. That way, everyone has two lives and a fair chance of proving their worth. If a team happens to encounter one of the favourites early on, it can continue their run through the Lower Bracket instead of leaving the competition without really knowing how strong it is relative to the other participants.

BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 EU Team Analysis

Here’s an analysis of the teams that will take part in the tournament. Seven of them are already known while the 8th is yet to be determined.

FaZe Clan will most likely crash and burn

FaZe Clan was starting to look very strong prior to olofmeister’s replacement but now it’s quite obvious that the team is facing serious issues. The player they brought in, Bymas, seems completely overwhelmed by the new competitive level. In his match against BIG, he finished with a score of 9 K – 31 D and an ADR of 31.3. His rating 2.0 was 0.44, which is extremely low. I wouldn’t be surprised to see FaZe drop him immediately after that performance, even though he’s only joined the organization. The age (16) and lack of experience make him ill-suited for this competitive level. In my opinion, he needs at least 3 more years of professional training and activity in order to be viable for a team of FaZe Clan’s level.

But if FaZe drop their new player, what will happen next? How will they replace him in time for BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 EU Finals? Most likely, YNk will temporarily take his place. Or, if he’s not good enough to do that, a temporary stand-in will be found. But who? Regardless of the choice, FaZe Clan will enter the tournament with severe weaknesses and is expected to fail pretty hard.

Natus Vincere is expected to shine

In one of its last few matches, Natus Vincere smashed MAD Lions with a score of 2 – 0 (16 – 5; 16 – 7). This is a clear sign that the CIS team is back to full strength. On top of that, they’re also back to being ranked the number 1 team in the world. Another thing worth mentioning here is s1mple’s performance. The CS:GO superstar finished the match with a K-D score of 61-23 and a rating 2.0 score of 2.11. That’s just off the scale.

If s1mple continues to deliver, Na’Vi will only have two real opponents at this tournament: G2 Esports and ENCE. Both teams are in great shape right now and historically they’ve done well against Na’Vi. But I’m still confident in what the CIS squad can do.

G2 Esports coming in hot

G2 Esports started the year in 11th place (globally) and is now sitting at number 2, right below Natus Vincere. No doubt, kennyS and his team is played at maximum or full to maximum capacity at this point. In any case, it’s been a long time since we last saw G2 near the top. The situation is partly created by the sudden drop in form displayed by no less than 6 big teams: FaZe Clan, Liquid, Fnatic, mousesports, Astralis, and Evil Geniuses. All of them lost either a key player or the will to win. What’s clear is that none of them is playing like they used to play.

Going into BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 EU Finals, G2 Esports is expected to finish in the top 3.

Complexity Gaming is an underdog

I don’t expect to see much from this team at BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 European Finals. And that’s because they always crash and burn at important events. When it comes to tier 3 tournaments, Complexity is very consistent and tends to win a lot of trophies. But when they’re faced with highly skilled opposition, the limitations of their roster quickly become obvious.

Complexity has very few chances of escaping last place (7th – 8th). The team could potentially beat a weak FaZe Clan at this tournament. Other than that, I don’t see them defeating anyone, unless the 8th team will be weak.

OG has great potential but we haven’t seen them in a while

OG is currently ranked 20th and has a lot of strong players in its roster. From NBK-, to valde, Aleksib, and ISSAA, this lineup looks ready to fight against almost any team and pose serious challenges. However, given that we haven’t seen OG compete in quite a long time (2 months), it’s not yet clear how they will adapt to the top contenders. They can go far, but will they?

I expect OG to finish somewhere around 5th – 6th.

ENCE is on an upward trend again

After a prolonged period of failure, ENCE is now back to its usual skill-level. In the last 5 matches, allu and his squad won 4 times and drew once. The team is still ranked just 18th. But after the next few tournaments, I think we’ll see them back in the top 10 again. The way in which they played against Astralis, mousesports and MAD Lions in the last 3 matches gives me high hopes regarding their odds of success at BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 European Finals. And by success I mean a top 4 result.

Team Vitality is still searching for its success formula

Vitality is stagnating around 10th place (globally). The team has one of the best players in the world (ZywOo) and one of the best rosters in the world. But it looks like they’re lacking something. It’s not obvious what, but they lose a lot of matches they shouldn’t lose. Just recently, they got defeated by NiP and sAw. We’ll have to see what they can do at BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 European Finals. My opinion is that they will finish somewhere around 5th – 6th.

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