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BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 American Finals Betting Preview

BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 American Finals is an upcoming CS:GO event scheduled to take place online, between June 16th – 21st. This tournament only brings together 4 teams but it offers excellent CS:GO betting opportunities for those who want to bet on esports. In this article, I will take a close look at the teams and analyze their strength relative to each other.

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BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 American Finals Details

BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 American Finals, just like its sister competition from Europe, will take place online. But the number of participants is only 4 and the prize pool is also cut in half. Instead of $500,000, the competitors will receive just $250,000.

What’s great about this tournament is the fact that the strongest teams in North and South America have a closed event like this, just for themselves. For the first time in quite a long time I think, we will find out if FURIA has what it takes to dominate the Americas, if MIBR is truly back, and if Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid are still the strongest teams in the region. Lately, they haven’t been, so people have started to wonder what’s going on. It would appear that the online era caused by the global crisis has been detrimental to some competitors and beneficial to others. Those who have grown addicted to the noise and energy of the crowd felt less motivated to train during these months, while the upcoming teams such as FURIA have shown a lot of hunger and determination to get better.

BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 American Prize Pool Distribution

The prize pool of BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 American Finals will be divided among the 4 participants in the following way.

1st place


Global Final 2020

2nd place


3rd place


4th place


As you can see, just like in the case of BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 European Finals, the prizes are distributed in a very disproportionate manner in order to encourage the teams to fiercely compete against each other. The winner will go to the Global Final, which is scheduled to take place in January, 2021.

Competitive Format

The competitive format of BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 American Finals is the standard double-elimination. Initially, all 4 teams will start in the Upper Bracket. Each competitor gets 2 lives. The matches are Bo3.

BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 American Participants

BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 American Finals features 4 teams:

  • Team Liquid
  • FURIA Esports
  • MIBR
  • Evil Geniuses

Team Analysis

Here’s a brief analysis of each team.

Team Liquid is one of the likely finalists

Liquid is currently ranked 6th (globally) but they lost 5 of their last 6 matches. The team does not seem to make very good use of this period of self-isolation. At the start of the year, they were ranked 3rd and were capable of holding their ground even against the mightiest opponents. But starting with the end of February, their performance dropped like a rock.

 Still, we’re talking about one of the strongest and most consistent competitor of the last two years. And they haven’t made any roster changes in a long time. Based on that, one can clearly deduce that Liquid is a sleeping elephant. Their ceiling touches the clouds and the only thing that’s holding them back is motivation. As soon as they start training for real, their results will improve dramatically. And we never know when that’s gonna happen. But it’s bound to happen soon. Given the prize pool of this tournament, I wouldn’t be surprised if Liquid showed up well-prepared and won the competition.

The biggest challenge for Stewie2K and his roster at BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 American Finals will be FURIA. Historically, their results against the other competitors have been excellent. Neither Evil Geniuses nor MIBR managed to pose much of a threat this year. Both teams lost to Liquid 3 consecutive times since the end of March. But FURIA defeated them 4 times in 4 matches. That’s a scary statistic. And based on that statistic, I would put Liquid’s chances below FURIA’s in this tournament, but above EG’s and MIBR’s. If all goes according to plan, Liquid will finish this race in 2nd place. But if they come in properly prepared, they might just win it.

FURIA Esports is the big betting favorite

This team has been steadily improving for the last few years. And on top of that, the entire roster has signaled a clear desire to continue on the same path for several more years, signing long-term contracts with the organization. This gives FURIA a huge advantage over other rosters in the long run.

Right now, the Brazilian squad is ranked 8th. But just look at their results and the consistency with which they win: 7 victories in the last 8 matches. At this pace and in the context of so many other top teams dropping like flies due to a lack of motivation, I expect FURIA to continue to climb until they reach the top 5. That was the peak they reached precisely one year ago. But this time, with perseverance, I think they can do even better. Just look at this squad. It is hard-working and meticulous in its preparation. Each time they play, they seem to have patched another set of tiny holes in their strategy. With every match, they become harder to defeat.

Since February this year, FURIA played in 2 Grand Finals of important events: DreamHack Open Anaheim 2020 and ESL One: Road to Rio – North America. Both times they were defeated by Gen.G Esports, another NA organization with big dreams of its own.

Going into BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 American Finals, I expect FURIA to at least play in the Grand Final. If they don’t, it means the nerves got to them. Because technically, they are better than every other competitor on the list.

MIBR is a potential dark horse

All eyes of FalleN and MIBR. They were once the number 1 team in CS:GO. Well, at least the core of the roster. In 2016 and 2017, FalleN and his squad dominated the scene, winning a lot of big tournaments and leaving behind a great legacy for South America. But then they lost their way and ended up being just another top 25 team. After the latest roster change, however, it looks like MIBR has found its true identity again. The last 5 matches have been very promising: 3 wins and 2 draws. The Brazilian squad is now ranked 14th globally. And since they have a recent victory against Evil Geniuses, they will probably look to finish BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 American Finals in 3rd place.

Evil Geniuses looks a bit weak among these opponents

And finally, we have EG. This team, just like MIBR, is making a comeback and is now ranked 9th. In its last 6 matches, EG won 4 times, drew once and lost once. The good part about this team is that their roster has been stable for a long time and its past results clearly indicate that the ceiling is high. The only thing that’s missing is hard training.

Going into BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 American Finals, I expect EG to finish 3rd or 4th.

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