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ESL Pro League: Betting Guide and Odds

ESL Pro League is one of the oldest and most prestigious leagues in CSGO. It’s also one of the most watched and if you like to bet on CSGO, the esports betting opportunities it offers are impressive. In this short guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about ESL Pro League, its history and how you can take advantage of it as an esports bettor.

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ESL Pro League Odds

ESL Pro League Betting Opportunities and Markets

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If you want to bet on ESL Pro League and have an interest in CSGO betting, this competition offers numerous esports betting opportunities due to its sheer number of matches and teams it involves.

Just take a look at what happened during the group stage in season 10. Both Europe and North America had no less than 16 teams each. And for both of these regions, the competition had two rounds, involving 6 groups in total, each of them consisting of 6 matches. So practically, there were 36 matches per region and that does not even include the Finals.

The LAN event, known as the ESL Pro League Finals, is attended by 16 teams and consists of two stages: Groups and Playoffs. The group stage is played in the double-elimination format and the teams are divided into two groups of 8. The winner of each group advances to the Semifinals. The 2nd and 3rd place teams advance to the Quarterfinals. So once again, there are a lot of great matches that you can bet on if you’re a fan of this esport and like to bet on CSGO.

Overall, ESL Pro League is a must-follow event for anyone who enjoys good CSGO and it is also a great opportunity to make use of your CSGO gamblling knowledge.

ESL Pro League History

ESL Pro League began in 2015 and so far, there have been 10 different editions. Each year, the competition takes place twice, lasting around 7 weeks (online group stage) and then being followed by a LAN event (Finals).

The first of the two editions of ESL Pro League that take place each year are usually spaced out so that they provide viewers with a great show during the first 6 months of the year and then another great show during the last 6 months of the year.

The teams that won the ESL Pro League title are the following:

  • Season 1: Fnatic
  • Season 2: Fnatic
  • Season 3: Luminosity Gaming
  • Season 4: Cloud9
  • Season 5: G2 Esports
  • Season 6: SK Gaming
  • Season 7: Astralis
  • Season 8: Astralis
  • Season 9: Team Liquid
  • Season 10: mousesports
  • Season 11: to be decided

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