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ESL One is a famous CS:GO series that’s almost as old as CS:GO itself. The game was launched in 2012, and the first ESL One event was organised in 2014.

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ESL One Odds 2020

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ESL One is one of the main pillars of professional CS:GO and the tournaments in this series provide numerous esports betting opportunities. If you like to bet on CS:GO, check our platform during and ahead of any ESL One tournament. What you’ll find is a wide array of esports betting odds for every match of the event.

ESL One History

ESL One has had 12 editions so far. The tournaments in this series are loved by the entire community, simply because they bring a lot of great teams (usually 16) under the same roof and offer a whole week of exciting matches.

As was mentioned before, the first edition of ESL One took place in 2014, in Cologne (Germany), and had the very best teams in the world at that time at the starting line: NiP, Fnatic and many others. Looking back, it’s incredible to see how many of today’s greats were missing back then from the professional scene.

ESL One Cologne 2014 offered a prize pool of $250,000, which was a lot of money back then. In CS:GO prize pools for these types of events have remained more or less the same. But in 2014, the amount meant a lot more than it means today because both CS:GO and esports, in general, were only starting to see the massive growth that followed afterwards.

The history of ESL One can be seen in the following list, which mentions the prize pool and winner for each edition.

  • ESL One Cologne 2014: winner: Ninjas in Pyjamas; prize pool: $250,000
  • ESL One Katowice 2015: winner: Fnatic; prize pool: $250,000
  • ESL One Cologne 2015: winner: Fnatic; prize pool: $250,000
  • ESL One Cologne 2016: winner: SK Gaming; prize pool: $1 million
  • ESL One New York 2016: winner: Natus Vincere; prize pool: $250,000
  • ESL One Cologne 2017: winner: SK Gaming; prize pool: $250,000
  • ESL One New York 2017: winner: FaZe Clan; prize pool: $250,000
  • ESL One Belo Horizonte 2018: winner: FaZe Clan; prize pool: $250,000
  • ESL One Cologne 2018: winner: Natus Vincere; prize pool: $300,000
  • ESL One New York 2018: winner: mousesports; prize pool: $250,000
  • ESL One Cologne 2019: winner: Team Liquid; prize pool: $300,000
  • ESL One New York 2019: winner: Evil Geniuses; prize pool: $200,000

As you can see, ESL enjoys Cologne and New York. They seem to come back to these locations time and time again.

ESL One Competitive Format

The current competitive format for ESL One tournaments depends on how many participants there are.

16 Teams Format

When the competition features 16 teams, the competitive format includes two stages. For the Group Stage, the teams are divided into two groups and the best team in each group advances to the Semifinals. The 2nd and 3rd place teams advance to the Quarterfinals. The remaining five teams are eliminated. The initial matches are Bo1. Every other game is Bo3. The format used for this stage is GSL (double-elimination).

In the Playoffs Stage, every match is Bo3 except for the Grand Final (Bo5). The format used here is single-elimination. So there are two Quarterfinals, two Semifinals and a Grand Final.

8 Teams Format

When only 8 teams are in the race, the groups consist of four teams each and the top two teams advance to the Playoffs. Each group is played in the GSL format. The Playoffs Stage is played in the single-elimination format. Every match is Bo3 throughout the event, apart from the Grand Final (Bo5).

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